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Semos Cloud’s Employee Recognition and Rewards platform helps companies deliver on key employee experiences and ensure employee programs continuously align with the changing behavior and expectations of the modern workforce.

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Semos Cloud partnered with Aberdeen in creating a specific knowledge brief focusing on employee recognition platforms that enable business leaders, employees, and customers to acknowledge and reward employee performance and behavior. These systems improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. Companies with successful employee recognition programs benefit from year-over-year improvements in business KPI’s.


The latest Aberdeen knowledge brief (KB), “Secrets for Maximizing ROI of Employee Recognition in 2021 and Beyond,” highlights the major topics that allow organizations to measure the impact of successful recognition programs, leading to superior employee productivity and performance. “There are two pivotal capabilities that allow HR leaders to extract the maximum value from employee recognition programs – strengthening and enlivening internal communication and enabling a 360-degree view of employees by integrating data-driven HR systems,” says Omer Minkara, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen.

The report unveils that businesses have struggled to maintain employee morale throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Savvy firms using employee recognition and rewards programs achieve superior performance across a variety of key metrics:

  • 2x greater YoY increase in employee tenure
  • 4x greater YoY increase in recurring revenue generation
  • 17% YoY increase in profitability

“Modern organizations need access to the right tools and expertise for implementing and managing employee recognition programs in a way that eliminates costs and errors by automating bi-directional integration with organizational data and employee master data, ”adds Goran Rice, Chief Revenue Officer at Semos Cloud. Aberdeen’s knowledge brief finds that the companies with successful recognition programs reach 83% of alignment between employee activities and company objectives. It also underlines three key strategies for capitalizing on employee recognition investments that rely on:

  • Effectively communicating expectations and rewards to optimize employee buy-in
  • Integration between employee recognition and other relevant systems to optimize the impact of recognition programs and
  • Innovative technology enablers augmenting the power of recognition platforms.

Semos Cloud’s end-to-end platform helps create and manage such strategic initiatives. JobPts, an SAP® endorsed app – available on SAP App Center and integrated with SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions – enables companies to extend existing HR technology stack and bring human experience management initiatives to the next level. It comes with built-in solutions for internal employee communications, employee surveys, and metrics to help create internal awareness and get feedback from the employees. AI-powered, it enables companies to rapidly analyze the vast volume of data to uncover hidden correlations and trends, such as links between employee skills validation, topics of high employee interest, and emotional capital for retention.


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