What Is Employee Experience Platform And Why Your Business Needs One

Learn what are the essential components of an employee experience platform and how your organization could benefit from using one.

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HR challenges

Today, employers face a lot of challenges related to their employees. There is a retention crisis, lack of high qualified workforce, degrading mental health, work fatigue.. The list goes on. However, for a while now, HR Professionals are taking on a more holistic overview of addressing these issues.

Namely, employers are looking into employee experience as a whole. The term of employee experience aims to encompass everything that workers encounter in a workplace. Only by looking at the whole picture, it is possible to detect issues and start solving them.

In order to optimize employee experience on all fronts, employers need a good overview of many dimensions it consists of. Therefore, the need for a unified platform arose, and HR solutions providers started to take notice. 

Employee experience platforms are now coming to the market at the increasing pace, and we are here to take you through the details. We will define an employee experience platform, list its essential components, and biggest benefits that companies could see if they start using one.

📲 Before we start, here is a quick guide on the importance of communication in the workplace – one of the essential aspects of employee experience.

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What Is Employee Experience Platform

As Josh Bersin explains, the solutions on the HR Tech market are mostly specialized. They either focus on recruitment, learning, performance, pay and benefits, or other areas of employee experience.

However, an employee experience platform is a comprehensive solution that encompasses all the areas of employee experience. It is envisioned and created to holistically approach many challenges burdening today’s workplaces.

Just as companies are looking at the customers’ journey and experience, they are aiming to improve employee experience with similar techniques.

Essential Components of Employee Experience Platform

Employee experience platform should cover all the essential aspects of employee experience across employee journey. However, some aspects of total experience – like compensation and benefits – do not require interaction from employees side and are processual in nature. As such, they can be left out of the employee experience solution.

Here are the crucial aspects of employee experience that should be covered by a unified platform.


Onboarding is a process happening at the very beginning of employees’ journey with a company. However, first impressions really do matter: research shows that a strong onboarding process improves new hire productivity by over 70%.

employee experience platform

When an employee experience platform is utilized to onboard a new hire, the process can be more collaborative. Both the HR officers and new employees’ managers can have access to the files and check on employees progress. Moreover, a two-way communication channel can be established, streamlining everyone’s work.

Employee Recognition

As a vital part of employees’ experience, employee recognition is one of the main drivers of engagement, employee happiness, and satisfaction. However, recognition should also be social and should be enabled in all the following combinations: peer-to-peer, manager to employee, individual to team, and so on.

This is where an employee experience platform comes in. When you have an employee recognition platform integrated into a larger system, it is easier to manage employee recognition programs, and it is also easier to spot your high performers.

Employee Feedback

Employee feedback and recognition are interconnected, as the ratio of positive to negative feedback should be around 5:1 for optimal levels of productivity and engagement.

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It is incredibly important to provide constructive feedback to employees – they actually prefer it to praise, and they want more of it. When a feedback solution is a part of an employee experience platform, it ensures a better user experience to both employees and employers.

Moreover, it gives employees and their managers an opportunity to see the progress and development over time, especially if standardized evaluation forms were used.

Employee Communication

It cannot be overstated: employee communication is absolutely crucial for employees’ experience within an organization. Not only do employees get stressed out by ineffective communication, it can inhibit collaboration and innovation.

There are many types of communication that go on in a single company. In enterprises, there are a couple of important lessons to follow when it comes to communication:

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Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is essential for businesses to thrive. However, communication and collaboration are the biggest struggles when it comes to remote work – according to remote workers themselves.

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Collaborative platforms are one of the most popular HR Tech solutions nowadays. When a collaboration solution is embedded within an employee experience platform, it adds to employees’ experience and singular point of entry for everything they need to do when working.

Employee Wellbeing

Module that puts employee wellbeing best practices to use is something that surely belongs to an employee experience platform. Employees’ mental and physical health is deteriorating, work-life balance is endangered, and employee burnout is on the rise. For all these reasons, employers should take care of workplace wellness more than ever.

However, corporate wellbeing programs are often ineffective, with only 24% of employees at enterprise companies participating in them. If an employee wellbeing module was a part of a comprehensive employee experience platform, employees would have better access to it. Moreover, employers would more easily integrate wellbeing programs in the company culture and increase their effectiveness.

5 Benefits of an Employee Experience Platform

Now that you know what an employee experience platform is and what should be its main elements, you probably see how it could be useful to HR professionals, managers, and employees themselves.

If you are still unsure of the exact benefits of a unified employee experience platform, here are the five ways in which your organization could profit from it.

Holistic approach to employee journey touchpoints

Employee journey mapping is an important visual aid to help everybody understand all the moments that matter along an employee journey. When managers and HR professionals use an employee experience platform, they are better acquainted with all the aspects of employee experience they should pay attention to.

employee experience platform

Better management capabilities

With a unified employee experience platform at hand, HR professionals and managers can manage all their programs and people-oriented tasks from a single place. It shortens the time spent to create and manage programs, and it helps to decrease app fatigue.

Collaborative approach to experience design

Employee experience platforms are designed as collaborative solutions that allow HR professionals, managers, and employees to work on designing a better employee experience together. Such a multi-faceted approach ensures the best project outcome.

Data-driven insights

Some experience platforms incorporate advanced AI functionalities. Then, multiple data from different platform sections is connected to give better insights into employees’ behavior, skill sets, talent capabilities, and more.

With such insights, employers are able to provide an even better employee experience than before. Ultimately, this will lead to enhanced business results – research shows that companies with best employee experience scores see 3x the return of assets and double the return on sales than companies with lowest employee experience scores.

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Better ROI of IT

When an employee experience platform is implemented, IT department has less work to do than managing several interconnected HR Tech apps. With centralized efforts and employee data management, IT can focus on strategic goals more.

Easier path to increased engagement and productivity

With their effort centralized, HR professionals can create more inclusive and encompassing programs targeting employee engagement. After all, the goal of implementing an employee experience platform is to make it easier and more engaging for employees to work.

Moreover, employee productivity and engagement are affected by all the aforementioned aspects of employee experience. By influencing them, employee productivity will increase as well.

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