Program Manuals I want to create a nomination system for our global CEO awards

I want to create a nomination system for our global CEO awards

Author: Jana Velevska Last updated: March 5, 2024 Reading time: 1 minute
ceo nomination award


Recommended for: Companies striving to enhance brand reputation and boost employee motivation. 

Type: Nomination program

Scope: Global or local

Eligibility: All employees 

Social Feed: Public

Type of award: Digital (points, branded email)  

Budget: In agreement with the client 

Points #:1,000 points

THRESHOLD: 3 nominations, 2 votes 

Approval: Yes, recipient’s manager

Recognition channels: HCM, Desktop, Email


Before we dive in, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions.

Boost Employee Motivation: Nomination Program that Rewards Innovation and Proactivity

Why do we need a global nomination program?

A peer-to-peer nomination program fosters a culture of appreciation and collaboration, amplifying employee morale, engagement, and a sense of belonging within the organization. Thus, a global program is essential to help you reach your goals. Studies reveal that fostering an appreciation culture boosts engagement (6x), innovation (3x), and financial targets (1.7x). This program serves as a vital tool in achieving these benefits worldwide.

Can employees use the platform in their preferred language for navigation?

Yes, the platform can be translated into 47+ languages depending on your unique company needs.

Why do you recommend a public social feed?

The best case practice is to enable all recognitions to be published on the social wall for users of the desktop application. This allows them to opt-in for recognition, fostering a community sense of belonging. 

Are approvals a must?

Since this is an earn points campaign, which involves employees receiving points, it’s best to implement at least one level of approval, often the employee’s manager, adding an extra layer of security to prevent potential abuse of the program.

Phase 1: Planning

Step 1: Prior to initiating the campaign, create a list of your goals, desired outcomes, and a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the program’s success effectively. 

Example GOAL: Increase the number of yearly innovations that directly contribute to company’s strategic goals and desired outcomes.  

Example KPIs:

#1: Number of nominations 

#2: Number of nominated people or teams 

#3: Number of nominations per company value  

Here’s how to set up the program within JobPts. 

Step 2: Create transparent program guidelines and description 

Each program should contain a proper and catchy description and representative image. Make sure you have this created so you can upload it within JobPts. 

Here’s an example: A nomination program that enables employees to nominate 3 coworkers and vote twice (for different individuals) 

nomination program ceo award

Step 3: Configure the program: set up program eligibility, points, limit nominations, and votes.

set up ceo award program oneset up ceo award program two

Consider: Connect employee nominations directly with your core company values.

core company valuesThrough this program, employees will be able to submit three nominations and two votes.  

successful nomination

nominations and votes

Phase 2: Communication

Effective communication is crucial for success. Ensure your communication plan covers before, during, and after the program implementation. Tailor it to include a mix of digital and offline channels for maximum impact. 

Before Go-Live Announcement 

Subject line: Countdown Begins: CEO Award Nominations Opening Soon! 



Get set for an incredible opportunity! 

In just one month, we’ll launch the CEO Award, our pinnacle of recognition celebrating extraordinary achievements and innovation. 

Stay tuned for more details, and get ready to nominate a colleague whose exceptional work has truly stood out. 

Keep an eye out for updates and be prepared to nominate starting [DATE]. 

Warm regards, 


Go-Live Announcement

Subject line: Celebrate Exceptional Achievements with the CEO Award! 



Get ready to honor brilliance and innovation! 

The CEO Award is our highest honor, recognizing the outstanding contributions of a colleague whose work has made an exceptional impact over the year. 

Discover more about the program and its impact [JOBPTS LINK]. 

Take the chance to nominate a deserving colleague by December 14th [JOBPTS LINK]. 

Best of luck! 



Consider: For consistent and engaging program communication, consider using an employee communications tool to target the right audience, brand messages, and include interactive elements like images, videos, CTAs, and surveys.

Here are some key practices for both offline and digital promotion:

Offline Promotion Ideas 

  • Physical events to launch the campaign with flyers, photo boots, printed recognition cards 
  • Large TV displays – you can display leaderboards and promote gamification and positive competition 
  • Kiosks 
  • Physical posters

physical posters ceo awards

Digital Promotion Ideas 

  • Inside platform welcome slider announcing and leading to the new campaign  
  • Promotional videos for social media 
  • Linkedin recognition posts 
  • SharePoint and email signature banners 

email signature banner ceo awards

Explore various reports in the JobPts Platform revealing the profound impact of the campaign. 

Example report: Track employee nominations and spotlight the most proactive individuals.  

nomination program report

Consider: Most of our clients organize physical and/or digital events to announce the winner of the CEO Award Nomination Program.

Consider giving a printed certificate to the award recipient for a memorable touch.