Peer-to-peer recognition and rewards solution

JobPts inspires achievement with peer to peer recognition and rewards to attract, motivate and retain employees on a global scale. 

Robust Employee Recognition Program

JobPts automates motivation and reward practices while empowers managers, team leads, and HR professionals with intelligent tools to keep employees engaged. Employees can give and receive recognition with instant feedback. JobPts supports customer’s workflow requirements, gamification, and any advanced HR benefits scenarios. It is taking full advantage of SAP HANA’s platform on the cloud to deliver next-gen employee engagement and talent intelligence.

Peer-To-Peer Recognition

With JobPts enjoy 360° peer-to-peer recognition has never been easier. Recognize a co-worker, manager or even whole team. Simply, choose monetary or non-monetary recognition, search for your colleagues and add a message. Help your company strength its culture & align its employees by choosing one of the corporate values messages.

eGifts & eCredit cards + worldwide rewards catalogs

JobPts offer the largest selections of unique and attractive gift cards, reloadable prepaid debit cards.  Full integration with eBay offers millions of products available to your employees as a redeem options through top selected sellers. Company branded items can be leveraged through the customizable rewards catalog too.

Incentivize gamification with creative  recognition programs

Points leaderboard showcase the top JobPts senders and receivers each month and bring a gamification element to your engagement program. This features highlights your culture ambassadors and those who are making an impression on their peers and the organization.

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