Driving the Shift Towards Employee-Centric Workplaces

Our suite of employee success solutions enables employers to create workplaces that attract best talent, retain top performers, boost employee morale and increase employee experience and productivity.

Employee Success Platform by Semos Cloud
Employee Recognition And Motivation

Employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated.
Employee Communication And Retention

Businesses with effective communication are more likely to have lower employee turnover.
Employee Surveys And Engagement

Employers agree that employee surveys are the best way to actively manage and drive employee engagement.

Business Success Starts with Employee Success

To drive Employee Success, companies must communicate transparently, make employees feel valued through appreciation and recognition, listen actively and act upon employees’ voice. They must drive productivity and engagement through continuous feedback, invest in employees’ well being and enable HR Business Partners and Leaders to inspire their teams, facilitate employee success and make employees happy.

Employee Recognition Software

Appreciate Your Employees for Going the Extra Mile 

Employee recognition is a powerful way to create employee moments that matterJobPtsSemos Cloud’s employee recognition app, enables you to make employees feel more valued, successful and make recognition more impactful by connecting it to your company’s core values and giving visibility to everyone’s contributions. 

Employee surveys solution

Listen to Your Employees and Encourage their Share of Voice

Understanding your employees’ feelings, thoughts and preferences is the only way to improve their experience, drive engagement and increase retention. With SurveyRocksSemos Cloud’s employee survey solution, you can continuously track your employees’ pulse and take data-driven actions to enable employee success. 

Employee Communications Solution

Communicate with Your Employees to Build Trust and Alignment

Today, employees expect timely, transparent and honest communication from their employers. Nurture, Semos Cloud’s internal communications solution, is made to keep employees informed and up-to-date with important company news, to connect employees with the company’s purpose and core values and to ensure employee success.   

A Few of Our Happy Customers

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Drive Employees’ Success with Personalized Employee Journeys

BoardFlo Employee Journey Management solution is our latest technology innovation in the HR space. With the Employee Journey Management software, employers can deliver tailored employee experiences and drive continuous employees success with personalized career paths and journeys.

Give Constructive and Continuous Feedback to Your Employees

Employee feedback is the core of employees’ professional growth and development as well as the biggest driver of employee engagement. FeedBck, Semos Cloud’s employee feedback app, helps employers shape better employee experience, drive employee success and facilitate collaboration using top-down and peer-to-peer feedback.

Enable Leaders to Continuously Facilitate Employee Success

Employee Success and Experience professionals, Leaders and HR Business Partners have the new role of driving employee success and experience which makes them the most important strategic business partners. With WorkVibe, people strategists have the out-of-the-box, real-time view of employees performance, engagement, satisfaction and productivity which enables them to take actions accordingly.

Invest in Your Employees’ Health and Well-Being

Whether it is through stress from an unreasonable workload or the costs of absenteeism, unhealthy employees cost businesses money. With Healthain, Semos Cloud’s employee health app, employers can reduce these costs by investing in employees’ physical, emotional, social and financial wellness.

Words from Our Customers and the Leading HR Tech Analysts

joshua greenbaum
“Semos Cloud understood early on in the digital transformation movement the importance of adding direct support for the employee experience to the HR professional’s toolkit.”

Joshua Greenbaum, Principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting

“JobPts is a superb example of our competitive advantage in HR extensibility and another showcase of drinking our own champagne by combining SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP Cloud Platform.”

Ralph Schneider, HR Business Information Officer, Global HR, SAP SE

“Semos Cloud is meeting the new demands around improving Employee Experience with its innovative engagement platforms along with a range of specialized HR apps. They are designed to not just boost business performance, but also provide tangible results to employees, managers and HR executives.”

Misho Markovski, Head of Research and Industry Analyst at Apps Run The World

“Semos Cloud was exceptional to work with. We now have a highly branded tool that seamlessly fits within our intranet and features with a ton of awesome rewards options for our team.”

Marc Farrugia, Vice President Human Resources at Sun Communities

SAP is JobPts customer
“It is very easy and simple to implement and use. For a 100k employee company, it is possible to run with only 0.5 FTE which is a clear plus and speaks for the easiness of the tool.”

Maike Kunz, Total Rewards Senior Consultant, SAP

OMW is JobPts customer
“JobPts, as a main HR tool for recognition, is one of the best on the market. The integration with SuccessFactors is seamless and Semos team did a great job from start to end. If you’re a company oriented to offer the best ‘recognition’ experience, JobPts by Semos Cloud is your best bet.”

Petre Florian Gridan, HRIS System Administrator at OMV


Awarded with

JobPts is SAP Endorsed Application
Semos - SAP Pinnacle award winner 2018
Semos Cloud as finalist for SAP Pinnacle Awards 2016

More Reasons Why Companies Choose Our Employee Success Apps

Semos Cloud support
Dedicated Support & Professional Services
All Semos Cloud users have a designated support 24/7 for both admins and end users, employees. In addition, per your request, we will assign our experts to help you implement and manage your new HR initiatives.
Security and compliance at Semos Cloud
Security & Compliance
Protecting customer data is a top priority at Semos Cloud. With us, your and your employees’ data is always secure and your processes 100% compliant. Our data centers across the world ensure safe data storage and processing.
Semos Cloud integrations
Out-of-the-Box Integrations
All of our employee success apps can be integrated with your existing HRIS, employee communications and other tools. Unlike most other providers, Semos Cloud offers a perfect integration with SuccessFactors.
Flexible employee success solutions
Flexibility & Agility
Every solution does not fit all. Therefore, all of our employee success solutions can be configurable based on your specific needs and business goals. We are here to map your existing processes into our solutions and help you get the best out of your new investment.