FAQ – Integration with SAP Platforms

SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service that provides unique in-memory database and application services. It is the proven cloud platform that enables you to rapidly develop new application.

Yes, the application fully integrates with Employee Central and any SuccessFactors module available.

Yes. Also SAP Hybris, SAP Analytics, SAP JAM.

We have staging data in our models in which we are storing the data that is coming from SuccessFactors and periodically (once in 24h) we are syncing that data to be up to date.

Each user has unique ID. All Password policies are defined in SuccessFactors, we are leveraging single Sign On. Once you are logged in SuccessFactors you are automatically logged in the application as well. Username and time stamp is provided for each employee upon login in and the system can provide those information that are stored and maintained on SAP cloud platform. Details at SAP Cloud Platform audit logs policies.

After reviewing the SFSF system and Cloud Platform account average customization and implementation time is six to eight weeks for ready to use product.

Yes we provide the reports and automatic processes to automate most of the Service/Birthday/etc. awards in the company and deliver the personalized letters in a digital format (signed by the CEO) that are built in a format of a certificate that can be simply printed by the user and framed on the wall. For other physical products we offer the automatic reports that notify the HR teams ahead of time so they could prepare those gifts and distribute to the users on time. This functionality was implemented by all of JobPts customers and has generated great results while lowering the HR investment into the process

All our applications are extensions of SuccessFactors. So as extension, we integrating with SFSF on 3 levels. – The first level is user interface level, where from tile in SuccessFactors you can activate the solution. – The second possibility is single sign on, so when employee logs in to SuccessFactors he is automatically logged in JobPts too. – The third one is on employee data level, where we leverage the API’s from SuccessFactors to pull different kind of data.