The Importance of Continuous Employee Feedback

Continuous employee feedback is crucial for company’s success as it drives employee motivation, engagement and productivity.

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continuous employee feedback importance

The Importance of Continuous Feedback

Businesses are transforming faster than ever, and for most organizations managing performance can no longer be a once a year event. You need to provide continuous feedback, assessments, and rewards throughout the year, so your employees stay engaged, motivated and perform at their best.

We believe, that the one-on-one evaluation meetings will form another meaning with the new continuous and instantaneous paradigm where every employee can initiate a recognition and continuous improvement process.

Your company will create an opportunity for meaningful dialogue about not just the work the employee has done, but also what he can do to improve on specific objectives and competencies which are important from the employee development perspective.

Industry Challenges

The success of continuous performance management adoption depends on enablement of the peers in your organization actively engaging in effective ongoing dialogue about performance and development. Even being so obvious many fail to do so.

Some of the reasons why employees and managers fail to engage are:
The engagement that is disconnected from the employee’s goals and KPI’s so the employee doesn’t understand what is it in for her or him.
Ease-of-use of the technology.

In today’s ongoing tasks, it is hard to find time and patience to navigate and complete yet another task
The motivation of providing the feedback. Most of the times there is a disconnect between the feedback and the reward of it
The fear of data privacy on corporate and person level, and if someone can see the sensitive performance information

Continuous Improvement with Feedbck

Semos specializes in development of Employee Engagement solutions for SAP SuccessFactors while integrating natively with the various modules available.


“Feed-bck” is a new solution providing a 360° feedback functionality that will enable your peers to request, respond and initiate feedback as well as ratings across various aspects of their daily operation.

The solution was built to serve as an extension to SAP SuccessFactors, and give customers more flexibility for building the continuous improvement and 360° capabilities. Some of the various use cases that our customers are using “Feed-bck” for are:

  • Continuous Performance Management
  • Continuous Skills Assessment
  • Continuous Development and Mentoring

Companies can use the resulting insights to make evidence-based decisions regarding workforce management.

For example, they may use analytics to determine which types of skills within their company’s workforce correlate most strongly with key business metrics like customer satisfaction or the number of patents produced.

They can then foster rapid knowledge sharing to strengthen these skills or facilitate the internal movement of people who possess those skills to where they are most needed.

Employee Engagement Suite by Semos Cloud

As each company has a different business process there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to apply the use of Feed-bck combined with any other Semos solutions offered in the Employee Engagement Suite.


For example, SurveyRocks was built to provide organizational survey capabilities for HR and Managers. It provides a more holistic assessment framework, robust set of capabilities and analytics.

Another example is JobPts, which is our flagship Recognition and Rewards that help build the culture of recognition at your company.

All of our solutions help HR for the organizations to become more agile in order to:Execute their strategy more quickly than less agile rivals

  • Innovate faster and in new ways
  • Respond purposefully to short-term urgencies
  • Rapidly re-skill and re-focus their workforce to meet changing business needs
  • Quickly respond to changing customer needs

For the entire process to be successful, Semos works with its customers using Design Thinking methodologies and tools to adapt the solution to the customer’s exact needs and pain points while shortening the implementation process.

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