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JobPts inspires achievements with automatic and peer to peer recognition and rewards, to attract, motivate and retain employees on a global scale. 

Why JobPts?

Extending Core HR Modules
Increase employee engagement by the creation of recognition engines for your workforce directly within your SAP SuccessFactors and boost your standard HR practices like learning, training and recruiting with JobPts. 
Full integration with existing HR Platform
Fully integrated with your existing SSO and role-based permissions from SuccessFactors to create a unique and tailored experience for your workforce .
Flexible adoption and implemetation
JobPts is a highly customizable recognition platform to manage all of your recognition programs. Get creative and build experience for your workforce 
No overhead costs and no merchandise markups. Pay for the product equal amount as it is listed.

JobPts in different use cases, the same functionality in different environments

HR – Recognition and rewards
Loyalty and rewards
API model

Peer to peer recognition programs

  • Non-monetary programs – Thank You, Birthday, Nomination programs, Milestone celebration and social collaboration
  • Monetary programs – Cash and Spot awards, Nomination awards, Loyalty programs for employees, achievements rewards, Recruiting Referral Programs, Learning incentives, and many more
Automatic programs:  
  • Triggered by your CoreHR – Service Anniversary Awards, Milestones, Promotions, Birthdays, Goal achievements and many more 

Include Loyalty to your consumer practices  

  • Rate or review and earn points 
  • Competitions and raffle games 
Channel and Sales Incentives
  • Sales Competitions and Promotions 
  • Incentivize your top performers 
  • Boost your channel sales with creative games 
  • Onboard channels faster with gamified experiences and incentives 

Bring the power of JobPts to your enterprise app 

  • Use the global catalog for your existing loyalty program 
  • Gamify existing apps 
  • Bring recognition into your core solutions 

Flexible recognition and reward programs

Robust Employee Recognition & Rewards  Platform

With JobPts you will be able to manage all your company-wide recognition programs on one unified platform. JobPts offers an extensive all-digital rewards network that is available in over 100 countries around the globe to support your global operation. With the out of the box integration with SAP SuccessFactors you will be able to bring JobPts to your secured environment. Having the existing SSO and Role-Based Permissions applied to the recognition programs, you can deliver next-gen employee engagement and talent intelligence.

Flexible and Creative Offering

With JobPts enjoy 360° peer-to-peer recognition that has never been easier. Recognize a co-worker, manager, or even whole team. Choose monetary or non-monetary recognition, search for your colleagues, write a message, and send.

Help your company strength its culture & align its employees by choosing one of the corporate values messages.

eGifts & eCredit cards + worldwide rewards catalogs

JobPts offer the largest selections of unique and attractive gift cards, reloadable prepaid debit cards. Our integration with eBay provides millions of products available to your employees as a redeem options through top selected sellers. Company branded items can be leveraged through the customizable rewards catalog too. All while keeping one policy, your rewarding budget is not our profit center! We do not do any markups nor charge any transactional costs on the rewards in our catalog – making JobPts the best-in-class solution with the lowest TCO too.

Socialized and Gamified employee experience

JobPts gamification and social modules will enable your workforce to engage in other ways then only top-down appreciation from their managers. Your workforce can create their own goals, and when they achieved it, their managers can decide if those should be recognized and rewarded.

The leaderboard showcases the top performers and brings a gamification element to employee engagement program. It highlights your culture ambassadors and those who are making an impression on their peers and the organization while peers can vote up for colleagues who have helped them most

Take something with you to learn more

“JobPts is a superb example of our competitive advantage in HR extensibility and another showcase of drinking our own champagne by combining SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP Cloud Platform.”

Ralph Schneider, HR Business Information Officer, Global HR, SAP SE

Inspirative customer success stories

Read some of the most creative customer’s success stories. Find out how SAP, SUN Communities, and Asian Paints transformed their HR, how they improved employee engagement and satisfaction.

Automated anniversaries, birthdays or achievements

If you want to add some extra JobPts magic to your HR practices, you can build recognition programs to be executed based on achievements, milestones, or activities. Define when action occurs depending on what you would like to promote in your company culture.

Extend recognition automation program to other areas such as milestones, achievements, birthdays, recruiting, onboarding, learning, etc.

Modern and easy to use interface


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