Join Our SaaS Capability Academy and Thrive!

We are on a mission to empower and cultivate tech talents by providing essential skills to excel in selling and launching SaaS products.

Our purpose is to bridge the capability gap in the Southeastern Europe, enabling local talents to actively participate in the global tech landscape.

We’re not building careers.

We’re forging a path for a generation of pioneers.

We want to nurture a community of professionals who drive innovation and economic growth, by leveraging their SaaS capabilities globally.

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6 weeks
intensive learning experience.

June 2024
start time, promising a transformative journey.

training for a hands-on learning experience.

full price & merit based scholarsip up to 80%
Reasons to Join SaaS Capability Academy



our programs provide hands-on experience through real-world simulations, ensuring you are job-ready with practical skills


Career Opportunities

gain expertise in demanding SaaS Sales roles, backed by industry connections


Competitive Edge

a unique curriculum based on industry best practices for distinguished talents selected through Fit & Proper Criteria

Mentorship &

Job Placement

access to experienced mentors and job placement opportunity tailored to Semos Cloud’s culture

Unlock your potential and launch your journey

Learning Model

Our learning model follows the renowned 70:20:10 rule, a methodology proven to be highly effective:

70% Learning by Doing: most of your learning will happen while you’re actively engaged in tasks and practical exercises. You’ll immerse in real-world scenarios, sharpening your skills through role plays, hands-on projects, and assignments.

20% Learning from Peers and Trainer: learning is a collective journey. You’ll gain valuable insights from your peers and trainers, engaging in coaching sessions and knowledge-sharing.

10% Formal Classroom-style Training: 10% of your learning will come from structured classroom-style training, courses, and reading materials carefully curated to enhance your knowledge base.

Some of the practical methodologies used

Learning by Teaching

Ever heard the saying, “You learn something best when you teach it”? We firmly believe in it. Just like medical students who master procedures, you’ll follow a similar path:

See it: first, you’ll observe and learn from experienced individuals, understanding the intricacies of the task.

Do it: then, you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice. Hands-on experience is key to mastery.

Teach it: here’s the intriguing part. Mastery isn’t achieved until you teach what you’ve learned to another student. Explaining concepts to others solidifies your understanding and sharpens your expertise.

The Flipped Classroom

We also embrace the innovative “flipped classroom” approach.

Study Core Materials at Home: before coming to class, you’ll prepare by studying core materials independently. This pre-class learning allows you to grasp the fundamentals at your own pace.

Practice in class: our sessions are dedicated to practice. You’ll apply what you’ve learned, engaging in interactive exercises, discussions, and collaborative projects to maximize your hands-on experience and interaction with peers and instructors

Peer-to-Peer Learning Circles

Peer-to-Peer Learning Circles fosters a collaborative learning environment where you learn from both instructors and peers’ diverse perspectives.

Peer Learning Sessions: small groups of peers share insights, questions, and discoveries. Take turns in leading discussions and presenting topics related to the course.

Collective Problem Solving: tackle real business cases and problem-solving exercises. Collaborative brainstorming and critical thinking are tools for finding solutions.

Feedback Loops: constructive feedback is at the heart of these sessions. Receive and provide feedback on peers’ understanding and application of concepts, helping each other refine skills.

Real Business Cases

Apply practical knowledge in real situations, to better understand the material

Written assignments (emails, decks, battle plans): communicate effectively with different audiences in different formats, develop/present your ideas in a clear and concise way

Video presentation (storytelling): tell engaging and informative stories, use video to communicate your ideas effectively

Cold outreach to real leads: reach out to potential customers and build relationships, overcome objections and close deals

Unlock your potential and launch your journey

Explore available programs

SaaS Customer Success Program
Maxime the value of customers, professional services and implementation methodology. Keep customers happy, renewing and expanding.

Demand Generation Marketing Program
Funnel metrics, Lead Nurturing, Channel Performance (organic, paid search/social, content, webinars, events, field), ABM & Campaigning
Application Process

Applicants can either submit their applications or receive exclusive invitations from the academy. Selection is based on meeting a
Fit & Proper Criteria.

  • Admission isn’t guaranteed for everyone who applies
  • Experience in tech or global companies is preferred
  • The motivational letter bears weight. Show your X factor and why should we choose you?
  • Candidates might have a behavioral interview on the “open day”

The Ideal Student Profile

  • Passionately believes in and wants to build new startups
  • Young and ambitious aged between 18 and 36
  • Seek a mission-driven culture with mentorship, agility
    and minimal bureaucracy
  • Eager to learn, advance career, and experience personal growth
  • ‘Growing pie’ mindset, innovative, risk-taker
  • Intrinsically motivated, preservers when pursuing
    long-term goals
  • Strong integrity and work ethic
  • Weighted Sales skills: effective communication, empathy, customer focus, grit, technical capacity and resilience

Our Values Derive from Our Student-Centered Culture

At the SaaS Capability Academy, we recognize the transformative power of our educational culture.
By fostering a culture of continuous learning, we are motivated to swiftly translate knowledge into action. We fearlessly encourage experimentation and innovation, all while humbly striving to empower our students to drive positive change in the dynamic realm of SaaS technology.

Unlock your potential and launch your journey