SAP Revamps its Rewards and Recognition Program SAP Appreciate 

After 6 years of successful use, it was time to introduce changes in SAP’s reward and recognition program, SAP Appreciate. Read on to find out what has changed.

August 1, 2022 By Ravijojla Novakovic Share on Twitter! Share on Facebook! Share on LinkedIn!

SAP and Semos Cloud have a long-lasting collaboration. SAP SE has been using Semos Cloud’s solution SAP Appreciate (JobPts) to improve the overall recognition program since 2016. In 2019, SAP also began using Semos Cloud’s other solution for internal communications, Nurture, tying up two excellent products to deliver a first-rate employee experience to SAP employees.  

In 6 years, more than 100 000 SAP employees have enrolled in the recognition and rewards program SAP Appreciate. Since then, SAP has experienced an improved and thriving culture that nourishes an “Attitude of Gratitude” and values its employees.  

After 6 years of successful use, the client wanted to spice things up a bit by introducing a few changes. The novelty was the app’s switch from grid to social feed home page view. As soon as employees open the app, they see a lively social feed filled with their colleagues‘ most recent recognitions. Employees can now see all the conversations in a transparent way, keeping them up to date with who recognizes whom, when, and why. This serves to build community, allows people a place to socialize, and builds trust, strengthening relationships among coworkers. The new update with the fresh look is brand-consistent and visually adjusted for better UX.  

The new program updates allow employees to send e-cards or attach images with messages adding a more personal touch to the recognition and further enhancing the employee experience.  

Semos Cloud applied a major overhaul to the underlying architecture of the SAP Appreciate application. The new application was built from scratch on top of the SAP Business Technology Platform using the latest HANA Cloud database service and using the Cloud Foundry environment instead of the previously used Neo environment. The goal was to follow tech trends and best practices by allowing the usage of modern cloud-native environment and programming languages. This change also required a complete remapping and migration of millions of transactions between the two systems. 

With the program renovation and the technology offering maximum information security and following the highest standards for data privacy and compliance, the employees can enjoy a seamless user experience without any disruptions.  

According to Aleksandra Mijovska, Semos Cloud’s Product Owner: “We’re proud of the successful implementation and seamless migration of millions of transactions from the old reward system to the new one. The most frequent challenges with endeavors like these are speed of delivery and the risk of data loss. With the project concluded, I’m happy to say we managed to deliver a complete migration without any data loss and without any delays. With these upgrades and the addition of new social home page and UX improvements, we ensured a smooth and exciting employee experience, which helps keep up a positive company culture.” 

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