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Always be aware of employee engagement and satisfaction trends at your company!

SurveyRocks helps HR professionals and managers get insights from employees’ opinions, thoughts and feedback.

About Semos Cloud

Semos Cloud is an independent software company focusing on design development, implementation, and technical support of sophisticated enterprise solutions.

About SurveyRocks

SurveyRocks the latest version of Semos is built for extending the investment in SuccessFactors to support multiple HR programs in various talent areas.

SurveyRocks is an essential step into engagement survey and feedback. It is the perfect tool for every HR department. SurveyRocks is a SuccessFactors extension to deliver engagement surveys to the workforce.

The benefits of SurveyRocks

It helps human resources departments and line managers to make analytical decisions based on personal feedback of the employees. It offers an integrated solution that will help to reduce risk., contain costs, improve policy compliance, and achieve a better engagement of employees at all levels.

SurveyRocks ensures that the right employee groups receive the right questions, and managers get only their team’s results. Delivered analytics allow you to understand program performance immediately, modify the program and target workforce population in progress to assure the best outcome.


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SurveyRocks Use Cases

SurveyRocks is a software solution that motivates employees to state opinions frankly according to specific questions in an easy and fun way.

HR organizations and managers can create a direct line of communication with the workforce via surveys using SurveyRocks.

Users can create surveys, participate in ones, and monitor results on many different devices, on mobiles, tablets or desktops. HR results have never been so available, colorful, and optional addressed to the right audience.

SurveyRocks enables users to understand better what employees are saying, thinking, doing, and how that can improve and transform their business.

SurveyRocks extends the value of SAP SuccessFactors

  1. Simple, clear user interfaces and authoritative dashboards: tailored for each and every user from CEO to the front line manager
  2. Insightful analyzes: compare between multiple questions with the same answers, possibility to use filters.
  3. Graphical features: multiple graphic options for the same survey
  4. Advanced administration: enables reporting, text analysis and central maintenance of all HR data, create own templates
  5. Better work environment: SurveyRocks makes surveys easy, fun, and less time consuming for everyone, it helps to value employees

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SurveyRocks is an essential step into engagement survey and feedback.