How To Get Started With Your Digital Recruitment Strategy 

Your company’s digital recruitment strategy should be at the top of its game. Find out how to adjust it to get the best candidates.

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Digital recruitment strategy is taking over its non-digital counterpart. Most successful corporates, agencies, and business have long shifted their traditional recruitment strategies to technology-oriented path. And if your organization has not started leveraging the benefits of digital recruitment process, it is time to rethink and reorganize. 

According to 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, 70% of the recruiters stated that talent acquisition is a major problem and it is going to remain so in 2019. The report also says that ineffective recruiting technology and creating an appealing job offer are some of the reasons that lead to a challenging recruitment process. 

💿 Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of hiring remote, which accentuates the use of the right technology. 

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Thereforethe use of technology in recruitment is rising and recruiters are going to use it more in the coming years. Most of HR Professionals expect technology to play an increasing role in recruiting activities in the next three years, with 87% expecting the increase in the role of technology for sourcing, 83% for screening and 75% for candidate assessment. 

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Going forward, we will explain more about digital recruitment and help you incorporate the best strategies so that you can reap the benefits of your digital recruitment strategy. 

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What is Digital Recruitment 

In a nutshell, digital recruitment is a holistic approach that leverages technology to help recruiters complete the cycle of recruitment. Starting from advertising to attracting the right talent for the job, from screening to conducting assessments and hiring, are all parts of digital recruitment methods.  

Recruiters use various digital platforms for this purpose- social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, jobs and career portals, company websites and so on. Although organizations are already using one or more ways of digital recruitment methods, they are facing various challenges to make the most of it. 

That is why, corporates and agencies need to create a strong and effective digital recruitment strategy that would save time and resources, and at the same time, help find the best talent.  

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Steps to Strengthen Your Digital Recruitment Strategy 

There are several ways to improve your digital recruitment strategy, and one of the best ways to keep it efficient is to remain data-driven and persistent. Consider these steps to improve your digital recruitment strategy and get the best candidates on the market. 

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1. Analyze your company’s recruitment data 

It is a good idea to analyze your company’s existing digital recruitment strategies and performance. In order to do this, collect information about sourcing platforms and other tools and technologies your company currently uses. 

 2. Conduct a competitor analysis

How about comparing your organization’s recruitment strategies with your competitors? To pull this out easily, you can apply for jobs in your competitors’ sites and see how they execute the whole process from an applicant’s point of view. 

3. Meet your recruitment team

Ask your in-house recruiting team or recruitment agency team about how they write the job description, the screening process, what tools they use for assessing candidates, and how they interact with candidates. And most importantly, find out whether they keep track of the work in a unified platform for later use. This will help you get to know the current state of your digital recruitment strategy. 

4. Do a candidate source research

To build more effective digital recruitment strategy, you need to ensure your job advertisements are noticed by applicants. There is no point in posting jobs at those sites where number of visits by jobseekers is less. At the same time, you must also see your recruiting team are active on social sites, job boards or third channels where you get your applicants from. 

5. Connect with peers and colleagues 

The more you interact with your colleagues from similar fields and build relationships with people in the similar field, the better you become when it comes to digital recruitment strategies. You can also search online and follow successful recruiters, seek advice from them, and share ideas.

6. Reward employee referrals

Employee referrals are good for business. It is a known phenomenon that high-performers always refer other high-performers. So, create an employee referral program that is central to employee recognition 

employee motivation

Use employee recognition technology to let your employees know that their efforts are appreciated and their contributions are valued. And by incentivizing your employees for their referrals, you are not only attracting top talent, you are also retaining your top performers and boosting employee morale for better productivity.  

How To Make The Most Of Your Digital Recruitment Campaign 

Once you have the data from the previous steps, you would be in a better position to apply best strategies into your digital recruitment activity. To be able to fully utilize digital recruitment process, focus on the following key areas.

1. Create mobile-friendly website and careers page

Do you know more number of job seekers are using their mobile phones instead of a computer to apply for jobs? According to Economic Research report published by Glassdoor58% of users use their smartphones for job search. And that is why, you need to create a responsive website and its careers page with a mobile-friendly UX design. This will increase the number of applicants, as per Glassdoor research team. 

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2. Go social

Going social is not a matter of choice, the question is how you can do it better than others. If you stick to posting job advertisements to your website and job portals and not on social media, your chances of finding the right talent is far less that you can imagine. Post jobs with attractive, accurate and creative description on social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. According to Robert Walters Whitepaper, 54.1% of applicants check professional social sites for career opportunities. 

3. Customize recruitment plan

You need to customize your recruitment plans keeping the organization goals and objectives in mind. There are thousands of different methods to use when it comes to digital recruitment but not all are suitable for your company. You should be in a position to determine what strategy works best for your organization and go with it.  

💿 Use BoardFlo, a Kanban style collaboration tool, to create your digital recruitment strategy with your co-workers’ input. 

4. Aim for a better candidate experience

The role of HR recruiter has shifted from traditional paperwork and manual interview process to more progressive roles. Recruiting agencies, human resource managers and organizations are now leveraging the power of technology to give their candidates a better experience. Your organization can use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline the entire process. This will save your organization its valuable time and from huge expenses. 

The Future of Digital Recruitment Strategy 

Digital technology is already reshaping the recruitment process. It is meant to empower recruiters by bringing in more transparency into the whole system. 

As we have seen, research shows that the role of technology will grow in all aspects of recruitment. This is great, as it will ensure that the first step of your future employees’ experience is positive. 

With the changes that COVID-19 brought, we ought to see companies switching to search for remote workers, which will surely accentuate the role of technology even more. 

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