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JobPts – Product guide

This book will guide throuh all features. Every option is explained step by step with included graphic marks.

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Guide explain step by step following features:

  • How to recognize someone
  • What are recognition options
  • How Thank you recognition works
  • How to send Monetary recognition
  • Sent Awards – List of all sent recognitions
  • My Awards – Review all received recognitions and awards
  • Notifications – Check notifications about all activities in JobPts
  • Redeem – Learn what redeeming options are available
  • eGift Cards – Explore biggest eGift catalog
  • Merchandise – Learn how to use points on eBay
  • Ranking – Find out who are Top Appreciators or who is most appreciated in your company
  • Buy a Gift – How to surprise someone with a gift
  • Anniversaries – Check upcoming anniversaries of your colleagues
  • Recognitions Feed – How to publish your recognitions to  Feed
  • Profile Info

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