Webinar: 14 Ways to Engage Your Employees on Appreciation Day

Learn how to drive an irresistible employee experience that drastically reduces turnover and increases engagement.

February 6, 2023 By Jana Velevska Share on Twitter! Share on Facebook! Share on LinkedIn!

We are thrilled to share our on-demand webinar ’14 Ways to Engage Your Employees on Appreciation Day!

Employee appreciation has a direct relation to turnover, engagement and productivity. Happy employees are reported to be 31% more productive, if recognized, they are 63% more likely to stay in the company for the following 3-6 months, and 58% of employees reported they would engage more if recognized by company leadership.

68% of HR Professionals say that employee recognition programs positively affect employee retention.

Still, it takes a lot to introduce a recognition program that is engaging, that feels fair and that does not become a chore for employees and managers alike.

During this webinar, we present the best practices that ensure just that. Easily applicable ideas to use for the Employee Appreciation Day, but also any other occasion that makes sense for your particular situation.

Stefan Georgievski and Ivana Temelkova discuss the ways to introduce a recognition program, fun ways to recognize employees top-down or peer-to-peer, reasons the rewards budget pays off faster than a standard compensation and action steps you may take to help employees feel better.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

🔹 Ways to celebrate appreciation days
🔹 Other popular events that can be celebrated across the company
🔹 Difference between and benefits of monetary and non-monetary recognitions
🔹 Promoting the recognition program to ensure its adoption.