All 24 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for 2024
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24 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for 2024

Author: Ravijojla Novakovic Last updated: February 29, 2024 Reading time: 18 minutes

The Employee Appreciation Day is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the effort and commitment of your team or the entire staff.

Therefore, acknowledging your employees’ hard work and dedication on this Employee Appreciation Day is especially important.

We’ve put together ideas for recognizing your employees, regardless of whether you’re all in the office, hybrid working, or have decided to be productive from a remote location.

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What Is Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day is an official holiday in the US and is celebrated on the first Friday in March.

First introduced in 1995, it gives employers an opportunity to recognize their employees’ work without a specific motive – just being thankful for the collective and individual effort of the workforce.

In 2024, Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on March 1st.

The importance of employee recognition became much more apparent back in 1995, and nowadays, there are multiple holidays meant for recognizing your employees’ work throughout the year.

To make your job easier, we urge you to get our Employee Recognition Calendar and see which fun holidays you can implement into your 2024 calendar of appreciation.

Why Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is a good way to show gratitude for your team members’ hard work, effort, and contributions.

Celebrating this special day can bring many benefits that positively contribute to team morale and the overall feelings of the employees.

It’s important to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day as part of company tradition.

Here are some reasons why.

Boost employee morale

Recognizing and appreciating employees can significantly boost employee morale within the workplace.

When employees feel valued, they contribute, foster a positive work environment, and motivate their colleagues to put their best foot forward in any situation.

Increase employee engagement

When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to participate with ideas, give suggestions, and actively engage in the company’s activity.

Increase employee retention

Appreciating employees can contribute to higher retention rates. Employees who feel valued and appreciated are likely to stay with the organization.

Enhanced productivity

Workplaces where employees are valued and appreciated are more likely to have productive employees.

Employees are usually more committed to their work when they know that their efforts are valued and cherished.

Foster a positive company culture

Expressing appreciation is crucial if you want to cultivate a positive company culture.

When each employee feels acknowledged, and as a part of the workplace community, they are more likely to have a positive attitude and contribute to a healthy work environment.

Acknowledgment of achievements

Employee Appreciation Day is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the achievements of both the entire team and a particular employee.

Recognizing milestones and accomplishments builds employees’ self-esteem and helps them feel more fulfilled.

Boosts employee motivation

Recognizing employees for their hard work and achievements motivates them to strive for excellence.

It sets a positive tone for future endeavors and encourages a culture of continuous improvement.

Coworker Appreciation Ideas for Your Remote Staff 

appreciation ideas for remote workers

Employee Appreciation Day is just a single cog in your employee recognition ‘machine’. Your employee recognition efforts should not rely solely upon celebrating this holiday.

This article focuses on group celebrations and personal tokens of appreciation and gratitude towards your employees.

Although very important, employee appreciation should also be accompanied by basic elements such as fair compensation and benefits, opportunities for employee development, and a comfortable work atmosphere.

With remote working becoming a reality after being a desired job perk for such a long time and bringing amazing results towards a happier workforce, it also brought along challenges, the main one being employee disengagement due to reduced peer-to-peer and peer-to-manager contact on a daily basis.

That is exactly why recognizing remote employees is becoming increasingly important and necessary.

Here are some of our Employee Appreciation Day ideas for your remote employees. 

1. Employee Appreciation Cards 

A personal and effortless way to appreciate your employees is to send them an employee appreciation card.

We have prepared editable appreciation cards with quotes below you can customize to fit your company’s branding and send an encouraging “Thank you” to your hard-working employees.

2. Implementing an Employee of the Month program 

Employee Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to announce you will implement a company-wide Employee of the Month program.

Therefore, explain the rules and nomination process to your employees and tell them that your employee recognition efforts will last a year!

Read this article of ours to find out what are the Employee of the Month awards best practices.

3. Social Recognition 

It is always nice to be recognized in front of others!

It gives your employees the blushes and makes them feel proud of themselves and recognized by their employers.

Therefore, recognize your employees on your social media accounts and let the whole world know what a great team you have onboard.

