Semos Cloud Enhances JobPts with Powerful New Features for Environmental Initiatives, Scheduled Recognition, and Culture Intelligence Dashboard 

Semos Cloud’s development teams bring innovations that fuel positive change as the new upgrades to R&R solution JobPts redefine global connections, environmental impact, and workplace culture.

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Lewisville, TX, July 19th, 2023  

We’re thrilled to announce innovative features designed to empower companies in their environmental and social initiatives, streamline recognition scheduling, and provide actionable insights through culture intelligence dashboard.  

 The latest enhancements to Semos Cloud’s R&R solution JobPts are poised to revolutionize the way organizations connect and engage employees globally and promote positive work environments.  

Powering Motivation with Environmental and Social Initiatives 

JobPts empowers companies to rally their employees around shared purposes and values by enabling a wider reach of earn-points campaigns, by allowing employees to share them on companies’ social wall.  These campaigns serve as a catalyst for encouraging and rewarding desired employee behaviors, including launching various activities, and fostering a positive work culture while driving meaningful change. 

Employees can earn reward points by supporting company-led initiatives. Imagine rewarding employees with points when they engage in volunteering or when they take up a CO2 reduction challenge, such as walking to work instead of using a car. 

Now, these campaigns can be effortlessly shared on the social wall, reaching a wider audience, and engaging more employees. This enables companies to align their campaigns with global sustainable development goals, reducing costs while making a significant organizational, social, and environmental impact. 

Companies nowadays try to cut costs but still position themselves as socially aware, valuing their workforce, and offering high-personalization benefit options for their employees.  

For example, a company interested in offering its employees sustainability benefits takes action on equal access to education and gender equality by launching an earn-points campaign. Targeting female employees, this initiative fosters skill enhancement, development, and inclusivity, leading to increased engagement and growth. Leveraging the JobPts Platform’s Social Wall, the company achieves improved mobility, employer brand, retention, and cost savings. 

Scheduled Recognition to Always be On Time for Moments that Matter

Understanding the importance of timely recognition, Semos Cloud introduces a scheduling feature that ensures employees never miss important Moments that Matter.    

The ability to schedule recognition messages enables individuals to proactively plan and send acknowledgments to their peers, boosting motivation and reinforcing positive workplace relationships.  

Managers can take advantage of this feature to schedule recognition for upcoming occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, project completions, or sales quarter milestones. The ease and flexibility of this platform functionality also allow for scheduling bulk recognitions, enabling appreciation for entire teams or departments. 

Here is a real-life example of how scheduled recognition becomes a handy addition to a company’s recognition practices. As the sales quarter ends, managers can schedule bulk recognitions to express gratitude and reward Sales Executives for their dedication.  

By having the option to schedule recognition messages ahead of time, employees can govern their time more wisely, and have their peers receive timely recognition that fuels motivation, value, and appreciation. This fosters a positive work environment, heightens productivity, and strengthens engagement across the team.  

Culture Intelligence Dashboard for Insight-Driven Decisions

Culture Intelligence Dashboard empowers companies with comprehensive insights into the pulse of the company culture and recognition program effectiveness. The dashboard provides a holistic view of critical metrics such as employee tenure, retention, approval efficiency, DEI, and engagement, offering actionable data-driven insights for informed decision-making and future planning. 

The Overview Dashboard empowers managers and administrators to spot trends in workforce behavior and receive alerts and recommendations for immediate action. 

  • The Employee Tenure tab reveals key metrics related to employee longevity within the organization, enabling a better understanding of employee retention, turnover, and job satisfaction. It highlights the most and least recognized employees across different tenure groups, along with a heat map displaying the correlation of recognitions with employee tenure and organizational units.
  • The Employee Retention tab tracks metrics related to retention, such as turnover rate, helping organizations identify areas for improvement. It provides insights into employee and manager engagement across different departments, and specifically identifies turnover rates per employee tenure groups, shedding light on the impact of engagement levels on employee retention.
  • The Diversity and Inclusivity tab offers metrics related to workforce diversity and inclusion efforts, providing visibility into engagement and rewards distribution across demographic groups. 
  • Engagement Insights provides a comprehensive overview of employee engagement and recognition activities. This chart captures various aspects of employee recognition, including senders and recipients, and identifies those who may need more encouragement to participate, enabling HR leaders to make informed decisions about pressing matters such as workforce optimization.

Revolutionize Workplace Efficiency and Boost Engagement with Culture Intelligence Dashboard Reports 

The Approvals Efficiency report unveils insights on sluggish approval processes. Armed with this knowledge, companies can take proactive steps, such as streamlining approval periods or refining program structures, to enhance approval efficiency and maximize platform engagement and usability. 

Furthermore, the Engagement reports shed light on a critical correlation: disengaged employees are more likely to leave the company. To combat this, organizations can proactively engage employees by regularly nudging them and fostering a sense of connection through recognition. By increasing engagement, companies can significantly improve employee retention, saving valuable resources associated with hiring and onboarding new talent, which typically incurs a 20% higher cost. 

Moreover, the DEI reports reveal disparities in recognition distribution, with fewer recognitions being sent to female employees and higher rates of male-to-male recognitions. To foster diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), companies can introduce company-wide appreciation days that specifically celebrate and recognize the contributions of female workers. This proactive measure ensures a more inclusive and appreciative environment, leaving female employees feeling valued, connected, and included. 

According to Ivana Boshkovska, Semos Cloud’s Product Owner:

“Equipped with scheduled recognition, culture intelligence dashboard, and environmental and social initiatives, JobPts benefits employees and companies alike, and keeps them connected, engaged and thriving, fostering a culture of inclusion, connection, motivation, and engagement. Our mission is to help companies future-proof their HR operations with seamless integrations, supreme security standards, high responsiveness to HR tech trends, and solutions that cater to leaders of successful enterprises. With the new upgrades, organizations can expect to reap rewards such as an improved employer brand, heightened retention rates, increased engagement levels, and significant cost savings.”  

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