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Employees want to, and should be, recognized and rewarded for their hard work!

With JobPts, companies build achievement oriented culture, boost employee motivation and engagement and increase overall job satisfaction.

About JobPts

JobPts is the ultimate recognition and reward application that is developed on SAP HCP. A SuccessFactors add-on solution for peer to peer recognition and rewards program in HR for attracting motivating and retaining employees on a global scale.

Who is JobPts for?

It serves employees managers and HR Total Rewards professionals. JobPts is natively developed as an excess application on SAP HANA database, it runs on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and uses HCP app services like document management, SAP and SuccessFactors IDP service. JobPts is integrated with SAP solutions including SuccessFactors SAP HCM and SAP Jam.

JobPts Use Cases

JobPts can provide you a single platform with multilingual capabilities regional support and cultural understanding needed to support global workforces.

It allows companies to inspire achievement, motivation, boost employee engagement, improved job satisfaction, and much more with recognition and real rewards. JobPts is organized in tiles which makes this application easy and fun for usage.

Recognizing a colleague has never been easier – search for your colleague, select the appropriate recognition reward, and click send. That’s all valuing your colleagues and appreciating them will engage the workforce, benefit your team, and company.

With JobPts, Options are Endless

With JobPts redeem options you receive full value for your points partnering with one of the largest E-gift providers and the largest online merchandise store. Gives your employees a positive meaningful recognition experience wherever they live, redeem online use everywhere.

JobPts never misses a chance to celebrate. The system automatically sends out customizable emails and recognition points to your employees on special occasions. This advanced administration boosts efficiency and reduces the time consumption of your HR organization.

The JobPts solution extends the value of SAP SuccessFactors

  • Peer-to-peer recognition and manager-to-employee recognition
  • Mobile recognition and Fiori-style experience
  • Instant rewards from out-of-the-box reward catalogs
  • Customizable corporate culture award levels
  • Integrated with SuccessFactors on UX & data levels
  • SAP Jam integration for boosting social collaboration and knowledge management

Semos Cloud is an independent software company focusing on design, development, implementation, and technical support of sophisticated enterprise solutions. We have experience in building and implementing HR solutions.

From 2013 Semos has been an SAP Application Development partner and we are building HR extensions on HCP with a technical partner and business support from SAP teams.

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