Announcing SMS Recognition, the Newest Addition to the Most Inclusive Recognition Platform JobPts + More News with JobPts, Nurture and Skills Platforms 

The SMS Recognition product innovation is a ‘game-changer’ for appreciating a deskless workforce, igniting engagement and inclusion of all employees. With additional updates in Nurture and Skills, Semos Cloud brings the most dynamic and inclusive employee experience technology to life.

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Lewisville, TX, April 12th, 2023 

Today, Semos Cloud announces product innovation for three of its solutions: JobPts – Culture & Recognition, Nurture – Employee Communication and Skills – Skills & Growth.  

JobPts, Semos Cloud’s solution for activating Culture & Recognition, is now enriched with several innovations: 

  • SMS Recognition – JobPts is now enriched with the next generation of deskless recognition practices, SMS Recognition. With this product innovation company-wide recognition programs can now reach all your employees via SMS, regardless of their work location.
  • Celebrations Page is a new designated page for learning about all the company-wide celebrations, including colleagues’ and companies’ top Moments that Matter.
  • Expanded Rewards Catalog – now offers even more rewarding options for employees, with a wide range of customizable products such as photo books, cards, calendars, prints, and other gifts, that employees can exchange for points and send to their peers, or even friends and family.
  • Recognition Calendar – JobPts users can also enjoy a brand new Recognition Calendar that features a list of employee appreciation days and other noteworthy events that serve to further engage employees and boost recognition practices.  

Nurture, Semos Cloud’s solution for Employee Communications, is updated with the following new capabilities:  

  • Total Rewards Portal – a new Total Rewards Portal summarizes the value of the organization’s Total Rewards offering and features an overview of employees’ Total Rewards benefits including compensation, benefits, pension, healthcare & insurance. 
  • Instant Communication via SMS – is a direct messaging in-app service that allows communicators to send important updates to every employee directly via SMS.  

Skills & Growth, Semos Cloud’s solution for identifying, reporting and running a skills strategy for companies unleashes its powerful AI model for detecting soft and hard skills.  

Semos Cloud Q1 2023 New Releases 

SMS Recognition Increases Reach to Deskless Employees – JobPts 

What desktop employees have been enjoying all along – public and timely displays of appreciation via recognition messages – finally reaches the deskless workforce. The latest SMS Recognition product innovation makes recognition programs equally available across the workforce.  

According to SAP’s white paper, employee experience for deskless workers needs immediate attention: “Only 41% of deskless workers agreed they were engaged, and only 55% indicated they were highly satisfied.” 

With recognition messages now sent to employees’ cell phones, we serve employees with meaningful recognition and celebration messages, regardless of where they work. Including all employees in company-wide appreciation programs increases belonging, purpose, engagement, and reduces attrition.  

Omnichannel Access for Users’ Benefit   

The new updates benefit the employees by recognizing their efforts, which influences their sense of purpose, engagement, and willingness to stay at a company, reducing the risk of replacing and training new employees. 

For admins, the Admin Center provides an SMS report that allows admins to track the successful deliveries of SMS recognition messages. Adding SMS as one more recognition channel makes deskless employees even more reachable, saving managers time.  

For example, suppose you’re a manager who wants a direct way to recognize a team of field employees for all their hard work to ensure constructions are completed on time. JobPts allows you to write recognition messages and reach all employees via SMS, making them enthusiastic and appreciative of the immediate recognition of their progress.   

Sending timely recognition messages may help bring a big project to the finishing line, increase safety, ease change management, or whatever company goal recognition initiatives serve.  

Recognition can support the implementation of new ways of working. During times of change, communicating company values with the public and timely appreciation is a great way to reinforce positive behaviors, and increase morale, belonging and connection.  

Sending recognition at strategically chosen moments, which are tied to specific professional or personal events further improves trust in an employer, bringing a host of other benefits including better engagement and productivity, program adoption and improved loyalty.   

Ivana Boshkovska, JobPts Product Owner at Semos Cloud, stated the following: “The new JobPts, Nurture and Skills updates are a testament to continuous innovation efforts by Semos Cloud professionals. SMS Recognition simplifies recognition practices to include all employees regardless of their place of work, maximizing the reach and impact of recognition programs across the workforce. And we’re the first ones to do it this way. We’re certain that SMS Recognition will serve our clients well because we’ve designed this product with the agenda most clients with deskless workforce face: how to engage and retain our top talent.”  

Celebration Page Upgrade – JobPts 

The Celebration page becomes the designated page for learning about all company-wide celebrations, including colleagues’ and companies’ top moments.  

The reworked Celebration page provides an interactive and engaged overview of the upcoming trending celebrations in the company, like anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, and so on, serving plenty of opportunities for employees and managers to congratulate each other.  

For managers, celebration pages help to stay on top of teams’ important events and remember to congratulate employees for their Moments that Matter.  

For employees, recognition also becomes faster since celebrations of team members are promoted, and they can quickly write a message. Employees can also create an event for a personal moment, like buying a new home, becoming parents, and so on.  

Expanded Rewards Catalog – JobPts 

The Rewards Catalog receives additional personalization options for employees with the goal to provide even more meaningful rewarding options: Personalized items.  

