My SAP Hero: Success Connect 2019

My SAP Hero is back! This year, during the Success Connect in Las Vegas, you can nominate and vote for a person at SAP who has helped you get the most of your SAP investment!

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my SAP Hero

What is My SAP Hero?

We are excited to announce that My SAP Hero is back! On this year’s Success Connect in Las Vegas, you will be able to nominate and vote for someone from SAP who has helped you get the most out of your SAP investment.

This initiative helps customers and partners engage, to recognize their SAP employees as heroes for their great work.

The mySAPhero is built on the SAP Cloud Platform, and in this program, we will reward the participants for their contribution.

What are the rewards, timelines, and eligibility?

There will be 3 categories and 9 rewards in total:

  • Top 3 nominators- $25 each
  • Top 3 nominees- $25 each
  • Top 3 SAP Hero- $50 each


The voting starts on September 13, and the winners will be announced on September 18 at 11am at the Semos Cloud booth (#S2) in the expo area.

***To receive the gift, you or one of your colleagues would have to physically come to pick it up at Semos Cloud booth #S2 in the expo area.


How to access the application?

  1. Run simply by going to
  2. Press on the “Sign in with SAP ID” button that takes you to an authentication page to log-in with an existing SAP ID user to the mySAPhero application.
  3. Follow the tile titles to nominate, vote, access the leaderboard and many more.
  4. Share your appreciation on Twitter using #MySAPHero.
  5. Encourage your friends to vote as well!


* There will be no public access to the application. Only for participants that are registered with SAP ID credentials managed by the SAP Cloud Platform.

* If you don’t have and SAP ID, press “Register for SAP ID” button to create a user and then sign-in to the mySAPhero application.

How does the application work?

The product we use to enable mySAPhero program is JobPts, a part of our Employee Engagement Suite.

JobPts is 100% native product built and running on the SAP Cloud Platform and powered by SAP HANA. More information on this and other products from partners can be discovered on the SAP App Center or check out our product tour videos.

Enjoy mySAPhero and keep an eye on the blog posts series for the winners and updates!

Start nominating and voting!