The Impact Of Recognition & Rewards Platforms On Glassdoor Ratings

With 86% of job seekers researching company reviews before they make a decision on their next job, you can understand why rating well on Glassdoor, the most visited company review platform, is a big focus for companies. In this article, we’ll explain how employee recognition affects Glassdoor ratings.

September 17, 2021 By Martin Angjelkoski Share on Twitter! Share on Facebook! Share on LinkedIn!

Employment looked like a one-sided match for the majority of the 21st century – employers were putting out job ads and in the majority of cases, made sure to let the job seekers know how privileged they were for being invited to an interview, let alone being accepted for the position.

The tables have turned in the past 3-4 years with the rise of the digital-only employee and the culmination happened during the pandemic – there is now a shortage of employees, meaning there are more jobs available than there are employees to do those jobs. This enabled many job seekers to be picky about their next company, which ultimately, started a ‘war’ between employers on who can create a better workplace for their staff.


Research revealed that 86% of job seekers research company reviews before deciding where they continue their career – research that inevitably involves Glassdoor, the world’s most visited company review platform. Glassdoor managed to reach over 50 million monthly views as of March 2021, hosts over 70 million company reviews and you can find reviews on more than 1.3 million companies.

With these numbers, we can say with great certainty that employers care greatly about Glassdoor, and they are doing whatever they can to boost their ratings on the platform and maintain a higher rating than the average 3.4 stars. As all company reviews come from current or past employees, the key to good employer branding starts with good employee experience, and good employee experience is no longer solely dependent on an employee’s salary. Research shows that after an employee’s basic human needs (food, shelter and job safety) have been met, the next thing they crave is a sense of belonging and appreciation from their peers.

Knowing this, companies which have implemented an employee recognition platform in the workplace will naturally enjoy a greater level of employee satisfaction, employee experience and employee happiness index – factors which directly influence the employee’s willingness to recommend the employer to other job seekers and automatically give a higher, more positive Glassdoor rating.

JobPts clients, who have been using the recognition and rewards platform for an average of 2.7 years, along with other benefits, have enjoyed an average Glassdoor score of 4.0 stars, with the star performer being our long-term client Sun Communities – in just a few months, their Glassdoor rating increased from 2.9 stars to 4.3 stars! You can read Sun Communities’ success story here!

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