Semos Cloud Drives Culture of Appreciation with 2 Million “Moments that Matter” Created by Employees Across the World

Semos Cloud is thrilled to announce great results in empowering employers across the world to drive culture of appreciation.

March 9, 2021 By Sara Ana Cemazar Share on Twitter! Share on Facebook! Share on LinkedIn!

On the occasion of Employee Appreciation Day, Semos Cloud is thrilled to announce great results in empowering employers across the world to drive culture of appreciation. With the emergence of remote work and distributed workforce, the need for employees and managers to stay connected is greater than ever before. Consequently, JobPts, Semos Cloud’s employee recognition software, is used by the record number of employees across the world.

Aggregate data shows that the number of “moments that matter” – which range from recognitions, nominations, work anniversaries, and feedbacks – is steadily increasing on a monthly basis within JobPts platform. For 300,000 active employees using JobPts, this means 60,000 monthly acts of gratitude. In the last four years, Semos Cloud has noted more than two million “moments that matter” shared among its users.

Furthermore, JobPts also offers a wide employee rewards catalogues that are adjusted to local markets. Every month, 30,000 memorable rewards get redeemed for employees’ collected appreciation points without any fees or markups. According to data, employees’ favorite rewards redemption providers include Amazon, Flipkart, Lifestyle, Myer, Sephora, Home Depot, John Lewis, and GCodes.

In December of 2020, Semos Cloud launched donations – a new JobPts feature released to encourage organizations to drive corporate giving activities in the workplace. Since then, there have been 30,000 donations made within JobPts, which shows employees’ readiness and need to participate in such meaningful initiatives.

Employee recognition platform JobPts is designed to enable employers, HR professionals, leaders, and managers to recognize their employees’ efforts and make work more meaningful. By recognizing employees’ actions and achievements that impact the overall work environment and organizational success, employers are sending out a positive message to the entire workforce.

Since 32% of employees leave their jobs due to lack of recognition for their contributions, employers are also using JobPts to drive employee retention. Moreover, recognizing employees plays a crucial role in improving employee engagement, so employers use various monetary and non-monetary recognition programs to increase their workers’ motivation and productivity.

On this Employee Appreciation Day, Semos Cloud is happy to observe that more employers across the world are implementing employee recognition best practices. More employers are witnessing the power of appreciation as a strategic driver for people and organizational success.

As Semos Cloud’s Chief Technology Officer Saso Ivanovski says, “we are excited to see the JobPts platform is being utilized by our users to such extent. Moreover, we are grateful to see so many employers realizing the real power of employee recognition and rewards practices. The knowledge of employee recognition area is growing immensely, and we are thrilled to see our end-users responding to JobPts features so well.”

As Semos Cloud’s mission is to help employers reimagine employee experience, the entire team is excited to see great adoption of JobPts among its customers and is looking forward to being a part of change towards more passionate, empathetic workplace experiences for even more employees.

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