Total rewards and work-life solutions architected using best of the SAP Cloud Platform can provide in cloud resources and services

Integration to SAP SuccessFactors

  • Access to the total rewards and work-life solutions integrated inside the SAP SuccessFactors home page.
  • Single Sign-on and user authentication done via the existing Identity Provider of SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with existing SAP SuccessFactors system that already consumes the employee data from the on-premise system and it’s available in the cloud. Our modules would then call real-time APIs to connect to SAP’s SuccessFactors foundation.
  • Integration with SAP SuccessFactors performance management via Goals, Forms and Succession APIs that allow us to read and write operations accordingly.
  • Integration with SuccessFactors compensation module for the total rewards processes.

Employee Experience and Workflows

  • All employee processes in our solutions are supported for peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, employee-to-manager, and team relevant experience. They all follow simple and consistent experience when interacting with the system.
  • The process is also guided with user assistance with documentation appearing on the right side panel for faster and error-free completion of tasks.
  • Various aspects in the employee processes can be configured in the system based on the preferences of the customer’s HR program. There is also pre-configured content and examples available out-of-the-box for our solutions.
  • Our solutions provide approval process with workflow and notifications for each major process covered in our modules. As soon as new process is created, the system can provide either 1 level or 2 levels of workflow approval steps.

Gamification and Points System

  • Points system that motivates employees to achieve goals and milestones from corporate programs
  • Best-practice gamification award levels available that can be manually or automatically awarded with gamification points
  • Incenting winners to earn points
  • Employees that have received points as part of any gamification process in our modules can redeem them into instant rewards
  • Leaderboards for checking out the ranking within the team or on a corporate level

Incentives and Shopping Catalogs

  • Electronic gift (eGift) cards, where the award is instantly issued and no shipment is necessary to delay from enjoying the award
  • Direct integration with the world’s largest online marketplace of merchants and products
  • Virtual Prepaid Cards available on the MasterCard or Visa networks, that can be used for online purchases anywhere those networks are accepted
  • Custom awards that HR can setup in the catalog with no direct monetary value, such as “Take 1-day vacation” or “Dinner with the boss”

Engagement Suite + SAP SuccessFactors

  • You will get results you can track, segment, measure and export with the leading in-memory platform.
  • The engagement suite solutions were designed to deliver serious improvements in culture, and thanks to SAP it's why our dashboards, analytics and reporting features are so robust.
  • HR would be able to define, visualize and run reports on budget tracking and holistic usage data (by department, by team, by individual).
  • Our solutions have role-based reports on all key processes and workflow-related data available across the entire populations of end-users, managers and HR administrators. Depending on their role, they get granted more authorizations and information to run their operational reports.
  • All end-users can enjoy google-like performance across the entire application, whether running historic reports or doing text analytics.

Administration and Flexibility

Program administrators and HR / IT users can be granted special privileges to the administration panel of each product module. Diverse set of configuration and system setup options are available. The administration is setup in several major areas that are helpful during implementation and post go-live phases:

  • Account – for system-wide changes like activating languages, locations or administering the standard index for cost of living, dedicated group for documentation and knowledge management.
  • Users – for any user-specific topics to manage like privileges, managing substitutes, pending workflow view and assignment, admin proxy access (to manually enter recipient).
  • Process-specific area like Rewards or Surveys – for managing the catalogs of rewards, and being able to change any categories, items, or add new company specific rewards.
  • Reports – numerous reports and analytics concerning the system-wide activity, payroll reports, etc. In addition, customer gets access to all HANA-native analytics of the HR data.

Security and Data Centers

  • The engagement suite solutions run on SAP managed World Class Tier 3 and Tier 4 datacenters
  • In terms of network security, the SAP Data center is using multiple redundant Internet Connections to limit the effect of denial of service (DOS) attacks
  • For Data Encryption, there’s the highest level of protection with up to 256-Bit Data encryption protocols using Transport Layer Security and multiple firewalls to shield internal network from hackers
  • To protect applications from one another and itself from each application, SAP Cloud Platform runs applications in a sandboxed environment, with isolation on different layers

SAP Data Center standards and Operations certifications are assured:

  • ISAE3402 and SSAE16 TESTIFIED for International Account Regulation
  • ISO 27001 CERTIFIED for IT Operations of SAP Cloud Platform
  • ISO 9001 CERTIFIED for Quality Management of SAP Cloud Platform
  • BS25999 CERTIFIED for High Availability - GREEN IT CERTIFIED for Energy Efficiency

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