6 Influencer Quotes On Employee Safety, Health, and Wellbeing

Employee health, safety and wellbeing is the main HR focus during the past 18 months. Companies are still working on finding the best practices on keeping the employees healthy, creating a feeling of safety, as well as improving employee wellbeing in difficult times. We gathered quotes from 6 of the best, most established thought leaders on the importance of employee wellbeing, health and safety – enjoy the read!

April 16, 2021 By Martin Angjelkoski Share on Twitter! Share on Facebook! Share on LinkedIn!

Donna Morris, Chief People Officer, Executive VP at Walmart


“So I think ultimately our roles in HR, the people function, are to enable business success through people. You can’t have business success if you are not able to really accomplish your talent priorities… what has changed is the pandemic that made us all vulnerable and wellbeing is going to be at the forefront.”

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Jeanne Meister, Managing Partner at Future Workplace


“Given the magnitude of the pandemic’s mental health impact, more HR tech solutions are needed to provide tech-enabled wellness solutions to support an employee’s emotional, physical and mental health wellbeing.”

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Arianna Huffungton, CEO of Thrive Global, President of The Huffington Post


“If there’s anything positive to come out of COVID-19, it’s that it’s brought a magnifying glass to the mental health crisis and the need for a recess.

“We have lots of people working on the frontlines…It’s so important that we offer them the same help and support as we do our leaders. There’s this prevalence of offering wellbeing opportunities to those of us who are privileged to be working from home – but in many ways frontline field workers need more of our support, because they’re dealing with constant stresses of being more exposed to the virus.”

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Trish McFarlane, Founder of H3 HR Advisors


“Wellbeing and self-care are more important than ever before. Working from home or other non-traditional places is now a way of life for many employees.  Add to that the stressors from the pandemic, having children schooling at home, caring for elderly parents or sick family members, political and social unrest, and an uncertain economy and you’ve got the perfect storm for employee meltdown….

The goal is to create a supportive, inclusive workplace so that employees are able to remain productive and even excel in their outcomes.

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Ken Oehler, Senior Director of People Analytics and Workforce Strategy at Facebook


“Many companies have established that remote working can work, and that productivity can remain high in even the most inauspicious circumstances. Despite this, with a new operational agility comes a different set of risks to employee wellbeing.

The new burnout is driven by fear of job losses; an inevitable blurring of work/life balance; isolation; workplace suitability and adequate and reliable technology – the latter is a side effect of which we have all fallen foul.”

We got Ken’s quote from his interview with HRZone. Please find it HERE.

Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group


Dealing with a global health crisis has made employers see even more clearly just how important it is to have healthy employees – and the responsibility they have to look after their people’s wellbeing. Digital health is playing a big role in transforming our approach to wellbeing.

From live-streamed gym classes to workout apps, activity tracking to sleep monitoring and wellbeing programs – we have so many tools at our fingertips to help us focus on our wellbeing and to personalize our own health journeys.”

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