The Skills & Growth Platform Now Available at the SAP Store

Semos Cloud announces that its latest employee talent intelligence platform Skills & Growth has been added to the SAP store, alongside the rest of its EX tech suite.

May 15, 2023 By Ivo Jurcic Share on Twitter! Share on Facebook! Share on LinkedIn!

Semos Cloud, a global provider of HR solutions that help enterprises transform their culture and create an excellent employee experience, is thrilled to announce that its latest solution, Skills & Growth, has been added to the SAP Store alongside the rest of its product suite, which includes JobPts, Nurture, and Wellbeing. 

Lewisville, TX — May 16th, 2023. 

Today, executives across all industries have recognized that a skills deficit is a global workforce challenge that’s becoming more difficult as more skilled employees retire or depart from the company. 

Developing talent and understanding the current skills of individual employees is central to the success of the workforce and the organization as a whole. 

Skills & Growth is an enterprise-ready talent intelligence platform that helps companies track the skills of employees and prepare for future workforce needs. It’s the first solution of its kind to ever be built on SAP BTP technology. 

Skills leverages AI models and machine learning to process over 33 000 hard skills and over 90 soft skills (including 20 top-rated skills like communication and creative thinking, providing powerful and actionable insights for the company’s HR team). 

The platform can detect and confirm skills based on the recognition messages received by employees and the surrounding context. Employees receive badges for every confirmed skill that they can repost on their social media channels. 

Depending on their assigned role, users can access skills analytics to evaluate hard and soft skills per employee. 

Admins can access the Skills Index Graph to showcase the growth of skills on individual, team, and company levels through a given time period. 

Explore the Skills Platform on the SAP store by following the link.

Semos Cloud’s Principal Product Manager, Saso Srbakov comments on the new Skills & Growth Platform: “For a while now, we’ve been looking for ways to help companies track and manage skills and solve skill gaps. We worked on the idea of creating a skills management tool that innovatively solves several skills management problems. Our system gathers information from peer-to-peer or top-down recognition messages, and now we’re thrilled to see our skills intelligence platform ready to help our clients. Skills & Growth empowers organizations to create more opportunities for harnessing the full potential of their employees while positively influencing the company culture and keeping their employees engaged and agile.”  

About Semos Cloud 

Semos Cloud is an HR technology firm that provides an Employee Experience platform fully integrated with SAP® system technology, including SuccessFactors® product suite solutions. Its solutions for employee recognition, feedback management, health and wellness, internal employee communication, and employee journeys are reshaping the experiences of millions of employees across the globe. With the arrival of Skills & Growth, enterprises can now create a skills taxonomy and develop internal labor markets.