We help you develop, implement and sustain multiple HR programs that engage and empower every manager, employee, and department in your organization.

Implementation Services

  • Help in deploying the product modules on the SAP’s Cloud Platform account connected to the customer’s SAP / SuccessFactors systems. Test system and landscape would be ready. HR and IT team can start testing.
  • Support in fine-tuning the application, integration or any custom requirements around advanced features. Production system and landscape would be prepared and ready. HR team can prepare and deliver communication and enablement for the new HR program.
  • Also support you in non-technical tasks like completing IT security documents, fulfilling Data Privacy forms and standard, completing Deletion concept for HR, and other customer specific procedures for deploying new application.

Program Management

  • Development of program support materials
  • Onboarding services and training
  • Provide account manager(s) from supplier to support customer’s program manager
  • Provide invoicing to local accounts payable as detailed monthly invoice of the financial obligations that are coming from the active usage of the Product for the Program and contain awards and fees owed.
  • Review account activity between supplier account manager(s) and customer program manager for discussing Program feedback, Product / Service requirements and next steps.
  • Program Benchmarking

Support Services

  • Provide the necessary rollout support and training for end-users and HR administrators.
  • Provide customer support via email and automated ticketing system for all Participants and questions regarding the product modules.
  • Provide community support by maintaining dedicated SAP Jam Groups for all knowledge management aspects like how-to documentation, FAQs, rollout information, product updates, discussion / idea forums and raising incidents
  • Provide single access to L1 support for all questions and incidents raised with the Product in any region.  Supplier to manage and respond to issues that are Technical in nature (e.g. specific product module), Reward related (e.g. eGift, Merchandise), and also Program-related (e.g. FAQ, common questions) to take away burden from your HR department.  Also dispatch any L2 issues that are IT related, or Platform in nature to the right support component and persons.

Strategy and Design

Develop a smart, effective customer experience blueprint. Great customer experiences start with a smart blueprint that engages and empowers every manager, employee, and department in your organization. We are ready to help you develop and implement that blueprint—with the tools, processes, and expertise you need to map your ideal customer journey, accurately assess your performance, and drive smart, measurable improvements.

Engagement Technology + Services

We are the leading full-service employee engagement and technology partner of SAP. Our mission is to provide businesses the strategic guidance and software engines they need to differentiate with HR and turn employees into a competitive advantage.

Advanced Analytics

Your data and our experts Our Advanced Analytics harnesses the world’s most advanced and sophisticated data analysis models and methods to help you anticipate trends, make better decisions in less time, and stay ahead of the competition. These market research analytics tools and technologies give you the ability to develop and refine your strategies, decisions, and programs with surgical precision and impressive results.

Co-innovation Services

Leverage the Power of New Technologies More data means deeper insights. But properly collecting, validating, and integrating growing volumes of customer data is never easy. We solve your toughest data challenges with data collection and integration services that turn data into results at any scale and across every employee touch point in your organization.

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