How to Enable Employees for Success During COVID-19

Employee success in your company is disrupted by COVID-19. Find out how to successfully enable your employees for their best work during this crisis.

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employee success during crisis
employee success

At the moment of COVID-19 outbreak, your employees are faced with many changes in the workplace. This unprecedented situation has posed several challenges to employee success and made it harder for employers to provide the best employee experience possible. 

📘 In this article, you will find out how to respond to COVID-19 related challenges in the workplace and enable your employees’ success. But first, take a look at this COVID-19 toolkit for employers and get useful editable resources to keep your employees safe, informed and productive during these hard times. 

COVID-19 Tips for Employees

Employee Success Defined 

Employee success is still a somewhat elusive phrase. On one hand, there are professionals who compare it to customer success and emphasize the importance of enabling the best employee experience in all the stages of employee lifecycle. On the other hand, employee success is perceived as a group of actions and initiatives that enable employees to do their jobs the best they can. 

To summarize, employee success is proactive enablement of the best employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle. It includes strategic planning on how to support employees in a way that allows them to do their best work and facilitate a high level of productivity and engagement. 

employee success definition

How COVID-19 Is Disrupting Employee Success and Experience 

It is obvious that COVID-19 has changed the way almost everybody works. Some employees are working in their physical workspaces with safety measures, while others are now working from home. In this critical situation, many are facing changes and uncertainty. 

This crisis has created obstacles that stand in the way of employee experience and enablement of employee success in all the stages of employee lifecycle. Let’s name them and see how to deal with these disruptions. 

Frozen recruiting 

According to Gallup, almost 40% of US employees report that their employers have stopped hiring at the moment. Since world economies have slowed down, this is not surprising.  

Employee success starts at the very beginning of your employee lifecycle – in the recruiting phase. Therefore, COVID-19 is disabling employers from providing the best experience for the candidates who are currently stuck in their recruiting pipeline. 

Modified onboarding 

Research by Glassdoor found that a strong onboarding process improves new hire productivity by over 70%, and yet 88% of companies don’t do a good job of it. Besides supplying a new employee with training on processes and procedures, onboarding includes helping the new hire integrate into the company.  

employee success onboarding impact

During the time of crisis, enabling employee success while onboarding is much harder since the new hire is deprived of establishing personal connections in the office. Consequently, the new hires can feel isolated and disconnected from their coworkers, which adds negative points to their employee experience in this crucial process.  


Whether it’s about coming back to the office or promotion that is due, employees are faced with a lot of uncertainty during the COVID-19 situation. Employers are unable to reveal exact timelines for any project, pay raise or plan in general. Therefore, employers are prevented from communicating precise information, and this interrupts the enablement of employee success. 

Moreover, 54% of employees are most worried about their job security during this crisis. In these circumstances, employers must rise to the challenge and improve their internal communication strategy. 

Working from home  

Working from home is incredibly difficult for employees with children that cannot attend daycare nor schools at the moment. As children’ routine disrupts their work, it ihard to maintain the same level of productivity as in the office.  

In the US alone, the percentage of full-time employees working from home increased from 33% to 61%. Unsurprisingly, now 100% of full-time working parents are working while their children are at home too. 

remote work stats

Wellbeing crisis 

It is obvious – this unprecedented situation is causing many psychological and physical disturbances. People are reporting high anxiety levels, depression, insomnia and other caused by long quarantine. 

Furthermore, the stress of working from home with children and uncertainty related to job security are additionally weighing on employees’ welfare, causing wide-ranging employee wellbeing crisis. 

8 Ways to Enable Employees for Success During this Crisis 

Although you cannot control how the COVID-19 situation changes the world-wide health picture or economy, you can influence your employees’ experience during crisis in several manners. 

The main guiding line of all the advice we will list is to keep in contact as much as you can. Ask, answer and encourage others to do so: communication is essential for setting the stage for employee success during COVID-19. 

📘 Also, check out these workplace management solutions you can use during COVID-19. 

Listen to your employees’ needs and concerns 

During the time of crisis, you need to check your employee’s pulse. Listening to your employees’ needs and concerns will help you better understand how your employees feel and how you can enable them to do their best possible work, which employee success is all about. 

The best way to check your employee’s current state and feel is with employee surveys. Our employee survey software SurveyRocks has built-in surveys related to COVID-19. With such a solution, you can easily send out surveys and make appropriate decisions based on real data. 

📘 Also, check out these surveys for HR, managers and leaders to check your employees’ pulse during crisis. 


Make HR your strategic business partner 

Since COVID-19 situation poses a significant challenge to your employees’ everyday lives, it might be the right moment to make HR your strategic business partner. Why? Because HR professionals will help you respond to this challenge and tell you what actions you need to take in order to ensure your employees’ success. 

