Employee Recognition App: 5 Reasons Why You Need One 

Find out what are the biggest benefits of employee recognition and why you need an employee recognition app.

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employee recognition app

Employee recognition app is a widely used tool by HR Professionals, especially in large enterprises. However, not everyone is sold on the idea of an employee recognition app. Is it just another useless app that nobody will use? 

We could not disagree more! There is myriad of ways in which an employee recognition app could be useful – to you, your employees and your company. Read on to find out what an employee recognition app is, what it can help you achieve, which problems it resolves and why you need it! 

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What Is an Employee Recognition App 

Employee recognition app is a solution that enables you to systematically recognize your employees. Moreover, it allows you to track and optimize your efforts, and offers many other functionalities that all help you utilize the best that employee recognition has to offer. 

It is also known as employee recognition software, employee recognition solution and employee recognition platform. 

Benefits of Employee Recognition 

So – why do you need an employee recognition app? In short, to help you apply all the best practices of employee recognitionEmployee recognition is a widely affirmed method of improving not only employee engagement, but also other aspects of workplace culture and business efficiency. 

After all – workers say it themselves: 52% of employees want more recognition. The very minimum leaders can do is send an employee appreciation letter their colleagues’ way, or write a meaningful employee appreciation quote upon accomplishing their goals.

employee recognition app

Here are some of the biggest benefits of employee recognition. 

Increased employee engagement 

According to research on employee engagement, 58% of employees say that being recognized by leaders would engage them. Why is that important? Because employee engagement is at the core of other important HR-related indicators, such as employee productivity, satisfaction and more. 

Therefore, having the employee recognition app will make it easier for leaders to recognize employees, thus engaging them. 

Improved learning and development 

Companies worldwide are faced with widening skill gap among their employees. In fact, 75% of recruiters say that there is a shortage of skills in candidates that are applying for job openings. This is why building critical skills and competencies is a top priority for leaders in 2021. 

employee recognition app

You may ask yourself: what does employee recognition have to do with learning and development? Well, it supports it in several ways. For example, HR leaders often create recognition programs tied with learning and development outcomes within their employee recognition apps – meaning that employees get recognized or rewarded for certain learning outcomes such as finishing courses or other. 

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Boosted customer satisfaction 

Companies often struggle with low customer satisfaction. Luckily, 35% of companies that have recognition programs notice an increase in customer satisfaction. 

employee recognition app

Once again – it would be impossible to track and optimize your employee recognition program to get favorable results without an employee recognition app! Measuring everything manually would take an enormous amount of time and resources – and without measuring, it is almost impossible to improve your results. 

Improved company culture 

Company culture is somewhat an elusive term that is not easy to properly define. However, we know one thing for sure: positive, productive and collaborative atmosphere in the company is conducive to productivity and improved business results. 

There are social recognition features built into most employee recognition apps. This means that employees can see recognition taking place – and are immersed in the culture of appreciation 

Decreased employee turnover 

Employee turnover is costly for companies. Not only do employees take their expertise away from the company when they leave, but they also leave a vacant spot that recruiters must fill. Recruitment is costly, and a lot of resources are lost on onboarding, reorganizing work and other. In total, SHRM calculated that total costs associated with turnover can amount up to 9 employees’ monthly salaries. 

Employees most commonly quit because of lack of development opportunities, toxic workplace culture and lack of recognition for their work. With an employee recognition app, you can appreciate your employees on time and prevent attrition. 

employee recognition app

Why You Need an Employee Recognition App 

Yes, employee recognition has many benefits, but it is not easy to implement best employee recognition practices without an employee recognition app. For example, one of the best employee recognition practices is implementing and encouraging peer-to-peer recognition. Besides its positive impact on company culture, peer-to-peer recognition is 35.7% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than manager-only recognition. 

employee recognition app

However, if you do not have an employee recognition app – you are limited in your options to encourage and measure peer-to-peer recognition and its impact. On the other hand, with features such as social recognition wall and built-in analytics, you are able to easily implement this tried and tested method. 

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you need an employee recognition app. 

It’s easy to manage employee recognition programs 

Within your employee recognition app, you can easily manage your employee recognition programs. Before purchasing an employee recognition app, it is good to check if it supports more employee recognition programs at once. 

By creating multiple recognition programs, you can target specific behaviors and values and recognize them in a different manner. Moreover, you can make your recognition programs monetary or non-monetary, peer-to-peer or manager only. Furthermore, you can assign different monetary values to points if you are using the point-based recognition system. 

Without an employee recognition app, it would be almost impossible to navigate all your recognition programs. Having an employee recognition app not only makes it easier to manage all your efforts, but also to scale them. 

Improved user experience and higher adoption rates 

Nowadays, employees are surrounded with technology. Millennials and Gen Z use their mobile phones and variety of apps on daily basis. Moreover, 86% of Millennials use social media. 

In other words – younger generations are both used to good app design and expect it in their workplaces. Without an employee recognition app, your employee recognition efforts can only go so far. On the other hand, a customized employee recognition app with your branding can provide a great user experience to your employees and drive high adoption rates – thus reaching and engaging as many employees as possible. 

Better control over employee recognition programs 

When employee recognition programs are monetary, it becomes increasingly important to control them better. With an employee recognition app, it is easy to control whether you are staying within budget. Moreover, you can set up recognition approval levels and prevent eventual abuse of the recognition system. 

If you work in a large enterprise, you are probably aware of the complexity of its structure. Luckily, this structure can be mapped into your employee recognition app – especially if it provides native integration with your HRIS. Therefore, you will be able to better control your employee recognition programs and how they are managed locally. 

High-quality analytics and reporting 

An employee recognition app usually entails analytics and reporting features. This means that you can be data-driven in your decisions, and that you can easily track the progress of your recognition initiatives. 

Moreover, reporting functionalities within the employee recognition app make it easier for you to consistently measure the progress you are making on delivering your KPIs. By creating custom reports, you can align the reporting on recognition initiatives in all your company’s subsidiaries and easily present your progress to higher-ups. 

Ability to implement best employee recognition practices 

You get it: having an employee recognition app opens up the world of opportunities you wouldn’t have without it. Aligning your recognition with company’s mission and values, offering peer-to-peer recognition, ensuring attractive rewards options for everyone… This becomes virtually impossible without an employee recognition app. 

However, implementing the best employee recognition practices is crucial if you want to get results – be it higher employee engagement, productivity, improved company culture or better business outcomes.  

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Top 15 Employee Recognition Apps to Get You Started

To help you get started with finding the best employee recognition apps on the market, we also created a handy list of the Top 15 Employee Recognition Apps suitable for small, mid-size or enterprise organizations.

Whether you are looking for something feature-rich for your small team and business, or are interested in an enterprise-level, customizable platform to serve multiple thousands of employees, scroll through the list and find your exact match.

When Is the Right Time for an Employee Recognition App 

Some could argue that you do not need an employee recognition app yet. Maybe you do not see any major problems in your company that need fixing, or you have other priorities at the moment. 

However, another argument states that the right time to implement an employee recognition app is always. The fact that you are not detecting major issues in your company does not mean that your employees are engaged. In fact, according to Gallup, out of the 70% of US workers that do not reach their full potential, only 18% are actively disengaged. The rest of them, staggering 52% are simply disengaged, and they usually fly under your radar. 

Moreover, the disengaged employees are costing US businesses $500 billion yearly, and they are 3.6 times more likely to leave their current employers. 

employee recognition app

Preventing active disengagement, high turnover and employee dissatisfaction is vital to your business, and it is much easier and cost-effective than tackling these challenges when they are already present. 

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