Get the Stakeholders’ Buy-In by Improving Internal Communications

Get your employees’ buy-in by listening to their feedback and launching engaging internal communications and marketing campaigns about your new employee recognition initiatives.

Show Empathy by Encouraging Your Employees’ Share of Voice 

Engage your employees in creating and improving your employee recognition programs. Send company-wide surveys, or surveys for specific locations, departments, and individuals to get feedback about your existing initiatives or recommendations for future improvements

Enable your employees’ to share their voice! 

Promote Internally to Various Stakeholders

Align your entire workplace by creating engaging internal communications and marketing campaigns to different stakeholders within your organization.

Build internal awareness among the managers, leaders, and employees in order to get their buy-in and encourage them to participate in the employee recognition programs. 

Deliver Creative Campaigns to Keep Your Employees Active 

Create & Collaborate
Personalize & Deliver
Measure & Improve

Create beautiful, interactive newsletter campaigns in collaboration with your internal communications, human resources teams, and managers.

Build reusable templates that match your corporate branding guidelines and awaken emotional experience among your employees.  

JobPts rewards distribution

Build internal audiences based on office locations, job positions, departments, and other categories existing within your HRIS. 

Build your communication campaigns based on those parameters in order to personalize the message and get more engagement and readership.  

Measure the success of your internal communication campaigns around employee recognition to better understand your employees’ engagement with your employee recognition initiatives. 

Based on data, you can easily adjust your efforts for better business results.  

Act Upon Feedback and Data 

Leverage employee surveys and data from your internal communications campaigns to make data-driven decisions for improvement

Use our AI-powered insights to adjust your recognition programs and internal communications efforts in order to continuously drive higher user engagement, experience, and, ultimately, achieve higher ROIs.  



Words from Our Customers and HR Analysts

“Great tool to cultivate appreciation and positive team culture! I love how this tools works – it is a great to way to say thank you and to let managers know about their team member’s contributions. Very easy to use. It’s important that I can send appreciation as soon as I think about sending it.”

Tomoko Sugiyama, Senior Customer Engagement Executive at SAP

OMW is JobPts customer
“A few clicks here, a few clicks there and anyone in the company can recognize a colleague for doing a great job, for being a great team-player and much more. From a ‘features’ point of view, I do think that both the tool and Semos team are doing their best to accommodate the client’s requests.”

Petre Florian Gridan, HRIS System Administrator at OMV

“Semos Cloud understood early on in the digital transformation movement the importance of adding direct support for the employee experience to the HR professional’s toolkit.”

Joshua Greenbaum, Principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting

SAP is JobPts customer
“With JobPts, we simplified and sychronized our recognition landscape saving IT but also administration resources a lot. Recognition is a very important topic nowadays as we see on our site. The JobPts tool is one of our highest rated HR services in our company what speaks for itself.”

Maike Kunz, Total Rewards Senior Consultant, SAP


Internal Communications Plan for Employee Recognition Programs

One of the biggest prerequisites of every successful employee recognition and rewards program is proper workplace communication.

Get our free resources for building a successful employee recognition communication plan.

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JobPts is a leader in Enterprise Employee Recognition on G2

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