Keeping Your Data Protected and Secured  

Your organization’s privacy is important to us. Enjoy the best employee experience technology for your vast workforce with maximum data security and compliance with world-class standards.

employee experience platform security and compliance

Enterprise-Grade Security 

employee experience platform security and compliance
Secured Against Software Vulnerabilities
Our products are secured against common software vulnerabilities, such as operating system, SQL injection, memory corruption, and information leak vulnerabilities.
employee experience platform security and compliance
Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
All of our solutions are developed following the most secure software development lifecycle principles, guidelines, and architecture risk assessments.
employee experience platform security and compliance
Encrypted Communication Channels
We use encryption to achieve the maximum possible security of all communication channels used in an organization.
employee experience platform security and compliance
Configurable Authentication Policies
All of the Semos Cloud products are designed to offer enhanced security by using configurable authentication policies.

Following the Highest Security Standards

employee experience platform security and compliance
employee experience platform security and compliance
employee experience platform security and compliance

Runs on SAP Data Centers

In order to freely create the best employee experience programs, you need to rely on secure technology with minimum risk to your organization’s data security. Semos Cloud technology runs on SAP Data Centers that classify as Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers operating with maximum security standards. 

SAP Data Centers regularly undergo internal and external audits and reviews of its policies and controls, including data security and data protection worldwide. Depending on the cloud solution, technologies such as adaptive computing and multi-tenancy provide a critical role in providing high quality cloud services.

Why SAP® for Technology and Security?

Over 2000 experts in security and compliance within the company

Over €500 Million spent yearly on Data Protection and security audits

Regular Penetration testing of service and Vulnerability testing of application

Security on All Levels

Identity Management
Information Compliance
Data Protection & Security

Identity Management

To maximize our users identity security, we offer Single Sign-On (SSO) and Two-factor authentication to our customers, supported by various technologies. 

Our Identity Management (ID management) ensures that individuals in the organization have the appropriate access to technology resources. More specifically, this includes the process of identification, authorization, and authentication of employees when accessing our applications.

Information Compliance 

At Semos Cloud, the process of protecting information, including how it is obtained, stored, secured, and distributed, follows the highest security standards.

Our products meet the standards for application security specified by ISO 27034, standards for information security management specified by ISO 27001, and standards for software lifecycle processes specified by ISO 12207. 

Data Protection in the Cloud 

We rely on the best in class secure service providers to ensure that your information is safe. Semos Cloud’s services run on SAP Data Centers, which employ modern software security techniques trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses globally.

The implementation and maintenance of Semos Cloud solutions are fast and easy, resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and less work from your Information Technology departments.

Together with our clients, we create roadmaps for our products in order to support their needs for additional features and functionalities.  

Secure APIs and data encryption

We protect your information as it’s being transmitted between systems. Semos Cloud integrates seamlessly with HRIS Platform systems without compromising the security of your data. Communication through HRIS partner APIs is HTTPS encrypted using TLS 1.2 256-bit encryption in-transit and AES-256 bit encryption at rest.