Semos Cloud Launches its Communications and Enablement Platform on SuccessConnect EMEA

Semos Cloud is excited to bring its Communications and Enablement platform to the Success Connect series in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The platform enables SAP® customers and prospects to unleash their full potential by nurturing a culture of employee communication and journeys.

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Semos Cloud resumes presenting its product innovations on the SuccessConnect conference series to HR industry experts and business leaders. Join the SuccessConnect Product Showroom for the EMEA edition of this premier HR event of the year on October 20. Attendees will have a chance to understand how the Communications and Enablement platform helps strengthen the employee experience in the entire organization.

SAP customers and prospects will have a unique opportunity to learn about Nurture and BoardFlo, and how SAP uses them to keep employees informed, aligned, and engaged. These products combined can enable organizations to communicate and guide employees on important topics and journeys, reinforcing inclusive remote work in times of pandemic.

Nurture is an employee communications product built for business communicators to empower their workplaces, send communication to numerous stakeholders, and keep employees updated with important company and organization news. “My vision of making communications more consumable, memorable, measurable, and innovative came true thanks to the close partnership between SAP & Semos Cloud.

With Nurture, we simplified the whole HR Comms process, from editing to sending communications; everything is happening there. Another tremendous achievement in putting our customers at the center of everything we do.” says Ann Miller-Rauch, VP Global HR Communications SAP.

Semos Cloud co-innovated this product with SAP to streamline internal communications processes and workflows, from creating to sending a communication. Nurture is also helping SAP to consolidate all communication needs from many departments and groups on a single product, while supporting them with decentralized spaces for each group to own and manage their communications end-to-end. It enables communicators in those groups to:

  • create inspiring and branded internal campaigns
  • segment internal audiences
  • deliver targeted and personalized internal communications
  • understand employees’ engagement, with internal communications campaigns and
  • easily collaborate with other internal communication teams.

The end of year roadmap includes the launch of the end-user app aggregating all corporate communications in a single view, also accessible and integrated with the new SuccessFactors homepage, with the new product SAP Work Zone, and with Microsoft Teams.

Nurture pairs with BoardFlo in enabling the employees to take action on this all-in-one Communications and Enablement platform. With BoardFlo, an innovative Employee Journey Management solution, employers can deliver tailored employee experiences and drive progress with customized paths and journeys. Such hyper-personalized experiences guide the employees through important transitions and critical moments during their entire employment. Using journeys, anyone can easily create and surface actions and enablement to users, while the highly integrated digital experience fuels employees’ success, engagement, and alignment at work. Using profound design and visually aesthetic interface, BoardFlo keeps information and tasks organized, guides employees on their paths, and provides managers and HR insights via the journey metrics and reports.

Semos Cloud invites SAP SuccessFactors customers worldwide to use this opportunity, check their resources, and connect with the team on the SuccessConnect Virtual partner space*. SuccessConnect EMEA helps customers experience wins that boost productivity, confidence, and engagement. By offering live and “simu-live” elements, it gives attendees an exciting, interactive experience.

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