Semos Cloud’s New Look – Why now?

A couple of weeks ago, Semos Cloud went live with a brand new visual identity. The formal, corporate, and soothing blue and gray were replaced with vibrant violet, azure-blue and peppermint tones.  We’ve introduced this change to expand our offer from a product vendor to an all-in-one solution provider.  A change that we decided on to represent the company’s new offering and focus.

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Semos Cloud established itself as a leading product vendor, bringing configurable solutions to market. Solutions that improve Employee Experience and make the best out of company culture. That hasn’t changed. As a solution provider, Semos Cloud has the most configurable software and highly specialized teams to ensure that your chosen solutions fit your culture like a glove.

The change came from new learning, though. Our customers are people-centred companies among the Fortune 1000. Major enterprises that put their people first don’t want just a vendor. They want a partner, a collaborator, and an advisor. It is a role that we fulfill but have never openly promoted.

Professional services under the spotlight

We also presented our redesigned solutions and services offering with the new branding. The clients our customer-facing team regularly checks up on shared a few laughs when presented with “new services”. They’ve already seen them, used them, and loved them. It was about time to move our professional services from a surprising element to a vital part of our offer. 

At Semos Cloud, we invest heavily in getting the top talents and educating them to fit clients’ needs. In our team, you will find plenty of college lecturers, educators, Ph.D. graduates,  candidates, and seasoned professionals who have spent decades in the EX industry. The team’s collective knowledge enabled us to focus on the entire customer experience. Starting with program design, change management, and IT architecture, all the way to the more hands-on approach to onboarding, training sessions, and support. Our team has always been people-first, and it was time for our brand and our offer to follow suit.

The four product pillars

On the solutions side, we made changes as well. We’re still a product company—with high-quality software products at that. But it was time for us to frame a story around the products. The beauty of HR Tech is the role our solutions serve. They help people do better and feel better about their jobs. Listing out more than 6 product names didn’t tell the entire story of what we do.

I’m proud to say that our solutions boost culture. They improve employee communications. They help with employee wellbeing. And they grow their skills. The four main pillars of our offer help enterprises provide the best Employee Experience throughout an employee’s journey.

The four pillars allow full company dedication to an individual, a team, or the entire collective. They help employees grow, enable a culture of gratitude and appreciation, make every voice and message heard, and promote wellbeing not as a buzzword but as an integral part of work. These tools help to make the future of work better.

Driving industry change

HR technology is an ever-growing market, predicted to grow from $24.04 billion in 2021 to $35.68 billion in 2028. The rapid market growth directly shows the evolving business practices around the future of work. The pandemic sped up trends already set in motion years earlier by the tech sector. Working from anywhere, working at your own pace, and an employee market are just a few of the benefits that used to be nice but are now expected. The shift put HR Technologies in an excellent spot to help companies transform and support employees. Nice-to-have technologies become necessities.

Semos Cloud has already established its culture and philosophy of positive employee experience, supporting and helping achieve company business goals. This statement was proven true as the world slowly opened up to the new employee-centred initiatives and standards. As research shows, happy employees are more productive, also making companies with better employee experience more profitable

Semos Cloud’s proven the expertise to create, drive, and manage various EX programs for companies like SAP, Coca-Cola, Edrington, MAPFRE, and many others. With the new visual identity and publicized service offering, we are prepared to undertake new challenges and continue doing what we do best – creating thriving cultures for our clients.