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Drive successful teams with appreciation and gratitude. Grow your employees with encouragement that creates a thriving workplace. Use JobPts to align people with culture.

Together, we will create an irresistible employee environment that drastically reduces turnover and increases engagement.
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The Most Flexible Recognition Programs Today  

Our unique approach helps company culture thrive by adopting the programs you want. Top-down, bottom-up, or peer-to-peer, monetary and non-monetary – we support it all.  

Recognize employees or teams by nomination, voting and ranking. Your culture, your values – your call. 

Include EVERYONE. With global and local programs, we will help you also consolidate, modernize, and meet all global, country specific, and organization unique needs.

Easeto-Use and Delightful Employee Experience  

We are the topmost used and loved HR service as customer data shows.  People enjoy our familiar interface with inspiring design and communication.   

Embed recognition into your daily workflow. Take actions in the apps you use most, like Microsoft Teams, Slack and mobile devices. 

Help employees engage more through social and gamification elements. Motivate others to do their best by spotlighting positive behavior and sharing it on social feed.        

Customize style to match your brand

Edit layout and options

Run the Programs Without Headaches

Natively integrate with your HR system. Remove any worries from inconsistent data, security and compliance by following a standard architecture used by more than 12,000 customers. 

Use Recognition Cloud to easily incorporate rules for any recognition program such as participation eligibility, approval workflows, comprehensive budgeting and more. 

We guarantee less FTEs and lower total costs to run and support your program. We back it up with instant reports detailing the program effectiveness and impact you make.

Learn About the Most Configurable Recognition Programs on the Planet 🚀

Celebrate Moments That Matter

Moments that matter are individual and unique to each employee. Empower employees to share what they care about and invite their teammates to celebrate what matters. Such as their anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, new home, new family and team members and any other moment in their journey. 

Making moments that matter fun and contagious impacts culture company-wide, increasing average tenure by as much as 2 years. 

Automate Anniversaries and Milestones

Automate rewarding your employees’ service anniversary and other events and milestones.  Help managers and team leaders with reminders, compiled congratulatory notes, and sending service awards automatically with any type of physical reward or points. 

Easy, automated administration lets you focus on delivering amazing employee experiences. 

Curate a Celebration Experience

Celebrate a special occasion by sending a custom and branded gift pack. Create packs with items that can be shipped right to your employee’s door. You can include whatever you want from branded swag with your company logo to brand name items.  

Work with our service awards team to curate these boxes. Engage employees to make their coworkers special days count.  

Personalize Meaningful Celebrations 

Create digital memory books for your employees with the moments that matter to them. Include photos, videos, memorable messages and good wishes.  

Start the chain of positivity with employees including their work buddies to their most important moments.   

The memory books are digital, also can be downloaded or even printed as physical photo books. 

Make Each Celebration Matter 🎉

Reward With Meaningful Gifts. Every Employee. On any Location.

Employees have different preferences.  More options, happier employees. 

Your rewards catalog should offer a wide variety of rewards in which every employee can find something they like. 

With JobPts, employees can use gift cards, vouchers, shop on the world’s biggest marketplaces, take adventures, donate to charity or you can simply create your company’s unique catalog. 

The Biggest International Rewards Network

Your global employees will love the redemption catalogs available in more than 130 countries across the globe.  

We teamed up with some of the largest vendors, enabling redeeming of rewards from e-Bay, Amazon, exclusive local vendors, and even providers of experiences like tours, or personalized gifts. 

We service countries all over the world, and we manage shipping and import costs.

Custom Awards for Unique Culture and Needs

One size doesn’t fit all, but there’s a solution for every company.  We help create your company’s unique catalogue through custom products, custom vouchers, or swag packs and items. 

Create your own collection of awards that honor important events, define your culture, and become objects of desire employees can’t get anywhere else.

The Best Value for Money

Our reward catalogs come with no overhead cost or markups – you and your employee get 100% value! Also we automatically adapt the purchasing power to country currency and standard of living index for more equitable rewards.  

Remove all the confusion and frustration associated with rewards systems. Get the best value for money with fully transparent programs and give your employees the reward experience they deserve. 

We Offer Rewards Experience Like No Other. Customized, Localized and at Best Value.

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JobPts is a leader in Enterprise Employee Recognition on G2

Energize Your Incentives and Flex Benefits

Earn programs and flex benefits motivates employees to hit goals, complete tasks, and take advantage of campaigns the company is offering to drive important initiatives. 

Incentivized campaigns with JobPts such as employee referrals, quarterly sales programs, and learning programs will show the employees the value they bring to the company, while drastically decreasing turnover and increasing engagement.  

Wellbeing Campaigns for Healthy Company Culture

Nurturing a good culture starts with employee happiness and wellbeing. Create different programs to promote individual health, wellness, and sustainability.  

Set up a wellness and health programs with specific goals, rewards, and audience, and let employees show what they did to improve their wellness. Earn programs and incentives can make it simple. 

One Stop Shop for All Flex Benefits and Subsidies 

Flex benefits allow employees to pick the benefit that best meets their lifestyle and current situation.  By enrolling employees in subsidies, they can receive payroll monetary assistance from the company. 

The benefits can be used to subsidize: 

to cover utility and communication costs for teleworking 

to pay for health screenings, vaccinations, and medication purchases to help employees’ health 

to assist childcare and nursing care services 

Fun Ways to Engage and Include More Employees

More options for more engagement. Delight employees with raffles and events with physical scratch cards with award-redeeming codes as rewards.  

With this option, employees can use card codes to win reward points, and the fun experience helps spread awareness of the rewards programs to wider pool of employees.  

Words from Our Customers

SAP is JobPts customer
“With JobPts, we simplified and sychronized our recognition landscape saving IT but also administration resources a lot. Recognition is a very important topic nowadays as we see on our site. The JobPts tool is one of our highest rated HR services in our company what speaks for itself.”

Maike Kunz, Total Rewards Senior Consultant, SAP

OMW is JobPts customer
“A few clicks here, a few clicks there and anyone in the company can recognize a colleague for doing a great job, for being a great team-player and much more. From a ‘features’ point of view, I do think that both the tool and Semos team are doing their best to accommodate the client’s requests.”

Petre Florian Gridan, HRIS System Administrator at OMV


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