JobPts’ users can now enjoy a wide range of customizable, personalized items such as photo books, cards, calendars, prints, and other gifts that employees can exchange for points and send to their peers, or even friends and family.  

For example, an employee may use pictures they took from a teambuilding event with a coworker, put them on a mug to commemorate the happy moments together, and gift them to their peers for an anniversary, birthday, or holiday.  

With the personalized items, the Recognition and Rewards experience becomes even more memorable for employees, and increases feelings of belonging and connection with the organization.  

Recognition Calendar – JobPts 

A brand new Recognition Calendar supports internal marketing and features employee appreciation days and other noteworthy events that serve to further engage employees and boost recognition practices.  

The events on the calendar come with automated communication options, with each email containing a description of why that day is important, and an action call empowering the employee to access the recognition & rewards platform.   

The recognition calendar provides plenty of additional opportunities to keep recognition a common practice, encouraging employees to use the platform often. Communicators will send the pre-defined templates that can be branded and further embellished with companies’ logos, fonts and images. 

For example, employees will appreciate the opportunity to engage with their peers on events such as International Women’s Day, or Diwali.  

To create a strong employer brand that resonates with employees, companies can adapt the recognition calendar with events they consider important for their organization, for example, celebrating events that celebrate blue-collar workers (National Blue Collar Day), or women in STEM areas (International Day of Women and Girls in Science).  

A Personalized Benefits Experience: Total Rewards Portal – Nurture  

Semos Cloud’s solution for Employee Communications, Nurture, now gets a new Total Rewards Portal that features an overview of employees’ Total Rewards benefits including compensation, benefits, pension, healthcare & insurance.  

The TR portal is extremely powerful as it helps employees see the total worth of the employee value proposition. The Total Rewards portal allows each employee to access their personalized TR portal with the goal to provide more transparency and control over what employees get in exchange for their great work.  

Employees can thus gain access to the Recognitions page, where they can see the breakdown of all the monetary, non-monetary and service anniversary recognitions and personal engagement index. 

Additionally, employees can use the TR portal to read the Statements page – where they can find full quarterly or monthly Total Rewards statements, a Contacts page, where they can access all the important and relevant company links, FAQs and support contact.  

There’s also direct access to the Communications page, featuring personalized and relevant communications from HR teams across the entire year available, options to comment, provide feedback and answer surveys.  

Companies can work on improving DEI goals by using the TR portal to introduce a pay equity strategy in order to reduce the compensation gap. Additionally, use this portal to let employees know about any changes in the company rewards policy or even nudge them when tax submission deadlines are approaching.  

Since the TR portal can be accessed via cell phones, it supports the deskless workforce who are able to access the TR portal anytime and anywhere.  

Instant Communication via SMS – Nurture 

Nurture’s new functionality: Instant Communication via SMS allows communicators to send important updates to every employee directly – regardless of their work mode and location, including the office, on-site, deskless, on-the-go, remote, seasonal, part-time, full-time workers.  

It is possible to filter and select recipients directly from the Core HR System, upload a list or use both options. For urgent situations in which information needs to travel fast, communicators can save time by using in-built SMS templates that are ready to be used.   

Thanks to the integration with SuccessFactors – the right information reaches the right people on time, keeping the workforce aligned, agile and well-informed.  

Skills Updates for the New Ways of Working  

The latest upgrades to Semos Cloud’s solution for Skills and Growth help companies navigate the skills set of their workforce and plan for the future by making informed decisions about talent development and career advancement.  

The comprehensive AI-powered Skills Intelligence solution allows companies to quickly discover new upskilling and reskilling opportunities. The first Skills Intelligence solution built on SAP Business Technology Platform uses an AI model that can detect over 90 soft skills, including the 20 top-rated skills such as communication, cooperation, creative thinking, leadership, etc., and over 33,000 hard skills.  

Based on the content of recognition messages employees receive, the model detects and confirms soft and hard skills and employees have the option to confirm, suggest a new skill or reject the detected skill.   

Each confirmed skill shows as a badge, which employees can share on LinkedIn, to show their growth to their external professional networks.  

The Skills platform also features a rich analytics system, which admins, managers and users can access depending on their permission access. For example, it is possible to inspect hard and soft skills on an individual, team and company level, and analyze that data throughout a period of 30 days, 3 months or a year.  

An additional capability within the solution is the Skills Index, which is a graph that showcases the growth of skills on individual, team, and company levels through a given period.      

With the latest Skills upgrade, we help put employee growth in perspective, to help employees see the meaning and trajectory of their growth, while companies can leverage this employee data to identify skills gaps and reorganize to successfully tackle the market challenges. 

According to Saso Srbakov,  Semos Cloud’s Principal Product Manager:

“Companies have already started shifting from job-based cultures to skills-based cultures and taking a progressive strategic approach to planning the growth of their workforce. To help companies assess and run their skills strategy for the future of work, we’re happy to reveal our Skills solution with an integrated and pre-trained AI model based on NLP. Our Skills model provides detailed skills analytics for managers and organizations to help them identify where to allocate resources for training and development programs and ensure that employees have the necessary skills to succeed in their roles. We’re confident about the value our solution brings to clients and excited to watch it change their work environments for the better.”   

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