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Resources How Our Petrochemicals Client Moved To A Sophisticated Rewards & Recognition Solution Integrated With SAP SuccessFactors
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How Our Petrochemicals Client Moved To A Sophisticated Rewards & Recognition Solution Integrated With SAP SuccessFactors

See how well employees at our Western-Asian Petrochemicals client have accepted the novelty of having an Employee Recognition platform and the success the company experienced.


About our client

Our Petrochemicals client relies on the talent, skills, and dedication of the workforce to propel its growth. The values of excellence, quality, unity, advancement, trust and environmental health and safety provide their employees with a rewarding place to work. With the cross-cultural diversity on eight locations worldwide, our client needed to foster appreciation in its internal value chain. To get there, the company launched Appreciate, a comprehensive recognition and rewards program that shapes positive employee experience and promotes employee success.

The challenges:

Our client is a global company operating internationally. They needed to integrate their main business’ as well as their international subsidiary’s R&R platforms into one system.

While their Canadian subsidiary was already using point-based recognition and rewards system, their HQ in Western Asia mainly used cash awards. In order to streamline and standardize recognition initiatives on different  locations, our client decided to extend point-based recognition programs to the entire group. Our client was facing several challenges:

  • Establish a modern yet simple peer-to-peer awards system replacing the one that was text-based with limited  monetary values.
  • Institute a global solution – streamline all recognition programs, on eight different locations by implementing integrated employee recognition solution under one platform.
  • Drive employee engagement – introduce wholistic rewards and recognition program and improve employee engagement and experience.
  • Provide simplicity-solve majority of back-end issues, including translations in a different language for the  locations, taxes, and the payroll issues (resolve the disbursements based on rewards).

How Semos Cloud and JobPts helped:

As a company, our Petrochemicals client believes in appreciation. Therefore, they branded the R&R program Appreciate. They evaluate the overall experience of getting started with Appreciate as very successful. Addressing any open issue with the highest degree of priority was crucial for the deployment, as it was the flexibility of the system. Together, the  implementation teams managed to find a way to apply different options preferred in each location.

The volume of people giving awards and appreciating each other using the platform is massive. The reason number one is a Great Achievement. The way employees use it is not just trivial. It truly matters when employees show gratitude to their peers. The employee who has a gold medal with his/her name shining at the top of the leaderboard is something to be proud of.

Understanding that the old way of rewarding must evolve, our client found a ready-made solution in JobPts to:

  • Implement peer-to-peer program that makes it possible to study and find the trends of behavior in the organization.
  • Introduce a much more sophisticated way of engaging the employees who used to congratulate each other only in person before having Appreciate.
  • Change the award policies in the global locations to match those in the system.
  • Synchronize the rewards and recognition approach globally.
  • Use gamification as a special feature to boost motivation among employees.

What our client’s employees said:

The integration with SuccessFactors, the international coverage, and the intuitiveness of the platform makes it natural to use it. It was very well received and easy to implement. We launched the system, and everybody started using it right away. That is where we knew we made the right choice.

Senior Specialist – HR Talent & Performance Management

The results:

In terms of engagement, our Petrochemicals client could not have wished for more interactions among the employees, especially in times when work from home is becoming the new normal. When inter-personal relations were lost, recognitions and rewards among peers increased. While dealing with e-mails and conference calls, JobPts kept the connection by sending appreciate messages to each other.

Many employees use it, especially for anniversaries. Employees at all levels, from the CEO to the newly employed, congratulate on anniversaries as they appear on the social recognition feed.

Recognition also boosts innovation in the company. When something remarkable is created, the innovator receives a standing ovation – the most honorable recognition. Pushed through the entire company and celebrated all over, it is extraordinary to receive a customized e-mail and personalized award from the CEO. It sure inspires the new generations of employees to innovate.

‘Appreciate’ drives:

  • Increased engagement.
  • Thinking out of the box, creativity, and innovation.
  • Personalized employee communications with customized messages.

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