20+ Workplace Management Tools Employers Should Use During COVID-19

These workplace management tools can help you maintain the work atmosphere for your employees during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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workplace management during COVID-19
online workplace management

The nature of workplace management has changed. The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused world-wide adjustments in how businesses are run, and isolation and minimizing social contact became the most important instruction to follow, many employees had to start working from home.  

In case some of your employees are still physically coming to office, check out these instructions for workplace safety during COVID-19 outbreak by the World Health Organization. 

At the same time, the challenge of workforce management has been increasing. In this article, we will show how to ease the switch to online workplace management during the COVID-19. 

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COVID-19 Tips for Employees

The Shift Towards Online Workplace Management 

The shift towards working away from the office during the COVID-19 outbreak has brought many changes in workplace management. HR professionals must work jointly with employees to optimize everybody’s workplace – which is now their homes. 

For some companies that already had more flexible work location arrangements, this shift has proved to be less challenging than for those without them. However, the mandatory isolation is a useful exercise for everybody since remote work is growing in its popularity 

According to research, astonishing 99% of employees want to work remotely at least some of the time. Furthermore, 56% of companies worldwide allow remote work. Therefore, online workplace management will become necessary for keeping the productive work atmosphere in the years to come. 

remote work statistics

The Role of Workplace Management Tech During COVID-19  

The shift towards remote work poses a significant disruption in worklife balance of many employees Still, there are a few ways you can help your employees to perform their work smoothly in a changed environment.  

In general, workplace management tech can help you overcome many challenges your employees are facing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of the most common challenges of remote work include lack of communication with coworkers. However, the nature of this challenging period also calls for regular check-ins with your employees in a form of surveys and companywide updates. 

Furthermore, it is more important than ever to maintain employee appreciation practices and give regular employee feedback. This will allow your employees to focus and be more productive, which is something most employees struggle with while working remotely. 

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Workplace Management Tools Employers Should Implement During COVID-19 

Apart from tech that can help you maintain the desired level of communication between employees, there are workplace management tools you can use to overcome other challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

In the section below you can find information on useful workplace management tech and how they can help you resolve specific problems you are currently facing. 

Employee Communication Software  

There are several communication directions you will want to cover to successfully adjust to online working environment during the COVID-19. First, you want your employees to be able to communicate quickly and openly with each other. For this, chat tools such as Slack are a great choice to consider. 

Second, you may want to implement an Internal Communications tool that will allow you to send out companywide updates, such as conveying messages from public health authorities or announcing new work policies. This can easily be done with Nurture. Besides its suitability for leaders and managers across departments, it allows instant delivery of crisis communication messages to the entire workplace. 

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Video Conferencing Software 

Video conferencing software surely became one of the most used workplace management solutions these days. There are several video conferencing providers that will allow your employees to conduct effective meetings and presentations. One of the most famous platforms is certainly Skype, although Zoom has been increasingly popular.  

If your company already has Google Suite in place, you are probably able to use Hangouts Meet. All of the mentioned platforms are easy to use, so your choice will probably lay with the one that offers more value for your employees and their specific needs, such as video recording or the cost of the software for your company. 

Employee Recognition Software 

Employee recognition has proven to be a successful motivator, with 78% of employees saying that being recognized motivates them at their job. 

employee recognition

The importance of employee recognition is more important than ever during the COVID-19 outbreak. By appreciating your employees’ essential input during these uncertain times, you will inspire them to work hard and provide moral support. You can show your support and thankfulness by sending employee appreciation emails. 

Besides enabling positive company culture, employee recognition platform such as JobPts allow you to motivate your employees to stay compliant with special company policies during the COVID-19. 

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Employee Collaboration and Project Management Software 

One of the staples of workplace management is alignment of coworkers’ daily tasks. A vast majority of 97% workers believe that lack of alignment impacts the outcome of a project. 

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To keep your projects running smoothly, you can use project management software in Kanban board style. It will allow you a visual breakdown of specific tasks related to your project. 

Since project management styles differ, it would be easiest for you to adopt an intuitive software that is also editable. For example, you can try out BoardFlo if you are looking for an easy-to-use program you can adapt to your own needs. 

Employee Survey Software 

Employee Surveys present a powerful way of checking your employees’ pulse, and they are more essential than ever now during the COVID-19 outbreak. Tool such as SurveyRocks can be especially useful for surveying purposes because it also allows you to get detailed reports. 

Checking in with your employees can allow you to inspect if your employees know about the most important precautions the health officials are promoting. Also, you can find out how your employees are coping with their work and lifestyle changes, which will enable you to respond adequately. 

⛑️ Here you can find 5 surveys you can send out to your employees during COVID-19. 


Employee Feedback Software 

Continuous employee feedback increases job satisfaction for 68% of employees, it boosts productivity and facilitates a better relationship with managers and higher-ups. 

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Employee feedback software that allows peer-to-peer feedback, such as FeedBck, can be a highly useful addition to your remote work software suite. It will allow managers to rate their employees performance in a changed environment. Also, it will allow employees to evaluate each other’s input and produce successful projects while working physically apart. 

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Video Recruitment Software 

Your recruitment pipeline does not have to suffer during the COVID-19 lockdown thanks to video recruitment software. Companies such as SparkHireHireVue and Skeeled provide great solutions you can use to painlessly interview your candidates from the comfort of your home. 

Online Candidate Assessment Software 

Using online assessment platforms can provide your candidates a great experience. Additionally, candidates can solve the assessment tests from the comfort of their home and at the time that suits them best. 

One of the most popular online assessment software providers is eSkill, which provides over 600 standardized tests. Furthermore, Devskiller offers developer screening and online interviews in one platform. Another great option is The Hire Talent. 

Employee Health and Wellbening Software 

It goes without saying that keeping your employees healthy, both physically and mentally, should be one of your company’s main priorities during the COVID-19 outbreak. Job is a main stressor for 25% employees during regular times, and now this stress is multiplied by uncertainty and changed work conditions. 

employee wellbeing

Therefore, one of the most important technologies you can add to your workplace management suite is employee health and wellbeing software. Apps such as Healthain can help you develop a wellbeing culture, lower absenteeism, and most importantly – improve your employees morale during these challenging times. 

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HRIS Software 

comprehensive HRIS software is essential for large companies, but smaller ones can also profit from using one. Depending on its exact functions and add-ons, you can use its powerful analytics to check what is going on with your employees and act accordingly. 

As mentioned before, providing support to your employees, and making sure they are compliant with your company’s health policies, is surely your number one priority right now. Therefore, if you work at a larger organization, check SuccessFactors solution to employee data management. On the other hand, BambooHR is a great HRIS option for small and mid-sized businesses. 

Project and Time Management

To better understand your remote employees’ productivity and time management, time management software solutions can be very helpful. Such tools can help teams and managers track their employees’ progress on certain projects and daily tasks.

If you are looking for such a workplace management tool, try our Clockify.

How Companies Are Using Our Employee Success Suite During the COVID-19 

We are currently helping our customers deal with COVID-19 by providing them materials and ideas on how to use our apps to ensure their employees’ safety, workplace health policies compliance, employee wellbeing and moral support. 

Our workplace management apps can be used in top-down approach – for example, company officials can send companywide messages about new health measures. Apart from that, our apps can be used in peer-to-peer fashion to support solidarity and learning among coworkers. 


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