Webinar: Trending in HR Tech: Connecting Employee Experience and Organizational Agility

Do you find it challenging to use HR technologies to enhance organizational agility and employee experience? Take it from a proven industry expert and learn how to introduce positive change to your organization in this exciting, new webinar.

August 12, 2022 By Jana Velevska Share on Twitter! Share on Facebook! Share on LinkedIn!

We are happy to announce our webinar Trending in HR Tech: Connecting Employee Experience and Organizational Agility!

The webinar features Steve Goldberg, ‪HR process & tech leader at 5 fortune 500’s, strategy/marketing executive, and HCM analyst/advisor.

Steve Goldberg’s 30+ year career on all sides of HR process & technology includes HR exec roles on 3 continents (reporting to internal board members and overseeing a broad HCM portfolio), serving as HCM product strategy leader and primary spokesperson at PeopleSoft, and co-founding boutique Recruiting Tech and Change Management firms.

Since 2006, Steve has been advising and delivering thought leadership around HCM solutions and has served as HCM practice leader at both Bersin and Ventana Research. He’s currently operating as an independent HR Tech industry advisor and Board Advisor.

Steve holds an MBA in HR and BBA in Industrial Psychology, is widely published and has been a feature speaker around the globe. He’s been recognized as a Top 100 HRTech Influencer.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

🔷 develop an agile organization and what tools you need to do it.
🔷 improve employee experience and secure your organization’s talents.
🔷 reassure your workforce that agile is not the opposite of stable.

Make a small step to introduce positive changes to your organization by signing up for this webinar.

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