Remember, when you enable your employees’ success and ensure they have a positive employee experience, your business will be at its best too. Therefore, consult with your HR Business Partners who will build strategy, and create specific programs and incentives to encourage best business results driven by internal changes in employee management. 

employee experience

Keep your workplace informed 

By not communicating timely and effectively, you can negatively impact your employees’ experience, especially during crisis. During this crisis, proper communication has become the number one priority for employers across the world. Updates from local authorities, changes to working policies as well as appropriate safety tips have to be communicated to employees more frequently than ever before.  

Note that you should provide enough information to minimize your employees’ level of uncertainty, be it for explaining COVID-19 related company policies, information on where they stand in the recruiting process, or how their onboarding has changed.  

With the right internal communications solution, it is easier for employers to keep their workplace informed and supported. With an employee communications software such as Nurturemanagers, leaders, HR and other professionals are can ensure the right flow of information in the workplace.  

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Keep your workplace informed with Nurture.

Make work more meaningful and rewarding 

Recognizing your employee’s work is a huge factor in your employees’ experience. You can significantly influence your employees’ productivity and morale by appreciating their hard work during these difficult times, when they are faced with so many challenges. For example, use these appreciation email templates to show your employees support and gratitude. 

Also, you can enable employee success by creating COVID-19 recognition programs. With them, you can encourage employees to stay compliant with the special company policies and introduce gamification to build positive atmosphere in your employees’ everyday lives. 

📘 Check out some of the prebuilt ideas for COVID-19 related recognition programs in our Recognition and Rewards Platform JobPts. 

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Enable teams to collaborate efficiently 

One of the best ways you can encourage employee success during COVID-19 is enabling efficient collaboration. By providing a software that allows easy tracking of each other’s interdependent work, you allow employees to stay productive and minimize their feeling of distance from other coworkers. 

Furthermore, you can use collaboration tools such as Kanban-style BoardFlo to organize your new hires onboarding. Such solutions can not only help teams to better manage their collaborative projects, but individuals can also use it to better plan their days and stay organized and productive.  

Get your senior leadership on board 

We already explained why communication is crucial during COVID-19 crisis. You have probably already seen that senior leaders have been very engaged during these times. They are doing their best to show both to their employees as well as local communities that they are implementing initiatives to mitigate the consequences of the current crisis 

Such approach helps organizations build trust in the workplace which significantly influences employee success and experienceBy showing employees that their safety and wellbeing is their main priority, employers can build more positive workplace culture even during these times. Additionally, this is an opportunity for employers to strengthen their employer brand by showing social and corporate responsibility. 

employee wellbeing in crisis

Enable managers to drive employee success 

The intermediate higher-ups or team leaders are the ones that are on the first line of communication with your employees. During COVID-19, they all work in changed conditions and may need your guidance on how to manage their teams better. 

This situation is new to all of us, and many managers are not equipped with crisis management techniques. Provide training to your managers and emphasize the importance of employee recognition, employee surveys and proper communication during COVID-19.  

More importantly, managers need to have a way to give fast and meaningful feedback to their people. As employee feedback is one of the main drivers for employee success, many employers are now implementing both top-down and peer-to-peer feedback within their organizations.   

Enable your managers to proactively and individually use the proper software to encourage their team’s best work. 

employee recognition

Encourage employee wellbeing 

Employee wellbeing has gotten a deeper meaning during COVID-19. As we explained previously, employees are suffering from higher stress levels than usual, and they are threatened by the virus itself. 

Putting emphasis on your employees’ health and wellbeing will ensure your employees that you care about their safety. In the end, your company’s response will definitely be something your employees will remember in the long run – so make sure it’s a positive one and reap all the benefits of great employee experience. 

As explained early, you can encourage safe behavior and special company policy compliance during COVID-19 with recognition programs promoting certain types of health measures, like washing hands or keeping social distance.  

Furthermore, you can positively affect your employees’ health with Employee Wellbeing Platforms such as Healthain. It can allow you to boost your employees’ morale and build a health-oriented company culture. 

Semos Cloud is Offering Free Employee Success Apps to Support Employers 

In order to help employers to encourage their employees’ compliance to special workplace policies as well as promoting safety and wellbeing in the workplace, we are offering some of our Employee Success apps free of charge 

The apps from our Employee Success Suite can be used in peer-to-peer manner, helping employees support their colleagues. Also, our apps can be used in top-down manner, for example to send out company-wide messages. 

Semos Cloud’s solutions cover the most important stages of your employee lifecycle, and are designed to enable your employees’ success. Our focus on user experience has resulted in excellent user adoptions by employees at enterprise companies across the world. 

Take a look at 7 solutions from our Employee Success Suite and schedule a demo to see how we can help you adapt to the COVID-19 challenges in the workplace.  

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