Gathering Employee Feedback with Nurture’s Quick Surveys 

Being able to exchange feedback is a prerequisite for healthy internal communications. Nurture’s Quick Survey feature enables managers and organization leaders to efficiently solicit feedback from employees upon completing a project.

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Experienced leaders and HR professionals understand the benefits of timely employee surveys. After all, surveys give leaders invaluable insight into the state of their workforce. Effectively soliciting feedback is paramount for maintaining successful internal communication.

How Organizations Use Quick Surveys to Reach High Response Rates

When you’re managing a large workforce, running department-wide surveys can be time-consuming. Important factors influencing the survey response rate are: 

  • Survey Timing, i.e. time passed between the completed assignment and employee receiving a survey in their inbox.
  • Survey Completion Time, i.e. the time it takes for employees to complete the survey and answer all questions.

Organizations that rely on quarterly surveys risk lower response rates and less accurate employee feedback. Instead of surveying employees about tasks or events that happened weeks ago, it would be more agile to poll employees as a task or process has been completed. Doing so ensures a faster response, with a more accurate account of the employee experience. Ultimately, decision-makers can take action immediately, instead of waiting for the next quarter to get insights. 

In a busy work environment, many employees would rather focus on their current tasks than complete long surveys that require detailed answers. When answering surveys feels like another task atop a mountain of pending assignments, fewer employees will respond to surveys. This is a tragic loss of opportunity because organizations won’t get the insights they need to improve their processes. In addition, employees won’t regard surveys as a channel for feedback, but ‌as another task to be completed. 

A successful strategy for employee feedback reconciles these two challenges and enables decision-makers to survey their employees effectively. 

Quick Survey in Action

Internal Communication professionals can easily access the new feature within Nurture by adding a quick survey to their email correspondence. 


Employees respond to surveys by clicking on the email they received with the questions. Using quick surveys you can solicit feedback from employees at a lightning-fast pace. For employees, responding to surveys won’t be a time-consuming task anymore. On the other hand, decision-makers and organization leaders can get quick and actionable info in real-time.

Since analytics are the core of every great communication tool, Nurture provides you with a wealth of internal communications data. The survey result data is included in the auto-generated report for every communication campaign made in Nurture. 

The report reveals employee response rates, devices used for answering surveys, average survey consumption time, the average time to link click, and other data points. 



All these data points will give internal communicators a data-backed perspective on employee survey preferences. Ultimately, Quick Survey empowers decision-makers and communicators to create a surveying strategy that works best for their workforce. 

Most importantly, with Quick Survey an organization is getting another channel where employees can voice their opinions and make a positive impact on the company culture. 

We invite you to explore Nurture, our state-of-the-art internal communications solution and discover what it can do for your organization’s communication. 

Saso Ivanovski, the Chief Technology Officer of Semos Cloud, shared his thoughts about the Quick Survey feature: “Feedback goes both ways. Even the best business leaders and managers need feedback from their employees to better the company and maintain a healthy communication culture. With Nurture’s Quick Survey feature, surveying your employees and soliciting feedback becomes the easiest thing in the world.”

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