Sales Saas Masterclass

A comprehensive course on Tech/SaaS sales, that will take you from understanding the industry to closing 6 figure deals, and what you need to know to land your ideal tech sales job.

This program led by real, practicing sales reps, offers a unique 70/20/10 learning experience, providing skills and knowledge to excel in SaaS sales and secure your future in the ever-growing SaaS industry.

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Supercharge your skills and reach new heights

What you’ll learn

  • Crafting the blueprint for SaaS and B2B Enterprise Sales
  • Exploring the dynamic opportunities within high performing SaaS sales teams
  • Identifying ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and conducting competitor analysis
  • Real-World Sales Methodologies and Techniques
  • Advanced techniques for crafting irresistible value proposition
  • How to close 6 figure multi-year deals
  • How to remain competitive in top SaaS companies: a guide for senior candidates

Who is this course for / is the course right for you

  • You work in sales but want to break into Tech/SaaS sales
  • You have experience in other areas but aspire to transition in Tech/SaaS sales
  • You have sales experience and are eager to enhance your skills with latest knowledge and methods
  • You possess these sales skills: effective communication, empathy, customer focus, grit, technical capacity and resilience

Requirements/Fit and Proper Criteria

  • Admission isn’t guaranteed for everyone who applies
  • The motivational letter bears weight. Show your X factor and why should we choose you?
  • You might have a behavioral interview on the “open day”
  • Experience in tech or global companies is preferred

Ideal Student Profile

  • Passionately believes in and wants to build new startups
  • Young and ambitious aged between 18 and 36
  • Seek a mission-driven culture with mentorship, agility and minimal bureaucracy
  • Eager to learn, advance career, and experience personal growth
  • ‘Growing pie’ mindset, innovative, risk-taker
  • Intrinsically motivated, preservers when pursuing long-term goals
  • Strong integrity and work ethic

Skills you’ll gain

  • Market Research and Prospecting
  • Lead Generation
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Sales Techniques

  • Effective Sales Psychology and Communication
  • Sales Funnel Management
  • Closing Skills
  • Customer Relationship Management

Supercharge your skills and reach new heights

Core Curiculim


SaaS and B2B Enterprise Sales Overview
- Understanding the SaaS industry
- Sales process overview
- Sales Tools overview
Sales Roles and Responsibilities
- Different roles within a sales team
- Sales psychology and communication skills

Product Knowledge
- Deep dive into your SaaS product (JobPts)
- Value proposition and unique selling points
Target Market Identification
- Ideal customer profiles (ICPs)
- Market segmentation & Competitor analysis

- Lead Generation Tactics (Growth Hacking)
- Creating a prospecting plan (Account, Personas, Messaging Sequence)
- Leveraging phone, email and social media
- Outreach Best Practices

Ethical Selling
- Ethical considerations in SaaS sales
- Compliance with industry regulations
Handling Ethical Dilemmas
- Case studies and ethical decision-making

Qualification Techniques
- BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline)
- Asking probing questions
Conducting Discovery Calls
- Understanding customer pain points and needs
- Active listening skills

Creating Compelling Sales Presentations
- Structuring a sales pitch
- Storytelling in sales
Product Demonstrations
- Delivering effective product demos
- Provide a clear and compelling call to action

Closing Stage
- Handling objections and objections-handling frameworks
- Joint success planning - objectives, the implementation timeline, and milestones
Negotiation and Pricing Strategies
- Effective negotiation tactics
- Value-based pricing

Sales Career Paths
- Sales management and leadership roles
- Career progression in SaaS sales
Personal Development and Networking
- Building a personal brand
- Networking in the SaaS industry


Mile Prodanov

mile prodanov lecturer
Mile Prodanov is an experienced Account Manager at Semos Cloud, specializing in Employee Rewards and Recognition. With a track record of success, he has a strong focus on enhancing workplace culture and boosting employee engagement. Mile’s practical skills include expertise in SaaS Sales, international sales, and consultative selling. He played a crucial role in developing innovative solutions , aimed at improving employee engagement and streamlining processes. He is deeply passionate about creating a healthy workplace culture and promoting work-life balance. His experience includes holding key positions at an international professional development institute, a marketing agency, and a bank, where he honed his skills in sales and client relationship management. Mile is driven by the desire to inspire others to dream and learn, aiming to make a significant positive impact in the business world.

Guest Lecturers

Pricing Model

full price
50 scholarship
80 scholarship

Class format and structure

· 2 times per week (Mon-Thu or Tue-Fri) 17-20h On-Site
· Session format: 75min lecture / 30min break / 75min lecture
· 70/20/10 hands on/ peers/ homework format
· Learning by teaching – see it, do it, teach it
· Written assignments (email, deck, battle plan)
· Video presentation (story telling)
· Cold outreach to real leads