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Case studies

How Evoqua Boosts Employee Motivation with Rewards and Recognition

Learn about how a company with over 4 000 employees globally improves employee e…
JobPts Case Study

How a Global Defense Group Profits with Employee Recognitions and Rewards Programs

See how our Global Defense Group client has managed to fully support their emplo…
JobPts Case Study

How JTI is Driving Cultural Transformation with Rewards & Recognition

Learn about how a global company with 45 000 employees across the world drives c…
JobPts Case Study

How Hatch Uses Nurture to Grow Their Talent and Drive Company Success

Learn about how Hatch uses Nurture, our employee feedback module, to grow their …
Nurture Case Study

Transforming Employees Into Everyday Heroes by Nurturing Employee Engagement

See how our Diversified Energy client encouraged their employees to exchange ove…
JobPts Case Study

How SUN Communities Increased Employee Engagement by 175%

Learn how Sun Communities increased employee engagement by 175% with reinvented …
JobPts Case Study

How Our Petrochemicals Client Moved To A Sophisticated Rewards & Recognition Solution Integrated With SAP SuccessFactors

See how well employees at our Western-Asian Petrochemicals client have accepted …
JobPts Case Study

How Asian Paints Transformed Employee Experience with Rewards & Recognition

Learn about how Asian Paints has implemented JobPts, our employee recognition an…
JobPts Case Study

How SAP Boosted Their Employee Engagement and Motivation

Learn about how SAP managed to boost employee engagement and motivation with Job…
JobPts Case Study

Navigating the Employee Experience Era Whitepaper

Get the necessary knowledge to build a culture of recognition that drives employ…

4 Best Practices To Make Internal Communications More Engaging

Get our free internal communications guide for implementing the best practices i…

Secrets For Maximizing ROI of Employee Recognition in 2021 and Beyond

Find out how to extract the maximum value from employee recognition programs
Knowledge Brief

Employee Recognition Playbook

Get our free employee recognition playbook for implementing and managing an empl…

Top 13 Essential Extension for SAP® SuccessFactors®

Discover how to improve and enrich your SAP® SuccessFactors® experience with t…
SAP® Extensions

5 Reasons Why Employee Communication Is Essential for Company Success

Find out how effective employee communication impacts employee experience, reten…

Employee Recognition and Rewards Solution Buyer’s Guide

This guide provides a comprehensive overview on how to choose your Recognition …

Semos Cloud and JobPts: Bringing the Employee Experience to the Forefront of Success

Joshua Greenbaum investigates the needs and challenges of the HCM Professionals …
Industry Report

Internal Communications & Marketing Resources for Employee Recognition Programs

Get our free set of resources that can help you create a successful employee com…

Employee Recognition in Technology and Telecommunications Industries

Find out what are the best employee recognition practices to use in Technology a…

Employee Recognition in Consumer Industries

Get the best industry-specific employee recognition practices to apply in retail…

Employee Recognition in Construction and Manufacturing

Learn the best employee recognition practices to apply in Construction and Manuf…

Employee Recognition in Financial Services

Use this eBook on Employee Recognition in Financial Services to get the best ind…

Employee Recognition in Energy and Natural Resources Industry

Find the best industry-specific employee recognition practices for companies in …

6 Reasons why Employee Recognition is Crucial for Company’s Success

Employee appreciation and recognition are extremely important for driving positi…

Employee Recognition Holidays Calendar

Get our free employee recognition holidays calendar to make work more fun!

How to Give Meaningful Feedback to Your Employees

Employee feedback is crucial for employee motivation, engagement and productivit…

16 Questions Employees Use to Evaluate Their Employers

Check out the top 16 questions employees use to evaluate their employers and the…

20 Templates to Show Appreciation to Employees

Take our free editable templates to show recognition and appreciation to your co…

10 Employee of the Month Certification Templates

Take our free editable templates for Employee of the Month certifications.

13 Employee Appreciation Email & Letter Templates

Get our free editable employee appreciation email templates.

Employee of the Month Email and Certification Templates

Get our free editable Employee of the Month email and certification templates.

5 Editable Employee Evaluation Forms

Get our free editable employee evaluation form templates.

5 Editable Work Anniversary Certificates

Get our 5 templates for Work Anniversary certificates.

5 Surveys to Send to Your Employees During the COVID-19

Get our 5 employee surveys to send to your employees during the COVID-19 outbrea…

10 Emails to Send to Employees During COVID-19

Get our 10 internal comms emails to send to your employees during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Tips for Employees (Editable Template)

Get our free editable templates with COVID-19 tips for employees.

Employee Appreciation Cards and Quotes

Use these employee appreciation cards and quotes to personalize your employees’ …