Unlock your potential and launch your journey

Elevate your skills with hands-on, practical experience as
an A+ talent through our SaaS Sales Academy.
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Fit and Proper Criteria

  • Admission isn’t guaranteed for everyone who applies
  • The motivational letter bears weight. Show your X factor and why should we choose you?
  • You might have a behavioral interview on the “open day”
  • Experience in tech or global companies is preferred

Ideal Student Profile

  • Passionately believes in and wants to build new startups
  • Young and ambitious aged between 18 and 36
  • Seek a mission-driven culture with mentorship, agility and minimal bureaucracy
  • Eager to learn, advance career, and experience personal growth
  • ‘Growing pie’ mindset, innovative, risk-taker
  • Intrinsically motivated, preservers when pursuing long-term goals
  • Strong integrity and work ethic