Webinar: Evolution of Total Rewards:
How Companies Earn Employees’ Loyalty

Are you struggling to improve your company’s Total Rewards strategy? Here’s a webinar that will help you understand Total Rewards, directly from proven industry experts.

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Our full webinar ‘Evolution of Total Rewards – How Companies Earn Employees’ Loyalty’ is now available on-demand!

The webinar features our CEO Filip Misovski and the guest lecturer, Enad Abu Naser from WorldatWork, the global association of HRM professionals with over 30.000 members.

Mr. Abu Naser is an exceptional Total Rewards Manager, bringing over 10 years of rewards experience to organizations to win employees’ loyalty. He specializes in broad-based compensation, variable pay plan design, key employee retention programs, career progression, and talent analytics in corporate environments. He has served in different multinational companies in the Middle East and currently is a Faculty Member with a leading global total rewards association.

After watching the webinar, you’ll understand:

🔹 How have Total Rewards grown in recent times?
🔹 How to find the sweet spot for your Total Rewards strategy?
🔹 How to build the ultimate total reward program for your company?
🔹 What’s next for the Total Rewards industry?

If your goal is to keep your most talented employees and build a resilient, connected workspace, this webinar is a must-watch.

The webinar is about 45 minutes long.

Takeaways from the webinar:

🔹 Introduction:
How TR started and what are the objectives?
🔹 5 Pillars of Total Rewards:
What constitutes a successful TR strategy?
🔹 Building a Total Rewards strategy:
Where to start first and what to focus on?
🔹 What’s next for HRM?
Insightful comments about the recent changes in workforce dynamics and the future of TR.

It’s hard to imagine better way of spending 45 minutes than tuning in to a discussion about what Total Rewards can do for enterprises, from proven Total Rewards experts.

Click here and watch the full webinar.

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