Extending Top-of-The-class Solutions in the Heart of Every Enterprise

We partner with the leading enterprise software vendors in the world, such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft to provide secure, turnkey integrations available on partners app stores. Our Platforms are built to work with the best to improve every employee’s experience at virtually no additional FTE cost for our clients.

SAP SuccessFactors

Integrate With SAP SuccessFactors

Our employee experience suite is built on the SAP Business Technology Platform and is integrated with SAP SuccessFactors. Through native API connectors, our customers can start workflows triggered by events generated in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution.

Keep Your Data Secure and Updated

We protect customers’ information as it is being transmitted between systems. Semos Cloud integrates seamlessly with HRIS Platform systems without compromising the security of your data.

Our products are secured against common software vulnerabilities, such as operating system, SQL injection, memory corruption, and information leak vulnerabilities.

Making the Best Out of Data

Make use of any part of your HCM data in your EX programs. Fully compliant solutions allow unseen levels of configurability making each program a perfect fit for your company. You can set up custom events and triggers even on the level of smaller teams, ensuring full individualization and success of your program. If the data’s there, we will help you use it.

Make the Best Out of SuccessFactors

Oracle HCM

Integrate With Oracle HCM

We partnered with Oracle to extend their native HCM capabilities to workforce rewards capabilities. With technical and business support from our partner teams at Oracle, we deliver solutions and integrations on the public cloud platform.

Our strategic and consulting services enable HR leaders to build a business case for employee recognition and implement strategic recognition programs with high ROIs.

Turn-key Integration Leaving You Worry-free

Our best team of experts works with customers in both pre and post-implementation phases of the integrations. We work closely with the customer HR and IT teams, and other partners to coordinate seamless integration leading to a successful outcome and meeting the business and end-user goals.

Unmatched Dedication to Privacy and Security Compliance

With our partners, we regularly undertake internal and external security and compliance checks to make sure all data stored with us remains secure, private and protected.

We take your employees privacy very seriously, and ensure industry-leading data governance at every stage of development and beyond.

Extend Your Oracle HCM to Impact Culture


Working With Microsoft

Extend your communications further with our Microsoft integration. Keep your employees connected to create a unique and tailored experience for your workforce.

Our platforms come with built-in solutions for employee communication, employee feedback, and employee surveys. These solutions enable organizations to engage their employees in co-creation of the recognition programs, make them more impactful, and continuously drive employees’ participation and engagement.

Reach Your Team Where They Are

Our solutions work impeccably with Microsoft Office Suite. Make the best out of integrating any of our platforms with Microsoft Teams or Outlook.

We integrate our solutions with the communications tool of your choice. With innovative technologies, it improves adoption of our programs through best engaging practices like real-time notifications, automated workflows and even chatbots.

We Guarantee Full Configurability

As certified partners, we are aware of all the limitations that may come up with integrations. By making our solutions highly secure and compliant with continuous recertifications, we secured our spot to truly make every configuration come to life. We keep all our technologies up to date, making sure your programs run undisrupted and can always get improved and updated.

Seamlessly Communicate Across MS Platforms

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