Use the Power of Artificial Intelligence 

By using and connecting data from various sources, we provide more context to drive better decision-making. Our AI-powered technology drives business intelligence and empowers employers and leaders to achieve personalization at scale.
AI employee experience technology

The Business Case for Artificial Intelligence 

AI employee experience technology
Increase Engagement
Using data from various sources, organizations can better understand the drivers for employees’ motivation and engagement in the workplace. Based on data, they can make informed decisions around improving engagement KPIs.
AI employee experience technology
Reduce Turnover
Smart data can be a powerful way of identifying and better understanding reasons why employees leave their organizations. Using AI and Machine Learning, employers can get valuable recommendations for improvement.
AI employee experience technology
Drive Performance
Today, employees expect a personalized digital experience in the workplace. Artificial Intelligence can be a big enabler in creating technology targeted to the employees’ needs, interests, preferences, and job functions.
AI employee experience technology
Build Resilience
AI-powered technology can prepare organizations for the future of work. It can help managers and employers to better understand their employees’ skills and expertise, close the skill gaps, and drive employees’ growth and development.

Human Resources & Artificial Intelligence

“For us as HR leaders, AI will change every process we touch. The way we source, assess, hire, train, develop, pay, and move people is all being informed by AI. Moreover, 63% of CEOs are rethinking the role of their HR departments in light of new AI technologies and workforce needs.  HR now has the responsibility to build systems of trust, systems of intelligence, and far better systems of prediction that help inform talent decisions.”

Josh Bersin, Principal, Founder, and Dean, Bersin by Deloitte

AI for Empowering Managers 

We use AI to provide managers with actionable and personalized recommendations to help improve engagement in their teams.

Our AI talent alerts help managers make decisions about their people, based on a range of information around employee recognition, feedback, wellbeing, communication, and performance.

AI for Automating Repetitive and Manual Tasks

Employee Recognition
Internal Communication
Surveys and Feedback
AI employee experience technology

Employee Recognition

A vast amount of employee data enables us to automate certain employee recognition and rewards actions such as birthdays, service anniversaries, and promotions.

Robust workflows help program administrators to cut on manual tasks and automate repetitive recognition initiatives.

AI employee experience technology

Internal Communication

Artificial Intelligence helps us make internal communication more streamlined, personal, engaging, and measurable.

Using workflows, communication departments can better understand their internal processes and make them more agile.

Using data around employee engagement with internal communications campaigns, we provide actionable recommendations for improvement and better readership.

AI employee experience technology

Surveys and Feedback

Data collected from our employee survey and feedback solutions automatically get analyzed, and it doesn’t need human interventions. Based on the results, we make personalized and actionable recommendations for managers and Human Resources departments.

Using workflows, certain recommendations for improvement can be automatically triggered.

We Use Artificial Intelligence to

Personalize Experiences

Using and connecting data around employees’ preferences, interests, and needs, AI enables us to create personalized employee journeys, recommendations, and career paths. 

With such personalization, we can make the content more relevant to employees – resulting in simpler browsing and ongoing development aligned with business initiatives. 

Enhance Talent Management 

Notifications tailored to the characteristics of individual employees make it easier for leaders to plan their teams’ growth and development or identify employees with a greater propensity to leave. Data around reasons and frequency of recognition, survey results, social interactions, service anniversaries, and engagement with internal communications can help organizations master their talent management efforts. 

Identify and Prevent Abuse 

Our employee experience solutions come with built-in, AI-powered, features for facilitating abuse management in the workplace. This helps organizations identify and prevent abuse with their employee recognition and rewards programs ensuring fair and equal opportunities for every employee.  

Experience the Power of Artificial Intelligence