4. Gift cards 

Gift cards allow your employees to get themselves an item or service they really want, especially if your gift cards are for a provider of a wide range of goods, like Amazon.

They are also easy to forward if your employees want to do that!

Fun fact: 88% of Millennials say that prepaid cards are their favorite type of monetary reward.

5. Stream a message from the CEO 

Your employees will surely appreciate company-wide encouragement or messages from your CEO.

After all, 81% of employees believe that CEOs who engage on social media are better equipped to lead companies, so you will also reinforce your employees’ trust in their leadership.

6. Organize a game night  

Why not have your remote employees meet each other and boost their team spirit a bit? Organize an online game night!

Maybe you already have gamers in your company, and you might even facilitate the creation of new online teams in particular games.

Innovative Employee Appreciation Ideas 

ideas for appreciating employees

Although some employees still work remotely, many employees are celebrating 2024 Employee Appreciation Day in the office.

Here are our ideas for thanking your employees for their hard work on this very special Employee Appreciation Day.

With remote and hybrid work becoming increasingly popular, but companies also returning to the offices, here are various ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day regardless of your current working arrangements.

Before you start, get inspired by thoughtful employee gift ideas.

1. Fruit basket delivery

A fun way to appreciate your employees is to hire a local catering company and create a small, seasonal fruit basket for your employees.

Fruits suitable for smoothies or juices will remind them that physical health is as important as mental health, and balancing both is something your organization supports and encourages.

2. Team lunch 

Make sure to announce to your teammates that you have a lunch planned so they do not schedule any meetings at that time or bring their own food.

Reward employees by providing multiple options for lunch that cater to everyone’s dietary preferences, and decorate your eating area with celebratory signs.

3. Board games night 

Announce a fun afternoon or evening in the office by organizing a board game night.

You can ask your employees to bring their favorite board games, and you should provide some snacks and drinks.

This fun activity will allow your employees to relax and get to know each other better.

4. Company cook-off 

By providing a budget for groceries and asking everyone to cook a typical meal or make a seasonal dessert, you will also create opportunities for your employees to try some new food, for the best cooks among your employees to shine, and for endless conversations to develop!

5. Thank you notes and letters 

Thank you notes are a simple yet effective way to appreciate your employee’s work. Check out a couple of our employee appreciation letters to get some ideas on what to write and what to thank your employees for.

This is a very personal and genuine gift; you can expect your employees to be really happy about it!

Here’s another idea: encourage your employees to thank their coworkers. Let everyone choose if they want to appreciate a colleague this Employee Appreciation Day and provide them with templates they can fill out.

You can find useful Employee Appreciation Day quotes below.

6. Pizza party 

Another food-related idea is a pizza party. Let’s be honest, everybody likes pizza!

It will allow your employees to enjoy one of their favorite meals while spending casual time with their coworkers this Employee Appreciation Day.

7. Office yoga 

This employee wellbeing perk is a great asset to your employee recognition program. Yoga can allow your employees to relax from their hard work and prepare for the challenges ahead.

If your employees are unfamiliar with the practice, bring yoga to them and organize an online session for everyone (both remote and in-office employees) this Employee Appreciation Day.

Make sure to survey your employees to see if they liked it, and make it a habit if they do!

8. Massage gift cards 

Massages are the restart button for human beings.

To make it as impactful as possible, align with your vendor to only accept appointments during your working hours, so employees can book half an hour during their work time to relax and spend some time just indulging themselves.

9. Organize an Employee Awards Ceremony

Employee Appreciation Day presents a great opportunity to organize and host an employee awards ceremony.

Some companies create custom awards with special names and give out prizes for their best performers and some funny awards on a gala night.

It is a great way to give your employees a dash of glamor and treat them to a great night out.

10. Standing desks 

Your employees might not even know how good standing desks are. Still, once they get an opportunity to both sit and stand while working, they will not want to go back! 

Standing desks are another employee wellness perk that can help your employees live a less sedentary lifestyle and move a bit more while they work. 

11. Update the work equipment 

Updating your work equipment like monitors, keyboards, or office chairs is a great way to cheer your employees.

