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JobPts is a single, global recognition platform serving all customer needs. Learn more about how JobPts is different from its competitors and what value it provides to organizations and employers across the world.

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Increase Employee Engagement by Driving Positive Employee Experience 

Employee recognition is one of the biggest drivers of employee experience and success. Yet, many employees don’t feel appreciated for their work. Create engaging recognition programs to drive engagement building the culture of appreciation within your organization.  

Create Moments That Matter 

There are moments and touchpints you should make memorable to your employees. New hire, onboarding, job promotion, service anniversary, completed projects, birthdays, personal events are just a few examples of the moments that should be recognized in order to encourage employees to stay engaged and motivated to deliver great results.  

employee recognition moments that matter

Drive Organizational Alignment and Encourage Employees to Live by Your Core Company Values 

Employee recognition is the best way to drive alignment within your organization, to encourage employees to embed new behaviors, live by your company’s core values and work together towards the same goals and vision. 

With JobPts, it is easy to create programs with which employees can recognize each other for supporting those values such as innovation, agility, teamwork, honesty, excellence, integrity or any other core value your company defines.  

Keep Your Remote Employees Connected and Inspired 

The COVID-19  pandemic has completely reshaped the way employees communicate and collaborate with each other. Remote work and social distancing restrictions are forcing employers do adapt to the virtual working environments.

Luckily, digital software solutions like JobPts can help you drive positivity in the workplace by encouraging employees to stay connected by showing gratitude to each other even when they are physically separated.   

Employee Recognition Platform that Drives Employee Success

Drive Successful Organizational Change with Recognition 

Organizational Change such as Digital Transformation is only possible when you manage to align your workforce and get their buy-in.

People are resistant to change, yet we live in an ever-changing business world. Recognition is a powerful way to drive change within your workplace by appreciating individuals who understand and support the importance of change and transformation, and serving as role models to other employees.  

Recognize Your Deskless and Non-Digital Employees 

Many organizations have front line, deskless employees who should also be recognized for their work. With JobPts, you can create recognition programs designated to those employees. Our teams will help you create printable recognition certificates or scratch cards that you can distribute to your non-wired workers.  

In addition, our mobile-friendly interface enables your deskless employees to easily receive and give recognition through their mobile devices.  

Support Employees’ Wellbeing and Safety 

Employees across the world are dealing with uncertainty about their health, safety and job security. Such fear and uncertainty have significant impact on your employees’ wellbeing.

As the sense of accomplishment and achievement impacts your employees’ wellbeing, employee appreciation is recognized as one of the most impactful and effective ways to drive employee wellbeing in the workplace. 

In addition, you can create recognition programs that will encourage employees to comply with your new rules, regulations and safety guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Increase User Adoption and Engagement with User-Friendly Interface and Social Recognition 

JobPts fun and easytouse interface is what makes recognition seamless and fun. Our gamification, leaderboard and social recognition features make recognition more interactive and transparent which, ultimately, leads to higher user adoption and engagement.  

Social Employee recognition programs

Additionally, JobPts’s integrations with MC Teams, Slack and email providers enable employees to recognize their peers without leaving their favorite communication channels.  

Make Smart Decisions Based on Real Data 

Within JobPts, managers and recognition program admins have a real-time view of everything that is going on.

Dashboards, analytics and exportable reports enable them to analyze and continuously improve recognition initiatives and better understand their employees’ engagement. Integration with the SAP Analytics Cloud provides additional meaningful insights.  

Extend Your Existing HR Modules 

Connect recognition with other modules you are using within SuccessFactors such as HRIS, learning and development, onboarding, feedback, recruitment and others. Automate recognition based on the triggers from those modules such as completed onboarding, service anniversaries, birthdays and many others. 

Enjoy the Self-Service Admin Capabilities 

Within JobPts, employee recognition programs can be self-managed by the program admins. The freedom and ease of program management enables admins to quickly update or change recognition programs based on specific company’s needs. When in need for more significant configurations, our team is here to support you.  

Provide Equally Valued Awards Across the Globe 

JobPts uses purchasing power index in order to make recognition fear and equal for all employees no matter where they are located. When using JobPts’ point-based recognition program, one point will have the same purchasing power no matter where your employees live.  

Keep Your Data Protected and Secured 

JobPts is 100% compliant with GDPR, approved by Workers Councils, runs in SAP Data Centers, supports all security standards. As JobPts is an SAP Endorsed App, you can take comfort in the knowledge that SAP has evaluated JobPts with a premium-certification approach, which means less risk to your organization. 

Turnkey Integration 

SAP SuccessFactors authentication, SSO setup, real-time connectivity via OData APIs, Payroll integrations, Slack and Microsoft Teams / Outlook integrations. 

Rewards and Recognition solution that is integrated with your existing core HR solutions

Flexible, Easy and Fast Implementation 

If you have specific and out-of-the box needs, JobPts can easily be configured to support your requirements. Software implementation is seamless, and most of our customers have implemented it within a few weeks.  

Dedicated Customer SuccessCustomer Support and Strategic Consulting Services 

To support our customers, we assign professional and experienced teams that continuously work with customers in order to get the best out of their recognition programs.

Rewards fulfilment and app support, concierge services for memorable custom awards, billing support for HR and professional strategic consulting services are available to all of our customers. We are not here just to provide a software solution but to be your long-term partner for success.  

Extensions and Tailoring 

JobPts enables organizations to implement advanced company branding, theming and custom pages for an emotional recognition experience. Fully extensible recognition, nomination workflows and business logic. Fully tailored rewards catalogs and desired integrations. 

One, All Inclusive Contract 

JobPts is your one-stop-shop for everything that you need to implement and manage a successful employee recognition program. No need to sign contracts with other vendors that provide digital gifts and implementation services.  

Take Advantage of Other Solutions from Our Employee Success Suite 

JobPts is just one solution within Semos Cloud’s Employee Success suite of apps. In addition to recognition software, Semos Cloud’s customers also have access to employee communication solution to help customer launch, promote and manage their employee recognition initiatives.

Additionally, our customers have access to employee pulse check surveys with which employers can get valuable employee feedback about their recognition programs and make adjustments accordingly. 

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Awarded by the Industry’s Leading Review Sites

JobPts is an employee recognition software awarded with the world’s leading and most trusted review sites that analyze and identify the best performing software solutions in multiple categories.

Recently, JobPts was given the title of one of the best enterprise Employee Recognition and Rewards solutions.

JobPts is an SAP Endorsed App 

JobPts is an SAP Endorsed App, an invitation-only program, through which SAP identifies the top-rated partners and apps that are verified to deliver outstanding value to customers. SAP Endorsed Apps program is designed to help customers become best-run intelligent enterprises.

Endorsed apps deliver proven value with desired outcomes – quickly, effectively, and with great confidence.  As a customer, you can take comfort in the knowledge that SAP has evaluated JobPts with a premium-certification approach, which means less risk to your organization. 

This is achieved through added technical quality checks conducted by SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), during which code is analyzed and custom recommendations are provided for enhancing and optimizing the solution. It consists of three main requirements: integration certification tests, a cloud quality check, and a static security code scan.  


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