Re-imagining the Workplace by Creating Moments That Matter

Our goal is to help employees become successful at work. And to help businesses make the best out of the talent they have. Together, we help drive an outstanding employee experience for top business performance.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to grow and retain great talent, to keep them engaged, happy, and in the flow. Talent and HR Management systems have become too complex, focused on managing transactions and processes, and less about employees, teams, and business needs.

Imagine a workplace where it’s easy to communicate and connect with employees, where it’s simple to guide employees on critical initiatives and objectives. Imagine a workplace where it’s inspiring to appreciate and reward folks for doing a great job, where it’s effortless to get and request feedback, understand employees’ sentiments, and keep them healthy and resilient.

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Our Story

The idea of “Attitude of Gratitude” was born when our founders wanted to send appreciation to their loved ones abroad – their parents, siblings, and people they truly missed. They soon realized that the workplace, fatigued by low employee engagement rates, needed new concepts for appreciation and building a great culture. They founded Semos Cloud in late 2014 to develop and deliver the first modern and extensible cloud solution to transform how enterprises recognize and reward their employees.

Ever since then, Semos Cloud has been evolving its mission. We aim to connect and attract people to your organization by making work more meaningful. Therefore, we focus on creating employee experience magnets in areas that are most meaningful to employees and are the fundamental building blocks of great culture: Communication, Appreciation, Listening, Enablement, Wellbeing, and Leadership.


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Today, Semos Cloud is a technology company with an innovative approach to reshaping the world of Talent Management by putting people at the heart of every organization. Our employee experience suite of applications and technology is used by some of the world’s largest organizations and is revolutionizing the experience of hundreds of thousands of employees across the globe.

We help build the connections and employee experiences that organizations need to retain, engage, and attract their people.

Semos Cloud is an International US-based Technology Company

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