After all, you should provide good work equipment and technology to your employees if you want to see them at their best work. 

12. Extend break times 

Double your break times for the day and the entire week!

Allow your employees to take more time in the break room, rest or do some personal chores. It is a really nice gesture to celebrate this Employee Appreciation Day. 

13. Provide better coffee 

Your coworkers probably drink gallons of coffee, and you might even find some coffee aficionados among them.

Therefore, buy an artisan coffee for the entire office or bring a barista to make original espressos or cappuccinos for your employees. 

14. Movie screening 

Is there a better way to relax than watching a movie and enjoying popcorn?

Give your employees a unique movie screening experience by choosing a great movie, projecting it in a common room, and giving them some snacks and treats to enjoy while watching it. 

Pro tip: appreciate your employees’ families, too! Allow your employees to bring kids to the office for the day and play a cartoon for them. 

Moreover, you can send these useful gifts to employees who have fallen ill with COVID. Don’t forget them on this Employee Appreciation Day!

15. Company swag

Notebooks, mugs, and stress balls with your company’s logo make great appreciation gifts for employees.

Company swag is always appreciated as it is practical and shows that you care about your employees.

16. Team building

Team buildings are amazing gatherings where the whole team can participate in off-work activities, have fun, bond, and get to know each other.

Team building is a great way to show employee appreciation and also build the company spirit and create a positive company culture.

17. Company sponsored happy hour

Happy hours can be a great way to show your employees that you appreciate them and are proud of the job they are doing.

Social events like happy hours are welcome because they demonstrate that everyone in the company is part of a team, and everyone should feel a sense of belonging.

18. Half day off

Consider using Employee Appreciation Day as an opportunity to show your employees how much you value them.

One way you can do this is by giving them a half-day off so that they can relax and unwind earlier.

Allowing your employees to take the rest of the day for themselves can be a great way to demonstrate your appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

19. Personalized gift

Personalized gifts are a unique way to show your employees that each employee equally contributes to the success of the company.

20. Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays are an excellent way to promote better work life balance among employees.

During the hot summer days, employees are allowed to leave earlier and spend the rest of the day with their loved ones.

Additionally, Summer Fridays provide an opportunity for employees to take care of their mental health and recharge for the upcoming week.

21. Work from home

Working from home is a fantastic perk that numerous employees appreciate.

Moreover, some workers have reported feeling more productive while working remotely.

If your company doesn’t have policies in place to support remote work, it’s worth considering allowing your employees to work from a location of their choice.

22. Office party

An office party is one of the easiest ways to show appreciation to your employees.

Similar to other social gatherings, office parties allow employees to mingle, have fun, and unwind from the exhausting day in the office.

23. Free movie tickets

Offering free movie tickets to employees is an affordable way to show appreciation, especially to those who love movies.

24. Gift a subscription

Offering subscriptions to popular streaming platforms can be a unique and thoughtful way to show appreciation to your employees.

Consider providing your team members with subscriptions to services like Spotify, Netflix, or even study platforms that can help them develop their skills and advance their careers.

Employee Appreciation Day Quotes 

You can go one step further and send a personalized message to each employee for Employee Appreciation Day or encourage your employees to send a message to a colleague they appreciate. Sending notes via email or writing cards by hand for an even more personalized experience is a wonderful way to let your employees know they are appreciated.

Just don’t forget to make your message as kind as possible!

Here are some of the Employee Appreciation Day quotes you can use.

Employee Appreciation Day quotes for teamwork 

  • Dear [employee name], thank you for teaching me the power of teamwork! This Employee Appreciation Day, I want to recognize your ongoing efforts to facilitate easy collaboration between our two teams.   
  • Every time we work together, I am amazed at how far away we get just by adding on each other’s ideas. You are truly great to work with, so supportive and innovative… I hope we will work together on many more projects! Happy Employee Appreciation Day. 
  • [Employee name], we haven’t been teammates for long, but I am already positively surprised by the work dynamics we have. You are really analytical and always give me great advice. I think we’ll achieve great things together! On this Employee Appreciation Day, know that I truly appreciate you as a colleague. Thank you! 

