7 Gifts You Can Send to Employees Who Have Fallen Ill with COVID 

Many employees get sick with COVID-19 and have to quarantine at home. Find out which useful gifts you can send them to help them feel better.

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The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has created all kinds of disruption and upset, with businesses in all industries having to cope with challenging operational circumstances for a protracted period. 

Employees that catch the virus and are forced to self-isolate to stop its spread will be especially impacted, and may be unable to work for upwards of a fortnight depending current guidelines. 

Aside from sending wishes for a speedy recovery, managers and HR representatives can go a step further to showing afflicted workers that they have the sympathy and support of their employer by shipping out a get-well-soon gift. 

If you are in this situation and you are looking for gift-giving inspiration, here are just a few ideas that might click and help you pick what presents to send employees suffering due to the pandemic. 

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A snack-filled care package will be appreciated 

Rather than choosing just one item to send to employees that contract coronavirus, why not create a gift bundle that includes a few tasty treats? 

This is especially sensible because if they are self-isolating, they may not be able to get access to a wide variety of food, and it will be appreciated by their families and housemates as well. 

In terms of what to include in the care package, it is a good idea to try and personalize the contents as much as possible. For example, finding out if the intended recipient has any dietary requirements ahead of schedule will really show you care, and avoid the dreaded scenario of sending beef jerky to a vegan, amongst other things. 

Furthermore, since employee health is becoming a growing issue for many employers, why not promote a healthy lifestyle by including some healthy snacks or fruit to your employees? 

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A subscription box could cover all the bases 

If you want to take some of the pressure off having to specify a particular gift for an employee, and you also want to account for the fact that even after they recover from COVID they will likely still be working remotely, a subscription box can help. 

🟦 Find out what employees expect from their employers while working remote. 

There are plenty of different subscription boxes to consider, covering everything from regular deliveries of houseplants to artisanal coffee, chocolate and even deodorant. There are even mystery boxes which could contain almost anything, and might make a quirky alternative to some of the tried and tested subscription services. 

Obviously with a rolling subscription, the cost of this gift could be ongoing, but you should be able to set a fixed period with certain suppliers, or even take advantage of the free trials that others offer to do something thoughtful for an employee without eating into the company budget. 

A Bluetooth speaker will be welcome 

Someone who is self-isolating with COVID will probably want to spend some of their time listening to podcasts, audio books and music while they are recuperating. They could do so using the tinny, quiet speakers that are built into modern smartphones and laptops, but the better option is to boost the audio quality entirely through the use of a wireless speaker. 

There are plenty of Bluetooth-based speaker brands and models to consider sending as a gift, and it is simply a case of setting a suitable budget and ordering the best reviewed model in that bracket. 

For example, at the budget end of the spectrum is the respectable Anker Soundcore Flare, a speaker that is not only endowed with perks like 12 hours of battery life from a single charge and a solid wireless range, but also a waterproof chassis and integrated lighting to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. 

A good book is always valuable during recovery 

More than many other illnesses, those with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis will be cooped up without the option of leaving the house for days on end. With so much time on your hands and nowhere to go, it is easy to burn through entertainment options quickly. 

A book is a good gift in this scenario, and again it is better to aim to make this a bespoke choice, rather than choosing something generic in the hope that it will be to the liking of the receiver. Asking close colleagues and managers about what kinds of topics are of interest to them, or if they have a preferred author or genre, will set you on the right path. 

Of course if you want to avoid any awkward mistakes, sending them a gift card for a bookseller, or vouchers for use on Amazon’s Kindle store, will let you make this nice gesture while giving them the choice to determine which title they want to get stuck into. 

Moreover, prepaid cards are one of the most popular employee gifts out there. 

employee gifts

A crafty gift might suit some people 

If the employee is a creative type and they enjoy crafting, then a gift that lets them explore this further and develop new skills in the process could be a good investment. 

Whether you pick a kit that allows you to make your own pottery like Sculpd, a kit for crocheting, or a kit for brewing your own beer at home, this kind of activity-oriented present will appeal to a certain subset of team members. 

The other advantage is that a lot of these kits are now made to be sustainable and eco-friendly, which is an attractive proposition at a time when more of us are getting clued into the need to go green in as many areas of our lives as possible. And for those with COVID, crafting is yet another way to fill the time until they are recovered and able to get back to normality. 

A puzzle will keep them busy 

Puzzles are a classic pastime that are growing in popularity at the moment, with the pandemic pushing people to find new hobbies that might not have caught their eye in the past. 

When it comes to employees with coronavirus, a puzzle is a relatively low-energy activity that will not tire them out if they are suffering more intense symptoms of the disease. It is also easy to find puzzles that are relevant to their interests, whether that is the city they call home, a pop culture franchise they like or the wildlife they cherish most. 

Clothing can bridge gaps 

Sometimes the thing you need most when you are under the weather is a warm hoodie or sweater to snuggle up in, and for asymptomatic sufferers of COVID-19, having a new wearable item to see them through will be appealing. 

You will have to determine whether or not it is sensible to send out branded clothing to those who are out of action because of the pandemic; some will appreciate it, while others would prefer something plain. As with all of the gifts to consider, it is about engaging employees effectively, finding a balance and being sensitive to the needs of the individual. 

🟦 Since employees report higher stress levels and emotional exhaustion since the outbreak of pandemic, make sure you are implementing the best employee wellbeing practices in your workplace. 

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Author: Richard Fendler