Flexible Solutions to Fit Your Company and Employees 

By offering multiple configuration options, we make our solutions work for you. The technology that follows your company’s and employees’ needs allows for a tailored and personalized user experience.

flexible employee experience platform

Multiple Levels of Flexibility 

Self-Service Admin
Create, update, and change your workflows and HR programs based on your specific needs, core company values, and ultimate business goals – all without IT support.
flexible employee experience platform
Extend your current solutions to other employee experience apps or add custom items to your solutions and personalize your employees’ experience.
flexible employee experience platform
Use advanced company branding, theming, and custom pages. Create fully tailored, personalized experiences by mapping your existing internal processes into the Semos Cloud suite.
flexible employee experience platform
Single vs. Multi-Tenant
Have a unique, single-tenant environment and full control of your employee experience solutions, or enjoy fast and regularly updating multi-tenant version of Semos Cloud solutions.

Benefits For Our Customers


hours/year saved in system management

FTEs to run the entire recognition program

days from Proof of Concept to go-live

increase in engagement within two weeks

Why Flexibility Is Important to Us 

Provide Unique User Experience
Adapt to Your Company’s Needs
Streamline Implementation and Maintenance

Unique User Experience

Today, employees seek an experience to match their expectations. This calls for a highly personalized technological experience that matches your company’s brand and culture.

Ultimately, flexibility in creating and implementing different experience solutions leads to higher user adoption and employee engagement rates. 

Specific Business Needs

No need to change the established ways in which your company operates on multiple levels.

Instead, map your existing processes into your Semos Cloud solutions and add a zero-compromise solution to your company’s portfolio. 

Implementation and Maintenance

The implementation and maintenance of Semos Cloud solutions are fast and easy, resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and less work from your Information Technology departments.

Together with our clients, we create roadmaps for our products in order to support their needs for additional features and functionalities.  

Individual Modules or All-in-One Employee Experience Cloud

With Semos Cloud, you can choose from individual solutions that best fit your current organizational needs and objectives, or simply implement the entire Employee Experience Cloud with everything an organization needs for more engaged workplaces.

Don’t Just Trust Our Words

SAP is JobPts customer
“It is very easy and simple to implement and use. For a 100k employee company, it is possible to run with only 0.5 FTE which is a clear plus and speaks for the easiness of the tool.”

Maike Kunz, Total Rewards Senior Consultant, SAP

“My vision of making communications more consumable, memorable, measurable, and innovative came true thanks to the close partnership between SAP & Semos Cloud. With Nurture we simplified the whole HR Comms process, from editing to sending communications; everything is happening there. Another tremendous achievement in putting our customers at the center of everything we do.”

Ann Miller-Rauch, VP Global HR Communications SAP

“Semos Cloud was exceptional to work with. We now have a highly branded tool that seamlessly fits within our intranet and features with a ton of awesome rewards options for our team. We implemented the solution and went live in only 90 days!”

Marc Farrugia, Vice President Human Resources at Sun Communities

OMW is JobPts customer
“JobPts, as a main HR tool for recognition, is one of the best on the market. The integration with SuccessFactors is seamless and Semos team did a great job from start to end. If you’re a company oriented to offer the best ‘recognition’ experience, JobPts by Semos Cloud is your best bet.”

Petre Florian Gridan, HRIS System Administrator at OMV

Creative Process for One-of-a-Kind Results

More Than a Project
We build a cross-skilled, agile and design-thinking environment together with our customers to devise high-quality employee experience concepts. Work with us not just on executing the project, but join us in co-innovating the best employee experience apps.

More Than a SaaS
Besides SaaS, we also use the PaaS approach to deliver a framework for organizations to build customized solutions. From technological point of view, we offer unprecedented agility and flexibility to deliver one-of-a-kind, customized experiences to your unique workforce.

More Than a Method
Empathize, define and prototype with us.
Utilizing Design Thinking methodology allows us to truly meet your needs and address your business goals. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes to create and deliver a true human experience.

Connect with Your Favorite Workplace Apps

Integrated workplace ecosystems enable organizations to get the most out of their technology investments. Using open APIs, we connect our solutions with a high variety of workplace productivity, core HR, internal communications, project management, digital awards, and social media providers.