Employee Appreciation Day quotes for workplace attitude 

  • Dear [employee name], we’ve worked together for quite a while now. On this Employee Appreciation Day, I want you to know that I really appreciate all the advice you have given me over the years. You are a colleague many can only wish for! Thank you! 
  • Every time I walk into the office or we have an online meeting, I’m looking forward to hearing what you say. You are a force of nature with your positive attitude and jokes! You make a great coworker, and I’m happy we work together. Happy Employee Appreciation Day! 
  • On this Employee Appreciation Day, I just want to thank you for the great workplace attitude you bring to the office every day. You are eager to work – and to learn. This is something one can only hope to find in a team member. Great things lie ahead of you; I’m sure of it! Keep up the good work. 

Employee Appreciation Day quotes for great performance 

  • Dear [employee name], we’ve all been amazed by your achievements in such a short time. Your work on [x] accounts has shown us that we made the right decision by hiring you. On this Employee Appreciation Day, I want you to know that your work is truly recognized by all of us. We’re looking forward to more of your accomplishments! 
  • [Employee name], we’ve seen more customers pouring in in the past year than ever. You have been amazing at handling all their requests! You’ve shown professionalism, patience, and enthusiasm in dealing with challenges. I just wanted to let you know that your work is highly valued by all of us. Happy Employee Appreciation Day! 
  • It’s Employee Appreciation Day! What better opportunity to congratulate you on your amazing performance last year? You’ve shown us all what it is to lead by example. Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work. 

Employee Appreciation Day quotes for mentorship 

  • Dear [employee name], I want to use the opportunity to thank you for your advice and mentorship during the last year. You’ve been a great manager, and I’ve learned so much from you. Happy Employee Appreciation Day! 
  • On this Employee Appreciation Day, I want to thank you for your mentorship. I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten a better opportunity to learn and advance in my career than having you as a manager. I truly am grateful to be on your team. 
  • Dear [employee name], thank you for mentoring me from the first day I started working here. You’ve been setting a great example for me, and I hope I’ll be able to live up to your expectations! Happy Employee Appreciation Day! 

Employee Appreciation Day quotes for enduring challenges 

  • [Employee name], I know that the past year has been challenging. Today is Employee Appreciation Day, and I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you’ve been doing. You are an amazing example to all of us, and I’m thankful to have you as a coworker. 
  • [Employee name], we’ve faced many challenges in the last year. Thank you for sticking with our company through thick and thin! We really appreciate all the hard work you are doing. Happy Employee Appreciation Day! We hope you enjoy our little token of gratitude. 
  • Dear [employee name], thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin. Switching to work from home must have been hard for you, but you’ve successfully adapted to it. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve been doing – especially when your kids’ school was closed. We are really grateful to have you with us. Happy Employee Appreciation Day! 

Make Employee Appreciation Day a Part of a Wider Employee Recognition Program

To track the results of your recognition initiatives and put your other recognition ideas to use, you should tie your Employee Appreciation Day recognition efforts to a wider employee recognition program.

Employee recognition programs have a myriad of benefits for your company and for your employees, but it is important to implement them with attention to detail to reap all of their results.

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Why Is It Important To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day in 2024

During the pandemic, 67% of employees have reported higher stress and anxiety levels than ever. In fact, 54% of employees’ #1 concern during this time was job security.

Your employees have been through a lot, so they deserve special attention this Employee Appreciation Day. Therefore, try to make this day memorable, even if your workforce decides to work remotely for the time being.

Employees should be made aware that their hard work is appreciated regardless of whether they work remotely, go to the office full-time, or choose a combination of both.

To ensure your workforce clearly understands that their work, creativity, achievements, and efforts are appreciated by company management, it’s best to use an Employee Recognition Platform.

It allows you to track your appreciation results and be consistent in your appreciation efforts.

However, since choosing your partner is not always easy, we created a Rewards and Recognition solution Buyer’s Guide that can help you decide which provider would best fit your recognition goals and workforce.

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