Our products allow you to get the fastest ROI on your employee engagement initiatives. They turn HR data into business results.

Recognition & Rewards Program

JobPts is a solution to inspire achievement with peer-to-peer recognition and rewards in order to attract, motivate and retain employees on a global scale Introduction Video The Future of Reward & Recognition

Enterprise Surveys & Assessment Program

SurveyRocks is an SAP SuccessFactors extension for delivering surveys and assessments to the workforce and can help HR organizations and line managers make analytical decisions on employee feedback and company culture. It is an integrated solution that will help reduce risk, contain costs, improve policy compliance, and better engage your employees at all levels Introduction Video

Health & Wellness Program

Healthain is an SAP SuccessFactors extension for employees to maintain their health and wellness with active support from their company. It serves both employees and HR benefits professionals. Healthain allows employees to set wellness goals and gives employee feedback on progress towards these goals. It tracks their daily activity and gives recommendations to employees on behaviors that can increase their well-being. Benefits professionals can create incentives and competitions to foster adoption and increase participation in wellness programs allowing employees, benefits providers and the deploying company to jointly participate in and take responsibility for employee well-being

People Productivity Program

BoardFlo is a great way to organize your HR team and your employees work processes. The solution is inspired by the successful Kanban methodology used at companies to improve the flow of information and resources assigned to tasks and projects. Boardflo helps you keep information organized, plan your resources, to better manage HR processes like recruiting pipeline and interviewing, onboard new hires more successfully, and to build a strong company culture. The solution adapts to your projects, your teams, and your workflows.

Feedback & Insights Program

Your employees can instantly ask for feedback when they require it the most. This shortens the overall feedback cycle. Employees can also rate the feedback received and everyone can learn faster from each other. These ‘soft engines’ of the business quietly deliver extraordinary results, and gives you a unique insight into the connectors, influencers and true leaders of your organisation, providing a new source of identifying top talent.


Total Rewards Program

Total Rewards Hub is a solution to streamline rewards and benefits administration, drive high levels of employee engagement, gain a better perception of the total rewards package, and reduce any exposure to risk. There is also the challenge for employers to ensure that their employees truly value the package offered, and recognize the investment that the company makes in its reward spend.

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