Our Mission

Semos Cloud is keen to provide an engagement platform that connects your employees and customers, fosters team collaboration, drives business performance with exceptional employee experience.

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Why Semos Cloud

We have built our solutions with bottom-up approach. Empowering the employee, his manager and the broader team. We built our platform, with a promise to give our users the best applications to engage and to drive business results for the company.

Our focus is on building teams, growing your talent, foster cross-functional collaboration, improve company culture and provide the best recognition & rewards platform globally.

Semos’ WorkVibe platform, combines the power of JobPts’ best-in-class recognition & rewards platform together with Healthain, SurveyRocks, Boardflo and FeedBck’s powerful engagement engines into one best-in-class experience for your employees and your customers

Latest Technology & Customer-Centric Mindset

At Semos Cloud, we believe that building the latest HR technology is not enough.

As a customer-centric company, our goal is always to help our customers get the most out of all of our solutions. That is why we co-create with our customers, offer dedicated onboarding and implementation services.

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