JobPts Users Can Redeem Their Points for Charity Donations

We are excited to announce our new product update. JobPts users can now redeem their points for charity donations of their choice. 🏆

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We are excited to announce a new feature functionality within JobPts, our Employee Recognition and Rewards Software

From now, JobPts users can redeem their recognition points for charity donations of their choice! 

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Why Did We Add Charity Donations to Our Rewards Catalog

People around the world are going through hard times. The current pandemic is having a big impact on the global economy, and organizations across the world are engaging in programs to support people and organizations in need.

As corporate and social responsibility are some of the biggest talent attraction and talent retention strategies for companies across the world, many of them are now offering employees to participate in meaningful charity donations of their choice.

Moreover, many of them have realized that workplace giving results in higher employee engagement, better employee experience, and more trust.

Here are a few statistics that prove the power and importance of giving in the workplace:

  • A well-designed corporate social responsibility program can increase employee engagement by up to 7.5%, increase employee productivity by 13%, reduce employee turnover by 50%, and increase revenue by as much as 20%.
  • 55% of employees would choose to work for a socially responsible company, even if it meant a lower salary.
  • 71% of employees say it is imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering.
  • More than 49% of nonprofit respondents identified workplace giving as a growth strategy for their organization.
  • 86% of corporate leaders believe that employees expect them to provide opportunities to engage in the community.
  • 87% of corporate leaders believe their employees expect them to support causes and issues that matter to those.
  • 30% of employee donors say the reason why they do not give through the workplace is because the causes they care about are not available as choices through their employer’s giving program.


How to Redeem Points for Charity Donations

For JobPts users, it takes seconds to redeem their recognition points for a charity donation based on their locations and interests.

Take a look at this short video overview 👇


💡 This is how it works:

  1. From the homepage, go to the Redeem tile
  2. Click on the Donations option
  3. Filter by country and donation type
  4. Choose a donation you wish to redeem your points for
  5. Choose the amount of money you would like to donate
  6. Redeem!
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