Semos Cloud Announces What’s New for JobPts

Semos Cloud, the provider of HR technology that helps enterprises supercharge their employee experience and activate their company culture, announces the release of several new feature updates for their flagship Recognition and Reward (R&R) solution, JobPts.

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People-centered enterprises rely on the best HR tech to express recognition and reward their hard-working employees. From December, Semos Cloud rolled out as many as four different feature updates that JobPts users will benefit from immediately and enterprises can incorporate into their existing R&R practices. 

What’s new for JobPts?

Starting with the reward catalog, JobPts users can now enjoy a brand new catalog design that mirrors the best-looking eCommerce websites. Now, the catalog previews the top sellers, promotes featured products, and suggests other products that are relevant to the user’s interests and reward preferences. With the slick new design, employees will have an enhanced reward-redeeming experience similar to shopping online, so they can enjoy spending their well-earned reward points even more.

The second update is the enabled side panel customization capability. JobPts users can now customize the side panel for the platform’s social feed via the Admin Center. This action can be completed simply by adding, removing, or editing different panel elements, such as interactive tiles, sliders, grid menus, and other elements.

The third significant update is the enhanced access to the Culture Profiles feature. Users can now access it via the interactive hello widget placed directly on the JobPts homepage.  Easier access allows users to quickly spot new cultural trends across their own, or other departments and see which values are trending among their colleagues. The department-level perspective reveals the top recognitions given to their peers and correlates them to defined company values. The culture statistics reveal personal contribution scores, top receivers, and senders of value-based recognitions. This feature also works in hand with dynamic teams, which are defined as groups of employees paired to complete specific projects that require cross-department collaboration. Users can quickly create dynamic teams within JobPts, and use Culture Profiles to evaluate cultural trends within newly-formed teams and follow up on sent recognitions.

Finally, the Favicon Business Branding feature allows companies to add their logo and branding to the favicon, to add more consistency and brand presence on the platform. For instance, when JobPts users download the mobile app, they can see the company logo and instantly familiarize themselves with the app.

Since all Semos Cloud products are built with the same technology, the widget, favicon and advanced side panel customization updates are applicable for other Employee Experience modules, such as Wellbeing and Feedback.

Use Cases for the Features’ Updates

Enhanced Reward Catalog Design

Imagine a productive employee who earned 100 reward points throughout the year and is indecisive on how they should be spent. An inferior R&R platform would’ve shown a poorly designed reward catalog with exaggerated markup prices and a confusing point recognition system. Now, imagine the opposite side of the spectrum.

new reward catalog

The JobPts platform has an outstanding reward catalog design that feels familiar and intuitive like any other landmark eCommerce website. Employees do not feel overwhelmed when browsing through products, because of the top sellers and featured products are highlighted on the catalog landing page, alongside products that are actually relevant to the preferences of the employee.

In addition, the 1 reward point = $1 policy makes it easy for employees to understand the value of their reward points and the products they are redeeming.

Advanced Side Panel Customization  

If the company wants to add a personal flair to the side panel and add more elements, they only have to access the admin center with several clicks and make the changes that suit them best independently, without having to send customization requests to the customer success team.

side panel

Other JobPts users will quickly notice the changes and won’t have to wait for updates to get the most out of the side panel user experience and navigation. 

Culture Profiles Access

Managers understand the necessity of being actively involved in company culture. By having easy access to Culture Profiles, they can easily see how recognitions connect to the overall company and what impact they have on their teams or departments.

culture profiles

In addition, managers can use this feature prior to departmental all-hands meetings or feedback and performance reviews with workers and have a data-backed perspective of how their organization, teams and individuals have contributed to the company culture with the recognition they’ve sent and received from their colleagues. 

Favicon Business Branding

HR and culture-dedicated company teams can add the company brand to the favicon to change the internal name of the JobPts platform. They can name their version of JobPts in any way that connects to their values and brand.

side panel

For instance, from JobPts to Appreciate and Recognize. The R&R platform will function as an internal social media platform for the company and empower its workers to connect and foster a sense of belonging. 

Following the new updates for JobPts, the Product Owner, Ivana Boshkovska commented:

“The act of recognizing others and being recognized and rewarded for your hard efforts is an instrumental part of the employee experience. We’re seeing so much movement on JobPts where global workers keep showing amazing acts of appreciation to each other. With 4 new updates on JobPts being released this December, we can guarantee their JobPts experience will be even more stellar, and just in time for the holidays which, as we all know, is a very special, people-centered time of the year. Honestly, I can’t wait to see the impact of these updates on our clients’ R&R practices.” 

About Semos Cloud

Semos Cloud is an HR technology firm that provides an Employee Experience platform fully integrated with SAP® system technology, including SuccessFactors® product suite solutions and Oracle, Microsoft Teams, and others. Their solutions for employee recognition, feedback management, health and wellness, internal employee communication, and employee journeys are reshaping the experiences of millions of employees across the globe.