How To Boost Employee Engagement With Technology 

Every workplace needs engaged employees. Find out how to boost employee engagement with the use of technology.

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boost employee engagement
employee engagement

Companies are under more pressure than ever to find and retain the right employees.  

The right staff members are some of the most valuable tools that your business can have, and unfortunately, it’s easy to lose them to other opportunities if you are not careful.  

Today’s talent is aware of all the potential roles that are already open and waiting for them in other companies. If you are not delivering the right experiences to keep your people close, then you could end up with a severe gap in your organization.  

The good news is that technology might be the answer. Tech gives business leaders more power to engage with their staff members, which brings a myriad of benefits 

Whether you’re using digital polls, or you are investing in remote working to engage and satisfy your workforce more, the tech can help you track and increase employee engagement.  

Here are some ways to boost employee engagement with technology.  

Collaborative Tools for Exchanging Information 

Communication is at the heart of bonding. Your people need to connect and regularly work together if they are going to feel like part of a whole team. However, it can be challenging to keep everyone on the same page when working in a modern landscape.  

employee communication

Today’s employees are working in diverse environments, with more remote and distance opportunities available. Diversity makes it more critical for companies to have easy-to-access tools where people can communicate wherever they are.  

Instant messaging tools like Slack, file-sharing services like Google Drive, and even project management tools enhance the team experience. The right tools will keep knowledge and conversation flowing freely, making employees more engaged within the team.  

Learning Opportunities 

The best employees often want to see a future for themselves in your business. They want to be able to look ahead and see themselves earning a better position in your team or becoming a more informed person in their chosen field.  

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Learning and technology go hand in hand because online courses provide equal opportunities for all team members, regardless of where they live.  

Offering learning opportunities to your team members shows them that you are willing to invest in their development and demonstrates that you want to provide actual value to your staff.  

Plus, at the same time, you can reap the benefits of team members with new skills and proficiencies.  

Remember that different people prefer to learn in various ways. Around 63% of people say they prefer most of their learning experiences to be hands-on.  

employee education

To make learning extra fun, you could always look into adding gamification strategies into the mix. Leaderboards for the top performers and badges or rewards for consistent learners are a great way to transform the way your people think about learning.  

Performance Tracking and Recognition 

Gamification can also be excellent for motivating your team members.  

Showing your employees how they are performing on wallboard pushes them to achieve the best possible results. It is also a good way for you to keep track of which team members are thriving in your workplace, and which might need some extra help.  

Performance tracking and employee recognition tools encourage positive competition between the people in your company. However, your people need to know that you appreciate all the hard work that they are putting in.  

Providing recognition, whether it’s in the form of a customized message saying, “Good Job,” or a cash bonus, makes your people feel appreciated.  

employee recognition

In many cases, employee recognition tools can embed straight into your communication and collaboration systems. You can attach these tools to your gamification strategies or encourage employees to give each other rewards if they think that they’re doing a good job in the form of “karma” or points.  

Remote Working Opportunities 

Remote working is probably the most exciting tech-enabled engagement opportunity that today’s businesses can provide for their employees. In a world where your teams demand more work/life balance, remote working offers more freedom and flexibility than a standard office schedule.  

work life balance

Even just allowing your team members to work from home a couple of days each week could be enough to improve their engagement levels and make them feel more connected to your company.  

Consider assessing your current workforce to see which people are most likely to thrive when working from home. Once you know who might be able to work flexibly in your group, you can begin to deliver the tools that your team needs to thrive in this space.  

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things 

AI became a part of HR processes and now plays several roles in supporting your employees. For instance, AI can help your team by taking over repetitive tasks and handling things like note-taking in meetings, or automatic scheduling for conversations.  

Using AI to manage repetitive tasks means your employees have more time to focus on the creative projects that need their attention most.  

IoT connects the machines and objects in your workplace and lets them communicate with each other and share data. IoT, along with its industrial counterpart (IIoT), provides the way for increased transparency and employee engagement at work, especially helping companies with on-site and non-desk employees.  

Manufacturers are those struggling the most to retain and engage their workers. But things are getting better. They are embracing digital transformation and moving toward high-tech environments. And luckily, data-driven environments based on industry 4.0 tech are engaging the workforce and retaining talent.  

Boosting Employee Engagement with Technology 

Technology is everywhere in today’s business world. We rely on technology to keep us connected with our team members and use it to serve clients with the best possible customer experiences.  

Companies that learn how to use technology correctly can also access it as a way of engaging their employees and making their teams more productive.  

Just remember to measure the outcomes of your efforts. Keeping a close eye on what happens after you implement new strategies will help you to determine which tools are most likely to support your teams, and which cause more confusion.  

Pay attention to the feedback that your employees provide, too. They are the best people to explain what they need to be more engaged and productive at work. Take your employees’ suggestions into consideration.  

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