Program Manuals I want to make each new employee feel welcome

I want to make each new employee feel welcome

Author: Jana Velevska Last updated: March 5, 2024 Reading time: 3 minutes


Recommended for: Companies that want to improve brand reputation and increase employee retention  

Type: Monetary program 

Scope: Local or global  

Eligibility: All new hires 

Social Feed: Public 

Type of award: Physical (swag package) and digital (branded email, JobPts cards, and branded swag)   

Budget: In agreement with the client  

Points #: In agreement with the client 

Approval: None 

Recognition channels:  Email

Before we dive in, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions.

Overcoming Challenges: Personalized Employee Onboarding Program

Why do I need an onboarding employee recognition program?

Onboarding is one of the most important moments in the employee lifecycle. Your onboarding strategy should aim to help new employees blend in with your corporate culture and become part of the community.

How do I create a personalized onboarding experience?

One way to make onboarding memorable for new employees is to make them feel welcomed with a personalized message and a swag package that contains company-branded items.

How will you help me automate the process?

Semos Cloud offers concierge service. Our team will help you craft the program to fit your unique needs: design the onboarding award (swag package) and the digital recognition experience (branding, message, email, etc.) This streamlines and automates the process, saving time and minimizing errors for your HR team.

Why do you recommend a public social feed?

The best case practice is to enable all recognitions to be published on the social wall for users of the desktop application. This allows them to opt-in for recognition, fostering a community sense of belonging. Users can engage by liking, commenting, and reacting, which can boost recognition program adoption, and the new hire will feel welcomed.

When is the best time to plan the program and the budget?

The best practice is to plan your onboarding program budget along with the crafting of your talent (recruitment and internal mobility) strategy. Analyze all service anniversaries and important employee moments and estimate the total budget for each important employee event.

Why don’t I need to set up an approval workflow?

If the program is part of the company’s global strategy, our team will help you craft an onboarding program and support you with logistics. Since everything is planned and agreed on in advance, there won’t be a need to set up approval workflows or budget.


Phase 1: Planning

Before you start creating the program, we recommend a list of goals and KPIs. 

Example GOAL: Build strong company connections and make employees feel welcome from day one. 

Example KPIs

#1: Time to employee productivity

#2: Engagement rates for new employees

#3: New hire job satisfaction.

Phase 2: Setup

Memorable welcome gift

Introduce employees to their new roles and workplace with a “welcome swag pack” containing custom company-branded items such as: cups, T-shirts, notebooks, pens, etc.  

Example package:

memorable welcome gift

Learn how you can design programs for all important employee moments


Digital experience

  • Memorable welcome message received via email

Subject: Welcome Aboard! Your Exciting Journey Begins 🚀


Dear [Employee’s Name],

Get ready to dive into an exciting chapter with us! Your start date is confirmed for March 21st, 2024. We’re thrilled to welcome you to our team and can’t wait to have you here.

To ensure a smooth onboarding experience, please arrive at our offices by 9:00 AM. Our dress code is casual, and don’t forget to bring your ID.


We’ve already prepared your workstation with all the essentials you’ll need. Our team will assist you in setting up your computer, software, and online accounts on your first day. Your designated parking spot is J39, just a 2-minute walk to your office.

Your first days are thoughtfully planned to help you settle in comfortably. You’ll find a detailed agenda, outlining everything from paperwork completion (HR will guide you through this!) to meetings with your hiring manager. Training sessions are scheduled throughout your first week to provide insight into our company and operations.

Lunchtime will be an excellent opportunity to meet our team, who is eagerly anticipating your arrival.


And guess what? You’ll receive a welcome package filled with company-branded goodies to kickstart your journey with us!

Should you have any questions before your start date, feel free to reach out via email or phone—I’m here to assist you every step of the way.

Looking forward to collaborating and achieving great things together!


Best regards, 

[Your Name] HR Team

PS: Your new colleagues have prepared a special memory book filled with welcoming messages just for you! You can access it online using the link provided. Don’t forget to express your gratitude and recognize your team’s warm welcome on our JobPts platform!

Say Thank You

  • Celebration moments created within JobPts inviting other employees to welcome the new hire via recognition messages

celebration moments creation

  1. Creating an event and inviting other employees to participate 
  2. Employees start sending recognitionsExample 1

    Welcome aboard! At [Company Name], we celebrate achievements big and small. Get ready to join a community that values recognition and encourages appreciation. Your contributions matter, and we’re excited to recognize your successes together.

    Example 2

    A big congratulations on your new job, Sophie! You will do great things in this company, and we are so lucky to have you onboard! All the best!

    new hire recognitions social wall


  3. The manager creates the printable memory book with all the welcome recognition messageswelcome memory book

Phase 3: Engagement

Push notifications directly from the JobPts admin center to activate the employees and inspire them to welcome the new employee via a recognition message.

recognition reminder

Phase 4: Measuring Results

Our Culture Intelligence Dashboard empowers companies with comprehensive insights into the pulse of the company culture and recognition program effectiveness.  

The dashboard provides a holistic view of critical metrics such as employee tenure, retention, approval efficiency, DEI, and engagement.  

A quick analysis of the Employee Tenure Tab will provide you with insights of the most and least recognized employee tenure groups. Here HR executives can track the impact of the onboarding program.

kpi report tenure