New Feature Release: Seamless Integration of the Communications module with SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone

We’re pleased to announce that Semos Cloud’s Communications module, a suite of solutions for internal communication activities, has expanded its current capabilities, and can be seamlessly integrated with the the SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone.

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Lewisville, TX, May 11th, 2022

The Communications module can now be accessed within Work Zone to initiate internal communication activities and notifications from the Nurture tool.

Why was the feature developed?

Work Zone is a centralized platform used to build digital workspace solutions to increase employee productivity and engagement. It enables its users to have a centralized access point to various business apps, information, communication, and materials. 

However, an add-on solution for Work Zone can expand its communication capabilities, enabling managers to easily request communication campaigns to target a specific employee audience. 

That’s why our team started the integration of Nurture with Work Zone. 

Now, managers can quickly communicate with team members, send communication requests to Internal Communications, and ask for feedback from employees after completing campaigns. All of this is achieved within Work Zone. 

How would a Team Manager benefit from the new integration?  

Imagine you’re a team manager or a department head that wants to send a department-wide well-being initiative through Work Zone. 

You would require a solution that enables you to quickly create a new communication campaign, set it up as a well-being topic, send a request through Internal Communications, and, ideally, solicit feedback from employees once the topic is resolved. After all, employee feedback helps you understand employee impressions and gain valuable insight from their perspective. 

So, how would you complete this task using Nurture within Work Zone? You would start by creating a ticket for the communication campaign.  

With the Manager Self Services, you can request communication creation and read previous communication activities.

To send a communication initiative, you have to do three things: Select a topic (which will automatically create a template within Nurture), Write a title, and Enter a proposed release date for the campaign.

nurture initiate communicaiton

For instance, you can enter well-being as a topic, generate a template and select the release date of the campaign. 

Here’s one example of a generated communications template, with the comments section on the right side:

new communication

The ticket is then submitted through the Work Zone Self Service Manager in a task format. HR managers can then assign the responsible employee to carry out the assignment. 

The ticket is then submitted through the Work Zone Self Service Manager in a task format. HR managers can then assign the responsible employee to carry out the assignment. 

past campaigns

Once the assignment is completed, the task is closed and supervisors can view the generated report on campaign performance.

campaign performance

Managers can also compare different campaigns and download and share the report.

This capability is most useful for enterprises and companies that seek insights and direction for future improvements, as well as reinforcing the culture of exchanging feedback.  

By integrating Nurture within Work Zone, you can streamline all your communication campaigns, and improve communication between your department, your employees, and HR.  

What’s next for integration with SAP SuccessFactors?

Semos Cloud has confirmed its position as the most highly personalized solution in the Employee Experience space. As a provider of fully configurable EX solutions, it is a favorite of enterprises with deep technical, security, and cultural demands. Semos Cloud’s effort to secure a prime experience for all the employees in their customers’ organizations has been awarded multiple recognitions by SAP, G2, and Crozdesk, and was referenced in the latest Innovation Insight for Recognition and Reward Systems by Gartner.

Filip Misovski, CEO of Semos Cloud, shared his thoughts on the enhanced integration with SuccessFactors Work Zone: “Work Zone is a modern HR product used to solve important Employee Experience problems of enterprises. It’s exciting to see our powerful communications solution so seamlessly integrated within Work Zone, expanding its features, and being accessible to SuccessFactors users. This integration has the potential to drastically ease internal communicator jobs, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing about innovative use cases from our clients.” 

Following the release, Milan Rizov, the Product Owner of Nurture at Semos Cloud, stated: “You can’t overestimate the importance of communication in this day and age. Whether it’s task assignment or sending department-wide well-being initiatives, managers need a reliable tool for communication campaigns. With the latest feature release, we enabled a smooth integration of our communications module with Work Zone, so that Work Zone users can an upgrade their communication capabilities significantly.”

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