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We make work more meaningful. We connect employees around the globe with shared purpose and values. We empower organizations to drive business success by enabling their people to be the best versions of themselves.

Employee Recognition And Motivation

Employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated.
Employee Communication And Retention

Businesses with effective communication are more likely to have lower employee turnover.
Employee Surveys And Engagement

Employers agree that employee surveys are the best way to actively manage and drive employee engagement.

Discover Our All-in-One Employee Experience Cloud

Our Employee Experience Cloud is the most comprehensive, best-of-breed, technology with everything an organization needs for more engaged workplaces.

Recognize achievements, encourage employees’ share of voice, communicate transparently, give continuous feedback, and enable managers to lead their people through success.

Employee Experience is the New Business Imperative

“Employee Experience, which was perhaps the biggest new trend in HR, has now firmly landed with COVID-19. This is a big wakeup call that Employee Experience is now primary to every business in the world.

Well now we’re going to make digital work thrive: we have no choice. New tools, rules, and norms will be established, and these will be with us for decades.”

Josh Bersin, Principal, Founder, and Dean

Bersin by Deloitte: New World of Work 'Different by Design,' Focus of Industry-leading Research and Insights at IMPACT 2016

Trusted by Leading Global Brands

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Words from Our Customers and Industry Analysts

joshua greenbaum
“Semos Cloud understood early on in the digital transformation movement the importance of adding direct support for the employee experience to the HR professional’s toolkit.”

Joshua Greenbaum, Principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting

“My vision of making communications more consumable, memorable, measurable, and innovative came true thanks to the close partnership between SAP & Semos Cloud. With Nurture we simplified the whole HR Comms process, from editing to sending communications; everything is happening there. Another tremendous achievement in putting our customers at the center of everything we do.”

Ann Miller-Rauch, VP Global HR Communications SAP

“Semos Cloud is meeting the new demands around improving Employee Experience with its innovative engagement platforms along with a range of specialized HR apps. They are designed to not just boost business performance, but also provide tangible results to employees, managers and HR executives.”

Misho Markovski, Head of Research and Industry Analyst at Apps Run The World

“Semos Cloud was exceptional to work with. We now have a highly branded tool that seamlessly fits within our intranet and features with a ton of awesome rewards options for our team.”

Marc Farrugia, Vice President Human Resources at Sun Communities

SAP is JobPts customer
“It is very easy and simple to implement and use. For a 100k employee company, it is possible to run with only 0.5 FTE which is a clear plus and speaks for the easiness of the tool.”

Maike Kunz, Total Rewards Senior Consultant, SAP

OMW is JobPts customer
“JobPts, as a main HR tool for recognition, is one of the best on the market. The integration with SuccessFactors is seamless and Semos team did a great job from start to end. If you’re a company oriented to offer the best ‘recognition’ experience, JobPts by Semos Cloud is your best bet.”

Petre Florian Gridan, HRIS System Administrator at OMV


Driven to Transform Your Employees’ Work Experience

The world of work is changing, and so are your employees.

By providing personalized employee journeys and career paths, we empower you to be agile, ensure business continuity, and provide exceptional digital employee experience in the workplace.

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